SEVENTEEN On The Spot Trial Continued

Friday, 14 June 2013

So an update on the trial is:

Spots nearly all gone *yay*
Perfect colour
I tried it on my friend and she loved it!! Feel free to comment your experiences!

Sorry for the short post,

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Friday, 7 June 2013
So these four lipsticks came in my parcel from SEVENTEEN ! As I said in that post I would do little other posts, with more detailed content!

Camisole is one of their Mirror Shine lipsticks and I'm not sure if I like the colour as it basically has almost none. The stick looks like a creamy pink, I thought it would be a lovely nude but it was a very sheer almost no coverage lipstick. This was rather disappointing as it looked like a lip gloss not a lipstick.

Cheeky Secret is another of their Mirror Shine lipsticks and I like the colour it's sort of a darker version of Camisole. The stick looks like a coral pink. However on the lips like I said it is a tiny bit darker than Camisole.

Roasted Red is another of their Mirror Shine lipsticks and I like the colour as it is not an in your face red. The stick looks like a harsh red, I thought it would be too dark for my skin tone but due to it's slightly sheer coverage it was a very nice colour. This was a very nice lipstick as it's one of the only reds that I can wear!

Red Devil is one of their Supreme Shine lipsticks and this is my favourite out of the lipsticks. The stick looks like a matte red, Which indeed it was, it was also the only lipstick that looked like the stick. This was great as it although didn't suit me with the eye makeup I was wearing at the time.

Watch this space for the mascara post!

MissCosmeticBlogger xoxo


SEVENTEEN On The Spot - Parcel

Monday, 3 June 2013
So I arrived home today after my first day back at school *yawns*. When I arrived home a found this beauty!! This is a package from SEVENTEEN after I tested their On The Spot Foundation. I am only going to do an overview of the products as I am planning to do more in depth reviews of some of the products in the next few days. The box had cards in that explained how to create different looks so watch this space for them!


In the box there were four different types of eye pencils:

Perk & Paint (Eye liner/ brightener)
Eye Khol in Slate
Brow Sculpting Pencil in Natural Brown
Precision Eye Liner in Blackest Black (which I already have so is currently a reserve or going to go into my giveaway box.)

Top - Bottom: Precision Eyeliner, Brow Sculpting Pencil,
 Eye Khol and Perk & Paint

In the box there was also four lipsticks from their MirrorShine (MRS) and SupremeShine (SPS):

Roasted Red MRS
Camisole MRS
Cheeky Secret MRS
Red Devil SPS

Top - Bottom: Red Devil, Cheeky Secret, Camisole,
Roasted Red

The other three things that were able to be swatched were:

Shimmer Brick in Gold Bronze
Blusher in First Flush
Wild Metallics in Wild Bronze

Top - Bottom: Shimmer Brick, Wild Metallics, Blusher

L - R:
Nail Polish in Ball Gown
On The Spot Foundation in Porcelain
Nail Polish in Jitterbug
L - R:
Va Va Voom Waterproof Mascara in Black
Blow Out Mascara in Blackest Black
Doll'd Up Mascara in Black

 Thanks so much SEVENTEEN for giving me the opportunity to trial your product and thank you for this amazing set of products!

MissCosmeticBlogger xoxo


Non MakeUp Related Post: Shoes

Saturday, 1 June 2013
 So on thursday my lovely daddy, took me out for a shopping trip. Now we do this about once a year, for no particular reason, so we can spend time with each other!

Now I am usually a really hard person to buy for, unless it's makeup related, then I am really easy to buy for. I am very picky and stick to the same stlye meaning shopping with me is very hard. However we walked in to Deichmann looking for a new school bag for me and ended up with a pair of shoes. To be honest I was surprised he bought them for me, he decided to name them 'crazy shoes.'

The shoes are the almost trainer look, with a hidden heel ish. I say ish as any girl can probably know due to the style of shoe. However at my tiny height of 5'3 (I am still hopefully growing) they add around 2 inches to my height making me around 5'5!! So a towering giant! (Joking.) So yeah they are amazing and all I can say is thank you Daddy!! Please comment if you like to know stuff other than posts that are beauty related. 

MissCosmeticBlogger xoxo