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The Factory Shop Mini Haul

Me and my Gran went on a shopping trip for the first time in 14 years last week and she took me to The Factory Shop where they do discounted make up. She very kindly bought me four things.

First she bought me two L'Oreal Color Infallible shadows one in Naughty Strawberry a light, shimmery pink made shimmery by a yellow ish shimmer running throughout, with an iridescent . The other is called Blue Curacao which is basically a matte blue. We got these for only £2 each instead of £6.99! I think they were cheaper because they may have been the American colours.

Next she got me the big powder brush for only £1.50, I have to admit it smells horrid but, Its great for powder and blush.

I also got Maybelline's Dream Nude Airfoam in Ivory. It was only £4 which is so inexpensive for a foundation. I don't know whether its been discontinued or only available in the US.

Finally, I have wanted this for sooooooo long; NYC Bronzing Face powder. I heard about it first from MissBudgetBeauty and have wanted it ever since then and there it was, the last one. It was literally calling my name....

NYC Bronzer, L'Oreal Naughty Strawberry and L'Oreal Blue Curacao

So there we go my little haul!

Write soon.

MissCosmeticBlogger xoxo


MUA Glitter Ball Palette FirstImpressions

I love, love, love MUA palettes and couldn't resist this glittery palette of loveliness. Sparkly eye shadows and me is a must! I try and wear a sparkly shadow as often as possible!

As with most MUA palettes, they come with 12 shades for a tiny price tag, like this one at only £4.

The colours in this are gorgeous; a few greens, browns and pinks. My favourites are the gold, brown and highlight white. (They make a nice natural smokey eye when blended!)

Natural Light

In Flash

I cannot wait to use these more! Sorry about the short post!

MissCosmeticBlogger xoxo


Budget Product Haul

This is a collective haul of make up, (again!) There were sales and...and. No I cant say exactly why I needed more make up but lets be honest, us make up lovers don't need a reason. I do have to say though my Gran took me out shopping and bought me a couple of these things!

So first things first lips! Now I had seen the new Revlon lip butters were out as well as their new ColorStay Ultimate Suede range. I lusted after them for a while and then saw they were on 2 for £10 at Boots when I was with my Gran and she said she would get them for me.

The colours I chose were for the lip butter: Sugar Frosting, a beautiful, sheer, slightly sparkly pink. I love the packaging for the butters as the pattern on the front is like Dior, also it is really good to slip into your bag and take anywhere. Because of the colour I think pretty much anyone could get away with it.

Now the colour of the Suede lipstick is Front Row. Front Row is coraly, peachy, pink. It is quite sheer compared to the tube colour. The payoff is not huge but is enough to show up. It has a slight shimmer running through. The consistency of lipstick is very soft, almost creamy, and easily glides on to your lips. Now the smell of this is alike to playdough, which isn't a particularly favourable smell but, it doesn't taste like this if you lick your lips. The packaging is really neat, cylindrical and I find it now to be a favourite after not long at all. The staying power of this product is amazing it is defiantly a long lasting lipstick. I put it on at around 9am and it stayed on till 4pm, (granted it faded and I was having a lazy day in though.) Finally I also almost had a heart attack when I thought it could be a dupe for MAC's Hue, but alas no such luck. (I may do I close but not quite post comparing the two...)

The last lip product I got was a L'Oreal Glam Shine Lip Gloss, in Coral Strass. I already have one but that one is a white and purple mix, however this is a orangey and white mix. It is amazing with orange glitter giving it a nice boost of colour. The only problem is the stickiness. It is the stickiest ever, but still worth it. I only bought it because I had a £2 off voucher, otherwise I would have bought other things due to the cost of L'Oreal!

L'Oreal Glam Shine, Revlon Lip Butter, Revlon ColorStay

Next I picked up two Rimmel quads from Poundland. I don't usually buy makeup from Poundland but I decided these palettes looks amazing. I think they were in Poundland as they are the American colours.

I got a natural palette; Urban Flower. It is a mix of browns and a green, perfect for school, work etc, and complements blue eyes.
 On the back it comes with a guide on how to get either the subtle look or (you may have guessed it) the London look!
The other palette is more of a night out palette with the red, black, yellow and blue. The palette is called Sweet Smoulder and apparently complements green eyes, so I will be trying that next time I go out!

Sweet Smoulder, Urban Flower

I got three nail varnishes:

Miss Sporty's Quick Dry Blue Bath. A beautiful light blue to match my Uruguay football shirt!
No7's Stay Perfect Night Silver. A metallic silver, gun metal type shade.
Rimmel's Lasting Finish Azure. Another blue, except this one looks different shades of blue in different light.

The final two things I bought were:

A Maybelline master shape brow pencil. I got this as my brows are hard to find a pencil that matches due to being blond. Also my brows are a weird shape!

The last thing was Collection's Illuminating Touch Brightening Concealer which I'd heard was a really good product. I cant wait to try it out!

Hope you enjoyed this post!

MissCosmeticBlogger xoxo


Maybelline Color Show Nail Varnishes

So I have been loving, with emphasis on the loving, Maybelline's Color Show range. I now own about 8 which isn't that many but I am sure I will pick up more!

I was, as usual, in Boots when I saw they have a 3 for 2 on all Maybelline products. I couldn't resist...

So I got five!

First up... Clear Shine

Its a top coat, which I think is trying to be like the nails inc top coat. I really like this because it makes my nails shine so much letting the polish underneath become even more vibrant!

Second is... Urban Turquoise

This colour is a brilliant bluey turquoisey, which on another note matches my earphones! My best friend Katie bought me this and I haven't stopped wearing it!

Third is... Nebline

A basic French manicure pink or perfect nude ish colour.

Forth is... Ocean Blue

A brilliant shimmery deep blue. With top coat it shines so nicely and is perfect for going out!

Fifth is... Winter Baby

This is just your everyday white for use when needed. I find a few coats are needed.

Finally is... Turquoise Temptation

This is part of a limited edition collection; Vintage Leather! It dries with a matte ish finish. It also has little bits in it to give effect.

So there is a short post on the varnishes, until next time!!

MissCosmeticBlogger xoxo


LOOK Beauty Mini Makeover Palette

I was in Superdrug yesterday,( how many times must I have said that now!) I saw the LOOK Beauty display and these little palettes caught my eye. There were four to choose from; Pretty Green Eyes, Rock Chick, Baby Blue Eyes and Brown Eyed Girl. As I have green eyes I chose, you guessed it, Pretty Green Eyes. I love the box it came in as it has the shades on the box.

Out of packaging it is about the size of a medium sized smart phone and fits nicely in your hand. Which means it will be perfect for putting in a small bag.

The top clicks open like a normal compact and the bottom slides out to reveal eight eyeshadows, four lipsticks and a blush.

Top Four Eyeshadows
Bottom Four Eyeshadows 
The eyeshadows are really nicely pigmented and there is such a good range of metallic, shimmery and matte shades. The idea for the palette is also that it can create day and night looks!

Four Lipsticks and Blush
I am thinking about doing a tutorial for a day and night look so watch this space!

MissCosmeticBlogger xoxo


Travel Essentials

I was away in Devon with not much to do and ended up finding my travel essentials, it wasn't going to be a long descriptive post as I thought I would link posts I have already written.

Collection Cream Puff
Natural Collection Toffee Cream 

Powder & Blush
MUA Mosaic Blush
Avon ColorTrend

Eye Shadow 
MUA Undress Me Too Palette

Natural Collection Concealer

So there we have it my travel essentials!
MissCosmeticBlogger xoxo
@Cosmetic Blogger

Kevin Murphy Color.Bug Pink

So I may have been reading reviews for hours last week and decided to get one of these. It arrived today (my birthday if you were wondering...) I had ordered it on the Wednesday and it arrived 3 days later! As soon as it arrived I decided I would use it. The description says wipe on, wash out, intense colour in seconds. Change your hair colour as quick as your make up. (I wouldn't say its correct it took quite a while for me to achieve the look I was going for.) The instructions are very simple though:

  1.  Place a towel around your shoulders to protect your clothes from possible spillage,
  2. Using the colour pad, rub onto completely dried hair where you want the colour to show,
  3. Massage into your hair to ensure the product is thoroughly worked through and is evenly spread,
  4. Work the room.
The actual product is very easy to hold in your hand, the perfect shape. However for the price £11 something the amount is not amazing, around half a centimetre. The powder is basically a chalky substance that is very, and I repeat very, pigmented.

To start with I straightened my hair, I did this first as I have heard that styling with heat after applying the product can lead to a more permanent colouring, which was not the intended end result. Next I used hair mousse as a sort of base so the chalk had something to cling onto when applied. Now I recommend you use gloves, otherwise your hands will end up bright pink! This is how my gloves looked afterwards so this would be how my hands would've looked.

I then put on an old T-shirt and wrapped a towel around my shoulders as well just in case, you cant be too careful. I then separated my hair into sections and proceeded to dip dye (ish) my hair pink! I found the easiest way to apply was by holding the hair between the chalk and my thumb. It gave a good colour pay off like this allowing me to control how vibrant it went. After finishing covering all round my head this was the result (after a few hours):

So it would stay longer I used hairspray to 'lock in' the colour as I had heard other people did that. It is still slightly transferable onto my top and shoulders but its nothing a wipe cant get off! I did brush my hair earlier and my brush is now a shade of pink but the product is quality and colours are great! I really now want the blue and purple!

Bye for now!

MissCosmeticBlogger xoxo

@Cosmetic Blogger