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Saturday, 3 August 2013

So I may have been reading reviews for hours last week and decided to get one of these. It arrived today (my birthday if you were wondering...) I had ordered it on the Wednesday and it arrived 3 days later! As soon as it arrived I decided I would use it. The description says wipe on, wash out, intense colour in seconds. Change your hair colour as quick as your make up. (I wouldn't say its correct it took quite a while for me to achieve the look I was going for.) The instructions are very simple though:

  1.  Place a towel around your shoulders to protect your clothes from possible spillage,
  2. Using the colour pad, rub onto completely dried hair where you want the colour to show,
  3. Massage into your hair to ensure the product is thoroughly worked through and is evenly spread,
  4. Work the room.
The actual product is very easy to hold in your hand, the perfect shape. However for the price £11 something the amount is not amazing, around half a centimetre. The powder is basically a chalky substance that is very, and I repeat very, pigmented.

To start with I straightened my hair, I did this first as I have heard that styling with heat after applying the product can lead to a more permanent colouring, which was not the intended end result. Next I used hair mousse as a sort of base so the chalk had something to cling onto when applied. Now I recommend you use gloves, otherwise your hands will end up bright pink! This is how my gloves looked afterwards so this would be how my hands would've looked.

I then put on an old T-shirt and wrapped a towel around my shoulders as well just in case, you cant be too careful. I then separated my hair into sections and proceeded to dip dye (ish) my hair pink! I found the easiest way to apply was by holding the hair between the chalk and my thumb. It gave a good colour pay off like this allowing me to control how vibrant it went. After finishing covering all round my head this was the result (after a few hours):

So it would stay longer I used hairspray to 'lock in' the colour as I had heard other people did that. It is still slightly transferable onto my top and shoulders but its nothing a wipe cant get off! I did brush my hair earlier and my brush is now a shade of pink but the product is quality and colours are great! I really now want the blue and purple!

Bye for now!

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