Back To School Week: Bag Essentials

Monday, 2 September 2013
I'm back to school next week. *sarcastic cheer* I was putting together everything I needed for school just so I had it all ready, for any last minute changes. I put together my essentials make up kit for school and decided to share.

So my most needed thing was antibacterial gel. If you've ever used school toilets you'll understand that they never usually have soap, meaning its disgusting to use the toilets. I have Cuticura gel that smells of cucumber and garden mint!

My next two things are a normal lip balm and a tinted lip balm. I am forever needing a lip balm and can never find one. The tinted one is just to give a splash of colour when I'm ill or feeling my make ups going dull. I love my Baby Lips; Pink Punch  and Hydrate.

Lastly in my essentials is a mascara. It's the one thing I will wear if I am going without make up, (so not really without make up.) I always find that your lashes really perk up your whole face.

I then thought I'd add some extras that I could live with out, but wanted all the same!

I thought I might go out after school some days and as I don't have a full scale make up bag with me so an eye shadow might be needed. I thought Maybelline's Eternal Gold Color Tattoo would be good.

Another thing that might be needed for going out is eyeliner so as its the only one I can actually use is the Rimmel Scandal Eyes Precision Micro eyeliner.

The penultimate thing in my extras is my Collection Cream Puff for when I want a nude lip.

Finally clear nail varnish for those tights incidents where you don't want the small ladder to turn out to be the whole of your tights.

So I hope this helps you pack your bag!

MissCosmeticBlogger xoxo


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