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The Body Shop Shade Adjusting Drops

The amount of money I have wasted on foundation over the years is quite possibly ridiculous. I am pale, if you've read any of my previous foundation posts you'll know that I'm paler than pale. (My boyfriend sometimes calls me a ghost, and he's not far wrong) So I've been after a white foundation to mix with my regular ones, that was until I saw these Shade Adjusting Drops from The Body Shop.

The Body Shop Shade Adjusting Drops

This magical little bottle contains a concentration of white and pink pigments which you can add to your existing foundation. According to The Body Shop, 1 drop = 1/2 a shade lighter. I have a couple of foundations which I just decided to chuck because it took about 7 drops to change them to the right shade, and yes these were the 'lightest' shade available! However, you will be amazed at how quickly you see the shade transform. The pigment in the drops needs mixing which I usually do with my finger or a q-tip, yes you end up wasting some of your foundation but you don't have to throw it away so it is basically a win in my eyes.

The Body Shop Shade Adjusting Drops

I am really happy I got them, they weren't the cheapest at  £10 for a bottle but as a little goes a long way, (and I got a spend £25 get £10 off voucher which I inevitably will spend.) Also this little bottle allows me to save foundations that otherwise would be wasted, such as my 'light' Clinique BB Cream! 

The Body Shop also do darkening drops too, so if you find your foundation too dark you can use it to darken the foundation, also some people use it to contour. Have you tried them, would you plan to?

Lord&Berry Makeup*

Around a month ago I was lucky enough to get the chance to try out some Lord&Berry products and I decided that I would put them to the test over the month. And I thought I would talk you through the hits and misses...

Lord&Berry Eyeshadows, Lip crayon and eyeliner

They sent me three of their Seta Eyeshadows in Voyage*, Oasis* and Desert Island*, a Waterproof Smudgeproof Liner in In The Black* and also a 20100 Matte Lip Crayon in Bouquet*. There is quite a variety in the eyeshadows

Lord&Berry Makeup Desert Island, Oasis and Voyage

Lets start with the eyeshadows. There were two hits and sadly one miss in these three. Now Desert Island* is a gorgeous smoothly applying eyeshadow in a gorgeous frosty pink colour. The swatch below is one swipe with my finger, how good is that? Then is Voyage* a golden, orangey shade which was of a similar consistency as Desert Island. One swipe again made the swatch below. The only miss of the three was Oasis, I found it dry almost, and definitely chalky, it took quite a few swipes to get any colour at all. I thought it would be my favourite shade but sadly I would give this one a miss.

Lord&Berry Makeup

The final two bits are the Smudgeproof Waterproof Pencil Liner in In the Black* and Matte Lipstick Crayon in Boquet*. Now the liner is a a bit of an in the middle, when it arrived it was snapped which made me think it might be too fragile but the colour is really dark and it'd also waterproof so perfect for my waterline. Then the crayon, I didn't really think it was massively matte, it seemed to have a slight sheen in my eyes but I suppose it depends on what you class as a matte lipstick. The colour however is a muted red with slight rosy undertones, it doesn't show its true colour sadly in the picture below. 

Lord&Berry Makeup Swatches

Thank you very much Lord&Berry, I'm so glad I was able to try a few bits and I now have my eyes on the liquid lipsticks. Have you tried anything from Lord&Berry?

Seeing stars? Any products which have a * by their name have been sent to me. See my full disclaimer here...

June YouBeauty

It's time to show you what came in my YouBeauty box again, and this month I was very impressed with the selection. The theme was energising essentials and while I don't quite understand why I still liked what it had to offer.

YouBeauty June

I first liked the look of the bubble t lip balms but as I have so many balms I decided against it. Eventually though I did decide on the KIKO stick blush and Nails Inc polish in Porchester Square

YouBeauty June Nails Inc Porchester Square and KIKO Stick Blush

Nails Inc Porchester Square is a 'Nessie colour' in my house which basically means that my cat is also the colour. For anyone who doesn't know my cat, the polish is a light nude nail polish which look so chic at the moment. Then the KIKO Stick Blush is in 07. I love KIKO makeup, you can see my post on some of the eyeshadows here! I've never tried a face product from KIKO so this was a must have for me!

June YouBeauty

The freebies for this month include one hit and one miss. This Herbal Bath Devil's Claw Back Comfort oil just isn't for me so I've passed it onto my step mum who has a bad back. However, the small sachet of OrganiiSPF 50 Sunmilk intrigues me. I am really pale, lighter than most light foundations so my skin is very susceptible to sun damage. I also hate suncream great match really! Anyway if this is a sun milk it's likely not to be as heavy as traditional creams, well I hope.

So have you tried this box yet? I highly recommend you do as it is only £6.95 including p&p! in my opinion the perfect way to enter the wonderful world of beauty boxes!