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Maybelline Rocket Volum' Express (Waterproof)

I was in Boots the other day and they had all Maybelline mascaras with up to £3. Now I also had an Advantage Card voucher which meant I got a further £2 off making the actual price a tiny £3.99 instead of £7.99 I think.

So first impressions; I love the colour of the packaging, it's an amazing blue with a shimmer throughout and as this is a waterproof version the light blue of the writing is a really nice contrast to the dark blue. It is also a perfect size to fit into your handbag so you can top up your mascara throughout the day.

The brush is huge. It literally has about a hundred bristles, meaning you get loads of volume which is clearly the idea. It is a simply perfect product for those who have sparse eyelashes like me. The formula is the waterproof one as I get really watery eyes and it's staying power is just wow, it's definitely a full day mascara, and you possibly won't need to reapply throughout the day!

MissCosmeticBlogger xoxo


Avon Haul

I had  always thought Avon wasn't exactly for teens but I was definitely mistaken! I think I went a bit overboard in my purchases but as it's so reasonably priced, I thought it would be rude not to!

So my purchases were:
- Kiss 'n' Go Lipstick in Beige Star
- Kiss 'n' Go Lipstick in Pink Holiday
- Lip Stix in Gone Pink
- Kajalstick in Sparkling Green
- In A Blink Shadow and Liner in Teal
- Glazewear Shine Lip Gloss in Iced Pink
- Speed Dry+ Nail Enamel in Sprightly Mint
- SuperShock Gel Eyeliner Pencil in Flash (for some reason isn't in the picture.)

My first impressions of these are not bad. The only bad thing I can find about these lipsticks are the pigmentation, they aren't the colours I expected but they are by no means bad. Pink Holiday is a toned down hot pink, which can be built up if wanted. Beige Star is a browny gold with a bit of shimmer running through it. The lipstix is a gorgeous vibrant pink, and smells of that really nice, fake cherry smell, which if you like the smell it will encourage you to buy it. The lip gloss is a very sheer pink with a bit of shine, which I can't wait to use over the lipstix.

Pink Holiday, Beige Star, Gone Pink and Iced Pink

The eye products are great. The kajalstick is a lovely greeny colour with a great shimmer running throughout. The In a blink eyeliner and shadow is a great idea one end it is a liner the other has a shadow in the lid. The only problem is the fact that the shadow does fall out of the lid an creates a mess. None the less I love it! Finally I got the gel eyeliner pencil. It's great it's an almost pinkish cream colour. I am definitely going to use this on my bottom waterline to brighten up my eyes!

Sparkling Green, Flash and Teal

My two other products were a double ended eye brush and a nail enamel. I love the brush, it is amazing. It has a brush and a smudger which are two  things that go together well. The nail enamel is a slightly different colour to what I suspected it's not so much a greeny mint but more blue. It's kind of a baby blue but much lighter, (if you haven't guessed already I'm not great at explaining...)

Hope you enjoyed!

MissCosmeticBlogger xoxo


Top 5 Lip Products

I am starting a mini series on my top five most worn products so far this year, they will be in catagories of: Lip Products, Eyeliners, Eyeshadows and Face Products.

These are currently my most worn lip products so far this year, if you are wondering I haven't included my favourite BarryM lipstick as I only just got it but you can read my thoughts on it here.

The products here are:
- Revlon Lip Butter In 045 Cotton Candy
- Collection Lasting Colour Lipstick In 6 Bubblegum
- Rimmel Apocalips Lip Laquer In Celestial
- Miss Sporty Lipstick In 37 I Like
- Collection Mosturising Lip Cream In 1 Cotton Candy

Revlon Lip Butters are amazing products the one I currently use the most is cotton candy. Its a great light shimmery pink. The packaging is really pretty almost Dior-esque with the quilting almost.

The Collection lipstick in a girly/barbie pink like most of my lip products. It's not exactly a low key lip colour, it is definatly a more stand outish pink. The packaging for this is slightly less extravagant and some of the pink around the rim has rubbed off but other than that it's a great product.

Next is the new Rimmel Apocalips in Celestial. Its a coraly pinky sort of lip colour and has increadible staying power, as well as the fact it is non sticky. If you've tried it you know its a mix between a lipstick and gloss. It also has a strange smell somewhere between watermelon and other fruits, it's really hard to describe. As for  the packaging it it really imaginative yet elegant and small enough to fit in you bag.

Next is the Miss Sporty lipstick. It's a light pink (there is a pattern emerging) another girly colour. It has a watermelon smell to it and taste, which is slightly weird. The packaging is ok but not too great.

Finally the Collection lip cream its a good idea. It's a not paticularly stick, and it has a very fake vanilla smell, which I love. The colour is a coral colour again and its part matte.

Rimmel Apocalips Celestial, Collection Cotton Candy Lip Cream,
Miss Sporty I Like Lipstick, Collection Bubblegum Lipstick,
Revlon Lip Butter Cotton Candy

So there you have it

MissCosmeticBlogger xoxo


Current Favourite Eye Liner

First off I am so sorry about the picture quality and lack of pictures? This is because I am at my grandparents and using my tablet to blog on, taking pictures on my phone. 

The eyeliner in question is: MUA Professional 3 in 1 extreme contour liner. Now I have three of these: black and dark brown - both in the shiny black packaging. As well as auburn - in the matte black packaging. Seriously who ever had the idea to make these should be applauded!

 The first amazing thing about these is the price. As with all MUA products they are reasonably priced but these are a mere £1.50 each. Also love the fact they have a pro and non pro range, meaning that make up crazy people like me can buy the £1 stuff and not spend all my money, the best part is the products are just as good. My local superdrug recently run out of MUA and I was so sad! Luckily they had restocked on MUA and had all the new stuff too!

 The packaging is lightweight and compact allowing me to take it everywhere, which I do! (One thing I have noticed between the Pro and normal is the packaging quality, nevertheless I love it.) It is a twist mechanism to. The product itself is perfect for on the go. The slanted rectangle tip has three main ways for use; to create a thin, medium or thick line depending on the look your going for.

Now the dark brown, which is the one I have to hand, is very easy to blend whether you use your finger or brush. The pigmentation is quite high which is good in this type of product. I don't usually use it for my water line, I prefer to use it on my top lash line as with the right eye shadow it looks stunning. I am very sad to say that I have managed to break the stick once or twice as I twist it out to far when trying to use it but there is so much product for the price it almost doesn't matter.

 I will definitely repurchase and if you're looking for a new go to eyeliner please try this one!

 MissCosmeticBlogger xoxo

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