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Best Of 2013: Beauty

It's that time of year again, Christmas is over and New Year is upon us, as are my best of 2013 posts! I'm going to start off with beauty! My favourite topic, so here goes...

MUA Trio Shadow

Another MUA post? Surely not! Wait...Wait...It is another MUA post. And on eyeshadow... Oh Beth not again... I'm afraid so!

Soap & Glory: Girl-O-Whirl

 A gift from Christmas! This one is a box full of Soap & Glory treasures, eyes, lips, face this covers it all, beautifully as well. With 6 lipsticks and eye shadows, a bronzer, mascara, highlighter, not to mention the box, (soon to be my new laptop case...)

LUSH Lip Tints

I don't think I have done a post on LUSH products yet so I thought now would be a good time to do a post. The two tints I have are very different colours!

MUA Going For Gold Palette

Lets be honest, I haven't done an MUA palette review in a while so I thought I'd get away with one now! It's the Going For Gold palette with 10 shadows instead of the usual 12, except these are much bigger than the usual!

Benefit Freebie: ELLE

Bit late in getting to review this, aren't I! I got this a few weeks ago with ELLE, I don't usually buy ELLE but with a gift like this I couldn't miss out could I? (Lets not answer that...)

I love... Mango & Papaya

The title may seem slightly bias however, that is the name of the product! Me and my friend exchanged Christmas prezzies slightly early, (I know, I know, should have waited but, she wanted to see my reaction!

High End Stocking Fillers

So another Stocking Filler post this time a high end price range! With MAC, Clinique, etc...

Great Value Gifts: Benefit

Now I really apologise for the quality of these photos what with winter here and nights drawing in, getting enough light is kind of tricky! However, I edited as best I could... But with out further ado here is a Benefit gem, a Boots exclusive! The Best of Benefit!

Stocking Fillers Under £10

 So here is my next Stocking Fillers post! This time with the higher budget of £10! However this is still all drugstore products!

Dupe | Clinique: Lipgloss


So I know many people don't have enough money for high end products (and neither do I.) I have decided to do a series of posts about 'dupes' for high end brands such as, Clinique as shown here. A 'dupe' for those who don't know, is a similar or almost identical product which is much less expensive.

The high end product here is Clinique's long last gloss wear SPF 15 in Whisper. At £15 for 6ml it's not the most expensive product you can buy but it's not cheap either. As I'm not a huge fan of bold lips I mainly only buy neutral/pinks. This is a beautiful shade in my opinion; It's a very translucent pink with the smallest amount of lilac shimmer. I usually only use it if I am going for a low key finish for my lips or on its own. This is also one of the only lip glosses that is not sticky. When I say not sticky I mean it's not as sticky as others I have tried. The applicator for the lip gloss is a regular shaped sponge which for me is one of the easiest ways to apply lip gloss...

Onto the dupe: Now as it is a L'oreal product it is not at the low end of the drugstore, but it's still not as expensive as the high end brands. This lip gloss is from L'oreal's Glam Shine Miss Candy Range, in colour 709. This however is about half the price at £7.69 for 6ml. From the bottle it looks like it may be more purple than pink, but i was delighted to find it was a pinky colour. Like the Clinique lip gloss it has a slight lilac shimmer that is not especially noticeable. The applicator is a flexible almost heart shaped sponge wand, which I find doesn't particularly help the application much. As for stickiness it is very. It's just one of those things as it is not high end there has to be a compromise. Other than that I see no reason
 to why you shouldn't choose the L'oreal over the Clinique.  
Hope you enjoyed the first of hopefully many dupe posts!

                                    MissCosmeticBlogger x

Christmas Wish List - High End

So my Christmas list this year is full of High End and Drugstore goodies which I would love to have! So here are my five High End wishes!

Stocking Fillers Under £5

The C word is definitely allowed now, right? Because there are only 32 days till Christmas!! OMG! Amazing! Yay! And then I remembered I have so much shopping to do! Friends, family, cats, guinea pigs etc... (I'm joking about the cats and guinea pigs...) I love going OTT with presents, which is lots of fun for me, however, not so much for my bank account... Never mind! So here is a small gift guide on Stocking Fillers for under £5!

Jingle G Winter Fragrance

Okay so I've been M.I.A for the last couple of weeks but I've decided to start off the Christmassy vibe posts! I've started this off with my Winter fragrance of choice: Jingle G

I know this was limited edition 2011, and is no longer available (except on Ebay for £30!) I love the packaging! It came in this tube type thing, which could be hung on a tree, like a bauble, which is really cute. The doll on the top of the package is really cute, its the normal G but in a cute Santa's outfit!

The smell is of course Christmassy, with prominent apple undertones as well as a a spicy smell. It's a gorgeous day and night smell. Most days I spritz it onto my scarf so if ever I walk past something that doesn't smell good I can smell my scarf!

If you can get your hands on this I recommend it and will be so sad when it runs out :(

MissCosmeticBlogger xoxo
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Now this bundle of fluff bounced into our lives after Christmas last year and I have been meaning to post about her for ages but never got round to it!

Autumn: Swap This For This

My last Swap This For This was for Back To School Week, and I thought it was time to do another one. Basically I take products you might usually go for on a normal day and give an alternative product. As its Autumn I decided Autumn themed products!

Brand Collective: Avon

after I had s much fun last time i did a Brand Collective I thought it would be fun to do another, this one on Avon, as I have recently fallen in love with the brand. I have a rep who gives us a brochure every few weeks, its really hard not to buy anything which is why I have 19 all together!

5 Under £5

5 Under £5 has been done so many times by numerous bloggers, however I still thought I would do one. Considering most of my products are budget I had loads to choose from! I eventually chose an eye shadow palette, a bronzer, a blush, a mascara, and finally a lip product!

Halloween: Gunshot Wound FX

So this is another Halloween tutorial for another wound! Now this one is probably one of the easiest wound to do as you can just use eyelash glue instead of liquid latex as you only need a small amount for the actual wound, (you could also use PVA Glue.)

The products are pretty much the same as the other two wound tutorials. The product list can be found here.

So as with the other wounds you always start with a 'blob' of latex or eyelash glue, the size of you gunshot wound. Then leave it to dry.

When its dry it will be clear, use a hairdryer for faster drying.

Using tweezers pull latex away from the centre outwards, choose the size of the bullet and pull the latex to fit that size.

Use a shade of foundation that matches your hand blend into the skin. Use concealer round the edges to blend the harder to blend areas. Then powder to stop it shining.

Then take a matte black eye shadow in the wound to add depth.

To finish add liquid fake blood into the middle of the wound, and cake blood around the sides to create the look of dried blood.

Hope you enjoyed! I'm not sure whether I will do any other Halloween wounds, looks maybe.

MissCosmeticBlogger xoxo

Halloween: Bleeding Burn FX

The next instalment in my Halloween series is another wound tutorial this time a burn tutorial! It is quite simple but does take time to complete, I find it is mainly the latex part! This is also a reusable prosthetic wound, you can stick it on again using latex. 

It uses pretty much the same products as my Mouldy Wound (a matte black MUA shadow somehow managed to escape the photograph!) Lets begin!

 The first step is to coat your arm in liquid latex and pat a piece of toilet paper over and wait until it dries. Once it has dried remove the excess paper. You have to repeat this step about five times, I used a hairdryer so it wouldn't take for ever!

By the end it should look something like this, after I took the photo I added latex around the edges to help it blend into the skin.

 You then need to use tweezers to open a sizable wound and they use a high coverage foundation and concealer to blend the wound into your skin.

 It might take a while to blend but by the end it should look ok!

Next you need to apply a matte black eye shadow to centre of the wound and around the inner flaps to create a burnt sooty effect.

Add a black gel liner to the inner rim and edges, I used a sparkly one to make it look a bit more like liquid.

I then used my cake blood around the outer, and inner rim. Also splodge the blood in patches in the centre of the wound.

If you have managed to blend the latex into your skin enough this is the last step. You need to then apply fake blood around the wound, and your done!

If however you didn't manage to blend it well enough you can take a black eye shadow on a smudger brush and smudge dark black around the outside and work it in towards the wound centre. Voila you are done and have a nice burn wound. To reuse it you need to peel it off slowly otherwise it will shrivel up!

MissCosmeticBlogger xoxo

Halloween: Mouldy Wound FX

Continuing with the Halloween posts, I decided to go with a tutorial for a mouldy wound. This wound is quite simple and can be transferred to the face, but it might take a few tries to perfect, (I don't think mine is perfect yet.) This tutorial does use Liquid Latex which some people don't have, so I'm sorry if you don't.

So the products I used for this tutorial are:
Ok, lets go. Now before I start FX makeup I always moisturise, no idea why I just always think it keeps your skin nice!

So first you need to paint a coat of latex onto the skin where you want the wound to go, face, hand, leg wherever.

Next you need to get either some toilet roll or tissue paper and stick it on the edges of the latex, leaving the middle clear.

Repeat the last step two or three times and then wait for it to dry, you can use a hairdryer to help it dry quicker.

Once it has dried, (it will turn clear,) use tweezers and pull apart the latex starting from the middle creating an uneven circle type shape.

Next use a foundation that matches your hand and blend across the wound, use high coverage concealer for hard to blend areas.

Next apply a dark pinky/red to the 'open wound.' I used a sponge to dab the colour on, I found it applied nice and evenly.

Add a black shadow around the inside edges of the wound to create depth, you can blend it out if you find the line to harsh.

To add to the effect of depth, you can add a gel liner, it gives it more of a liquid, shiny look, more realistic in my opinion.

Use the Cake Blood to add a dried blood around the outside edges, it doesn't look realistic at the moment but it should by the end.

Add fake blood to the middle of the wound and let a bit drip out.

To blends the edges into the skin, use the same pinky/red, then go round the outside with the lip liner, blending as you go. Then smudge black shadow all over to create bruising.

Finally to finish powder over the top and voila! A wound has appeared!

MissCosmeticBlogger xoxo