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Back To School Week: Skin Secrets

The next instalment of my Back To School Week skin care. I thought as it's the start of the new year, I would make a resolution. Yeah I know its not the usual time to make one but what the hell! My resolution is: To stick to my skin care routine! I thought I would tell you guys my new routine.

After taking off my make up:

  1.  I take a pea size amount of Clinique's liquid mild facial soap and wash my face. (I got this in a Bonus Time)
  2. I use Simple's anti-blemish moisturiser. (It smells gorgeous and is good for sensitive skin!)
  3. I keep getting spots and to treat them I find that Simple's spot zapper actually works and it does work in around 4 hours like it says.
  4. Finally my lips are so, so dry in summer and pretty much every other day of the year that I need to use this every day. (As well as the countless times I have to apply lip balm each day!)

So now you know my routine I would love to know yours! Please comment them below!

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