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I need you and no this is not a drill. I need your help and I promise it will only take you a minute to help a sister out!
I'll keep this short: a couple of months ago I sat down and wrote a 500 word story for a competition and recently I got shortlisted! (I'm very excited.) Now this next bit is where I need your help. There are two rounds: judges picks and most popular. For most popular you need the most hearts on your story, at the moment I have 10 and the one with the most has 78. So I would be so grateful if you would follow the link below, click the little heart and be on your merry way. It's that simple no sign up no nothing. Click the heart and you're done. 

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LAB2 Brushes*

I think we can safely say I have an obsession with makeup brushes. I get new ones way too often and let's be honest it's mainly so I don't have to wash them every week... Bad beauty blogger! Anyway I was sent a selection of LAB2 Brushes* which is actually a partner of SensatioNail and I love their stuff so I had high hopes.

LAB2 Makeup Brushes

I got to choose four brushes out of their range and they are so my kind of brushes. Three eye brushes were necessary as I love finding eye brushes which I can rotate in my collection. The three I chose were the Beyond A Shadow of a Doubt brush* which is a base shadow brush, Just Blending In brush* which is obviously a blending brush and finally Put a Lid on it Angled Shadow brush* which is a really versatile brush. Now the fourth brush is a face brush which looked amazing was the Triple Threat Multi-Purpose Brush*.

First up I am absolutely loving the eye brushes. I first used the Beyond a Shadow of a Doubt* with one of my KIKO stick eyeshadows. I applied the stick to my eyes and buffed it in which worked particularly well. I believe this is because of the densely pack bristles, it made sure the product was pushed into the lid rather than scraped away like sometimes more flimsy brushes do. Within the same eye look I took the Put a Lid on it Angled Shadow brush* into my crease with a powder shadow to make sure it was defined and I must say it blended it out very nicely indeed, no harsh edges to be seen. I used the  Just Blending In brush* on a separate day to blend my eyeshadow, I didn't think this worked as well as the angled one but it was still very good for the price point.

Now the most exciting brush for me had to be the Triple Threat Multi-Purpose Brush*. The reason why is as it is a dense flat top brush. Now that might not seem mind blowing but these brushes are usually my holy grail for foundation brushes. Most of the time I'll use a beauty sponge but sometimes I like a brush to really work the foundation in if I need a lot of wear time. I used it before a ten hour shift and my foundation looked pretty good at the end of the night. It has really dense bristles which allows you to pat or work it into the skin getting a flawless finish. The foundation I was using with it was the NARS Sheer Glow which I find really difficult to apply wrong, it looks good almost anyway you wear it so I'll definitely try the brush with other foundations too.

These brushes are really good quality, the price is good (cheaper than RealTechniques) and why wouldn't you want to add a few more brushes to your collection? And it's near Christmas so just think of all the people you could gift a few new products to!

Seeing stars? Any products which have a * by their name have been sent to me. See my full disclaimer here...

Everything's Rosie At LUSH

Less than a month till Christmas so it's about time to put a review of a giftset up to help you decide what to get people, and for me to show my love of Lush once again. The giftset I'm showing you today is Rosie, and as the name suggests it's rose based.

LUSH Rosie Giftset

Now don't be alarmed the Lush version of a rose scent isn't like some others. For example The Body Shop's rose range smells like grannies to me which isn't a smell I like. However, the Lush rose range reminds me more of Turkish Delight and especially at Christmas is when I enjoy such a luxury it is perfect. You get five products in the box, a mixture of hair and body, which makes it a great box for those you're trying to introduce to Lush.  

LUSH Rosie Giftset

First up is Rose Jam Shower Gel, usually a Christmas exclusive but also an exclusive in this box too. Now I love this scent and this shower gel but I never want to use it because I'm afraid I'll run out, luckily I got this before the Christmas stuff came out and it got me through. Now is my new favourite Lush discovery is the Jason and the Argan Oil Shampoo Bar. These are incredible and so long lasting compared to bottled shampoo plus my hair always feels squeaky clean and smells amazing. Now Ro's Argan Body Conditioner is perfect for those who love the smooth feel of their legs after shaving. Because if you love that feeling, this makes it so much better. It's the same as a hair conditioner just for your legs! Then is Titsy Totsy bath bomb which is a gentle floral scent that adds wonderful ingredients to your bath to benefit your skin. The final product is the Rose Jam Bubbleroon, now this is quite a large bubble bar which you could get around 4 uses of if you really try. You crumble it under water and it bubbles up turning the water a lovely pink.

If you want to create another Lushie this is definitely the gift set to go for, especially if you can't find any of the Christmas sets with enough variety. Or maybe just as a Christmas pick me up for yourself. because we all deserve one of those!