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Halloween Makeup Ideas

In a bid to feature my face more on my blog I've decided to show you a few Halloween looks that I have created in the run up. Now I love my FX makeup but I kept it to a minimum as I know a lot of people aren't too keen on gory halloween. If you keep an eye out you might see a couple of mini tutorials on my Instagram!

I'll give you a bit of warning now because the last look is gory, or 'beautiful' as an automated comment said on Instagram. It's a special fx Two Face look which you might want to skip if you're not one for blood.

Nickelodeon Fairy Princess

I got to create this look in partnership with Nickelodeon back in August for their new show The Other Kingdom. Now the flower crown is gorgeous and is perfect for festival looks but the ombré lips were my favourite bit, that and silver glitter through my eyebrows. It looked really good but I just couldn't get the perfect selfie as I didn't have my shiny new camera then!

Leopard Makeup Tutorial

Leopard Makeup Tutorial

If we just excuse the attempt at being fierce and focus on the makeup you'll see a look I'm really quite proud of which also didn't take a million years. The most time consuming bit was obviously the dots as there are so many but also the nose contour takes a while. As humans it probably won't surprise you that we have different bone structures to cats so I focused on the contouring to make my nose appear flatter and give the rest of my face definition. The first few steps look stupid on their own, if you want I'll put up a mini tutorial of it on IG. But I really enjoy the look.


Two Face FX Makeup

Now I love my gory makeup as it allows you to go crazy. Skin peeling off and exposed bone are a couple of my favourites. I'm trying a messed up Alice in Wonderland look soon which if the wax cooperates will look amazing. This look however is inspired by Two Face from Batman. The teeth are the most difficult bit and I wish I'd taken them just a little further up the lip so they looked more realistic but I don't think it turned out too bad.

I'd love some suggestions of what to create next! I wish I had the courage to YouTube but I'm still working on it. Don't forget my IG though as I'm trying to build up courage by doing mini tutorials on there first!

Two Birchboxes Are Better Than One?

You might be wondering how this predicament could possibly be a question as surely two beauty boxes would beat just one? This is what I was testing. Birchbox recently had a deal where you would get a previous months box and Septembers box for the price of one so I had to take advantage of the option really...

September Birchbox

As you can see above the September box was housed in a cute little draw, I decided against photographing the August Birchbag I got as it is hideous! The draw is a really cute idea though, it's perfect for desk storage. If I'm being honest a few of the the products were slightly underwhelming but as I got two boxes I don't feel too out of pocket.

September Birchbox

The first bits in the box are mainly skincare. First is from Anatomicals a brand I first discovered in a Glossybox many years ago. This is their Coconut and Mango Body Lotion, now I don't completely love the smell as coconut isn't my favourite but it will go into my sample size drawer. Now the This Works In Transit Camera Close-Up Cream is something I already own as YouBeauty got their first this month. Cross overs is something I've been noticing more and more lately. I love face masks right now so the Balance Me Radiance Face Mask is something I will definitely use. Finally is the NUXE Precious Scented Shower Oil which I've seen quite a few people loving over the last few months so hopefully I will as well as I love NUXE as a brand.

September Birchbox

This trio contains the products I was most happy to see featured. I've never tried Puriskin Nurse Aid Skin but as a hockey player I find certain parts of my hands are drying up in the cold weather. Now the ModelCo Higlighting Trio was a product I got to choose, I already had the other option (cream blush, see another cross over,) and of course highlighter is in at the moment. Of the trio I really only think the light shade will work for me day to day but I'm sure in some FX look I will use the other two. Finally was a Marcelle Eyeliner which is purple! I loved dark blue eyeliner the other week so why shouldn't I give purple a go too!?

Somehow I completely managed to miss off the Batiste XXL Volume Spray and also the Philip Kingsley One More Day Dry Shampoo.

September Birchbox

Now these two bits are the disappointments, coincidentally they are both from the August edit. I'm sorry but no one loves a perfume sample, they're not luxe and usually I hate the smell. while I do like the scent, it's a plastic spray bottle, nothing special. Then lastly is hand sanitiser which is definitely not a luxury item and never will be because honestly as a college student it's usually a necessity.

Overall the two for one offer wasn't  a waste of money it's just not my favourite service, (right now Love Me Beauty is!) Would I subscribe again? Yes, if there was another deal like this on so stay tuned!

Kat von D in the UK

I imagine you've all heard this news already, but if you have been living under a rock I shall enlighten you. The must coveted US brand Kat von D has finally hit our shores and for us beauty bloggers this is a big deal.

Kat von D for LoveMeBeauty

I was lucky enough to be subscribed to LoveMeBeauty whose sample service this month allowed you to pick three Kat von D products, which in itself is great. What was even better is the quality of the products. 

I love my eyeliner, the more opaque the better. And this one did not disappoint. It's called the Ink Liner and it stays true to its name. It applies like and ink pen does to paper, as dark as well. On top of this it also lasts. I work 11 hour shifts sometimes and it didn't budge which was perfect.

Now the Studded Kiss Lipstick in Magick and it is so wearable. I wasn't sure how true the swatch on the website would be but it was really close. Magick is an utterly beautiful dusty pink that is probably going to become my everyday shade very quickly. It glides on like a dream and isn't too bad on dry patches either.

Finally is the one product I'm sure every blogger and their dog has this or at least wants it. It is of course a Liquid Lipstick in Outlaw. Now I thought this looked to be an orangey red to me but to my surprise/delight it was actually a true red. It's a lovely blue toned red so it will make my teeth look whiter and it will last all day. Basically it's perfect.

Kat von D for LoveMeBeauty

Kat von D products have definitely shot to the top of my list this year because these three are such high quality! If there are any good giftsets I would recommend picking them up because who wouldn't want amazing makeup for Christmas!