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Sunday, 1 December 2013


So I know many people don't have enough money for high end products (and neither do I.) I have decided to do a series of posts about 'dupes' for high end brands such as, Clinique as shown here. A 'dupe' for those who don't know, is a similar or almost identical product which is much less expensive.

The high end product here is Clinique's long last gloss wear SPF 15 in Whisper. At £15 for 6ml it's not the most expensive product you can buy but it's not cheap either. As I'm not a huge fan of bold lips I mainly only buy neutral/pinks. This is a beautiful shade in my opinion; It's a very translucent pink with the smallest amount of lilac shimmer. I usually only use it if I am going for a low key finish for my lips or on its own. This is also one of the only lip glosses that is not sticky. When I say not sticky I mean it's not as sticky as others I have tried. The applicator for the lip gloss is a regular shaped sponge which for me is one of the easiest ways to apply lip gloss...

Onto the dupe: Now as it is a L'oreal product it is not at the low end of the drugstore, but it's still not as expensive as the high end brands. This lip gloss is from L'oreal's Glam Shine Miss Candy Range, in colour 709. This however is about half the price at £7.69 for 6ml. From the bottle it looks like it may be more purple than pink, but i was delighted to find it was a pinky colour. Like the Clinique lip gloss it has a slight lilac shimmer that is not especially noticeable. The applicator is a flexible almost heart shaped sponge wand, which I find doesn't particularly help the application much. As for stickiness it is very. It's just one of those things as it is not high end there has to be a compromise. Other than that I see no reason
 to why you shouldn't choose the L'oreal over the Clinique.  
Hope you enjoyed the first of hopefully many dupe posts!

                                    MissCosmeticBlogger x

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