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Send your Skin for a Detox*

Christmas is well and truly over, New Year has come and gone, and I've been left with less than perfect skin. I'm not one to shy away from food over the holiday period because, well, I LOVE ALL THE FOOD! I'll be honest my skincare routine over Christmas wasn't as good as it could be as I was rather busy. I'm not too annoyed that my skin is playing up because I take 100% of the responsibility, but I have been trying to put it right with the PeachyFox Dead Sea Mud mask*.

PeachyFox Mud Mask

Soap & Glory: Spa of Wonder

Boots points are wonderful things. Personally, I save mine up all throughout the year and then splurge them all in one go on one of their star gifts. This year I was drawn to the Soap&Glory Spa of Wonder set which is worth an amazing £78. (I even had enough points to pay for delivery too!) Now I've had a few weeks to try out the products I thought it was time to give you a little update on my favourite bits! It was definitely well worth the splurge, even if I do only have 4p worth of points left now!

Soap&Glory Spa of Wonder

Dewy and Natural With RealTechniques

If you've been keeping up to date with posts, you might have seen my Back to Basics post. In short I explained how I was shaking up my makeup to suit my wintery skin better. Enter my bargain RealTechniques set. (Honestly, if you're in need of new brushes check Superdrug, these were only £7.99 for the set!) It's called the Fresh Faced Favourites set, and that's exactly the look I'm going for at the moment.

RealTechniques Fresh Faced Favourites

Resolution Focus: My Fitness Regime

I play hockey up to three times a week, and I want to get fitter so I can get better. As it is no fun to run around for ten minutes before needing a breather. My fitness motivation is definitely sport orientated, I am quite happy with how my body looks, which is a first, and now just want to make myself as a whole fitter.

Fitbit for Fitness

Back to Basics: My Winter Skin

If you read my 2018 new year's resolutions you might have read that I have been neglecting my appearance, pretty much since I started university in October time. Now I love my makeup, as you might have guessed by the blog, so I want to get back into wearing it and here is what I'm wearing to do so.

Back to Basics Winter Skin