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Collection Deluxe Lipstick

I heard about Collection's new lipstick range through their website, and you should know by now how much I love new products! I did apply for a free sample, alas I did not receive one. However they are on an introductory price at Superdrug; £2.99 (I think,) instead of £3.99. I only got one, mainly because the other colours, aren't exactly my colours. (There are 5 in total.)


The colour I bought was Talullah a creamy pink shade. I thought this would suit me better and get more use out of it. The consistency is very creamy, and slightly moisturising. Its really easy to apply because of its texture. Also I find you can create a nice stain if you press it onto your lips using your finger. The lipstick smells of the same old fake vanilla smell, but as I like the smell I'm not complaining! It's packaging is very sleek, the almost holographic in my opinion. The gold really compliments the black. I especially like the translucent bit as you can see the colour of the stick!

In daylight

With Flash

I may purchase a couple of the other colours but I'm not too sure yet, however I love Talullah!

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