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Current Favourite Eye Liner

First off I am so sorry about the picture quality and lack of pictures? This is because I am at my grandparents and using my tablet to blog on, taking pictures on my phone. 

The eyeliner in question is: MUA Professional 3 in 1 extreme contour liner. Now I have three of these: black and dark brown - both in the shiny black packaging. As well as auburn - in the matte black packaging. Seriously who ever had the idea to make these should be applauded!

 The first amazing thing about these is the price. As with all MUA products they are reasonably priced but these are a mere £1.50 each. Also love the fact they have a pro and non pro range, meaning that make up crazy people like me can buy the £1 stuff and not spend all my money, the best part is the products are just as good. My local superdrug recently run out of MUA and I was so sad! Luckily they had restocked on MUA and had all the new stuff too!

 The packaging is lightweight and compact allowing me to take it everywhere, which I do! (One thing I have noticed between the Pro and normal is the packaging quality, nevertheless I love it.) It is a twist mechanism to. The product itself is perfect for on the go. The slanted rectangle tip has three main ways for use; to create a thin, medium or thick line depending on the look your going for.

Now the dark brown, which is the one I have to hand, is very easy to blend whether you use your finger or brush. The pigmentation is quite high which is good in this type of product. I don't usually use it for my water line, I prefer to use it on my top lash line as with the right eye shadow it looks stunning. I am very sad to say that I have managed to break the stick once or twice as I twist it out to far when trying to use it but there is so much product for the price it almost doesn't matter.

 I will definitely repurchase and if you're looking for a new go to eyeliner please try this one!

 MissCosmeticBlogger xoxo

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