MUA Glitter Ball Palette FirstImpressions

Thursday, 29 August 2013

I love, love, love MUA palettes and couldn't resist this glittery palette of loveliness. Sparkly eye shadows and me is a must! I try and wear a sparkly shadow as often as possible!

As with most MUA palettes, they come with 12 shades for a tiny price tag, like this one at only £4.

The colours in this are gorgeous; a few greens, browns and pinks. My favourites are the gold, brown and highlight white. (They make a nice natural smokey eye when blended!)

Natural Light

In Flash

I cannot wait to use these more! Sorry about the short post!

MissCosmeticBlogger xoxo


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  1. These look amazing, I really want to try these! I adore glittery eye shadows, but don't have any like these!

    Fabulous blog by the way, thank you for leaving me a link on Twitter :D

    Scarlett x


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