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Back To School Week: Swap This For This Natural

So the next post for my back to school week is a new idea I've come up with, Swap This For This. Basically I take products you might usually go for on a normal day and give an alternative product which in this case is going to be more natural looking, meaning you can get away with it at school/college etc. I hope you enjoy!

So for foundation. In my opinion for school you want to look fresh faced and awake, I decided that I would swap my SEVENTEEN On The Spot Foundation (£7.99,) for my Clinique Moisture Surge Tinted Moisturiser (£22.) Much as I like the On The Spot foundation and it clears up spots, it is full coverage. So using the tinted moisturiser means it's light but still with a bit of coverage.

Blush is a big part of my makeup and I don't usually use bright colours but if you do I suggest swapping to a lighter, more shimmery shade. I love my MUA Mosaic Blush in English Rose (£2.50,) and would defiantly swap it for SEVENTEEN's First Flush Blush (3.49.)

I know that in summer I love bright colours and use my MUA Poptastic palette (£4) loads. I doubt however my school would be to accepting of bright purple and yellow eyes, so I will swap to my MAC custom palette (all together around £26.50.) The shades I have are Shroom and Satin Taupe, perfect for a natural eye.

Eyeliner is key to me and I love bold liner using my Soap & Glory Smoulder Khol (£5.) Considering I am changing my eye make up to a more natural I thought using a brown eyeliner would be more suited. So I am swapping to my MUA 3 in 1 extreme Contour Liner (£1.50) in dark brown.

Another favourite thing I love in summer is bright lips like my Rimmel Apocalips in Big Bang (£6.49), but going back to school I like a more subtle lip so go for a light lip gloss like my L'Oreal Glam Shine in Miss Candy (£6.99). It gives enough to notice just slightly.

Finally in my swap this...for this... I have lipstick swap! My Collection Lasting Colour in Bubblegum (£2.99,) smells great but is incredibly pink and not really my sort of natural, unlike Revlon's Lip Butter in Sugar Frosting. It makes my lips shimmery and slightly pink.

So there is the last edition in my back to school week! Hope you enjoyed! If you liked swap this for this I am happy to do it again with another theme!

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