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Brand Collective: Avon

after I had s much fun last time i did a Brand Collective I thought it would be fun to do another, this one on Avon, as I have recently fallen in love with the brand. I have a rep who gives us a brochure every few weeks, its really hard not to buy anything which is why I have 19 all together!

5 Under £5

5 Under £5 has been done so many times by numerous bloggers, however I still thought I would do one. Considering most of my products are budget I had loads to choose from! I eventually chose an eye shadow palette, a bronzer, a blush, a mascara, and finally a lip product!

Halloween: Gunshot Wound FX

So this is another Halloween tutorial for another wound! Now this one is probably one of the easiest wound to do as you can just use eyelash glue instead of liquid latex as you only need a small amount for the actual wound, (you could also use PVA Glue.)

The products are pretty much the same as the other two wound tutorials. The product list can be found here.

So as with the other wounds you always start with a 'blob' of latex or eyelash glue, the size of you gunshot wound. Then leave it to dry.

When its dry it will be clear, use a hairdryer for faster drying.

Using tweezers pull latex away from the centre outwards, choose the size of the bullet and pull the latex to fit that size.

Use a shade of foundation that matches your hand blend into the skin. Use concealer round the edges to blend the harder to blend areas. Then powder to stop it shining.

Then take a matte black eye shadow in the wound to add depth.

To finish add liquid fake blood into the middle of the wound, and cake blood around the sides to create the look of dried blood.

Hope you enjoyed! I'm not sure whether I will do any other Halloween wounds, looks maybe.

MissCosmeticBlogger xoxo

Halloween: Bleeding Burn FX

The next instalment in my Halloween series is another wound tutorial this time a burn tutorial! It is quite simple but does take time to complete, I find it is mainly the latex part! This is also a reusable prosthetic wound, you can stick it on again using latex. 

It uses pretty much the same products as my Mouldy Wound (a matte black MUA shadow somehow managed to escape the photograph!) Lets begin!

 The first step is to coat your arm in liquid latex and pat a piece of toilet paper over and wait until it dries. Once it has dried remove the excess paper. You have to repeat this step about five times, I used a hairdryer so it wouldn't take for ever!

By the end it should look something like this, after I took the photo I added latex around the edges to help it blend into the skin.

 You then need to use tweezers to open a sizable wound and they use a high coverage foundation and concealer to blend the wound into your skin.

 It might take a while to blend but by the end it should look ok!

Next you need to apply a matte black eye shadow to centre of the wound and around the inner flaps to create a burnt sooty effect.

Add a black gel liner to the inner rim and edges, I used a sparkly one to make it look a bit more like liquid.

I then used my cake blood around the outer, and inner rim. Also splodge the blood in patches in the centre of the wound.

If you have managed to blend the latex into your skin enough this is the last step. You need to then apply fake blood around the wound, and your done!

If however you didn't manage to blend it well enough you can take a black eye shadow on a smudger brush and smudge dark black around the outside and work it in towards the wound centre. Voila you are done and have a nice burn wound. To reuse it you need to peel it off slowly otherwise it will shrivel up!

MissCosmeticBlogger xoxo

Halloween: Mouldy Wound FX

Continuing with the Halloween posts, I decided to go with a tutorial for a mouldy wound. This wound is quite simple and can be transferred to the face, but it might take a few tries to perfect, (I don't think mine is perfect yet.) This tutorial does use Liquid Latex which some people don't have, so I'm sorry if you don't.

So the products I used for this tutorial are:
Ok, lets go. Now before I start FX makeup I always moisturise, no idea why I just always think it keeps your skin nice!

So first you need to paint a coat of latex onto the skin where you want the wound to go, face, hand, leg wherever.

Next you need to get either some toilet roll or tissue paper and stick it on the edges of the latex, leaving the middle clear.

Repeat the last step two or three times and then wait for it to dry, you can use a hairdryer to help it dry quicker.

Once it has dried, (it will turn clear,) use tweezers and pull apart the latex starting from the middle creating an uneven circle type shape.

Next use a foundation that matches your hand and blend across the wound, use high coverage concealer for hard to blend areas.

Next apply a dark pinky/red to the 'open wound.' I used a sponge to dab the colour on, I found it applied nice and evenly.

Add a black shadow around the inside edges of the wound to create depth, you can blend it out if you find the line to harsh.

To add to the effect of depth, you can add a gel liner, it gives it more of a liquid, shiny look, more realistic in my opinion.

Use the Cake Blood to add a dried blood around the outside edges, it doesn't look realistic at the moment but it should by the end.

Add fake blood to the middle of the wound and let a bit drip out.

To blends the edges into the skin, use the same pinky/red, then go round the outside with the lip liner, blending as you go. Then smudge black shadow all over to create bruising.

Finally to finish powder over the top and voila! A wound has appeared!

MissCosmeticBlogger xoxo

Halloween: Amazon Haul

So after my drugstore haul, I thought I would show you what I bought off Amazon because most of this stuff isn't available in the drugstore! I'm sorry that this will only be a short post, I aim to do a tutorial soon!

Now after looking at loads of YouTube tutorials I decided I would get some liquid latex because that seemed one of the most used things in FX makeup, (it was a tough decision between latex or wax.) I wasn't sure whether to get the 500ml or 250ml, eventually I settled on 250ml for £6.50 (inc p&p,) I chose correct because 250ml is loads! I do warn you though it smells absolutely disgusting, and I would recommend using an old makeup brush with it!

I also wanted some 'Cake Blood', which basically looks like dry blood, I decided to get this type of fake blood so it wouldn't create such mess. The one I bought was a Snazaroo one for about £2.70, which is really good!

The last two things I bought were high density sponges and face paint brushes, both so I don't ruin my RealTechniques ones!!

So I this post has been helpful! Keep watching this space for more Halloween posts!

MissCosmeticBlogger xoxo

Halloween: Drugstore Haul

BOO! Did I scare you? Doubt it!! So it is almost Halloween, one of my favourite times of year,
a. because I can look awful and it doesn't matter
b. because I love FX makeup
c. because I can mess about with my friends! (However, mainly because I can look awful and it doesn't matter!)
So this year me and five friends are going all out for Halloween! They have even let me do their make up, (even the boys,) big mistake, I love OTT! Considering this I went out and did a little drugstore Halloween shopping to get a few bits!

I did go to Poundland, and get a few bits, I don't personally, usually buy their own brand makeup but I decided, I needed fake blood and it was 2 tubes for £1, and glow in the dark face paint £1, I'm not entirely sure how 'glow in the dark' the face paint actually is!)

The rest of my purchases were all from one of my favourite brands: MUA. I needed to get a cheap foundation for one of my friends as they are more tanned than my pale skin. So I got their BB Cream for £3. Next I needed a concealer to disguise liquid latex so I got their £1, Hide and Conceal, concealer. The last three thing I got were eye and lip liners. Two eyeliners in Snow White and Turquoise and a lip liner in Brooding Plum!

I hope this gives you an idea of what sort of stuff you may need for FX Halloween make up! Watch this space for other Halloween related posts!

MissCosmeticBlogger xoxo

Poundland Purchases

Now I know lots of people are sceptical of Poundland selling makeup and to be honest so was I. I have seen in Poundland old, discoloured nail varnishes from Sally Hansen, Collection and others, and very quickly shied away from buying them, for obvious reasons. However, I have also seen Rimmel products, like the ones I bought which are in very good condition.

The products I have bought are:

Two Quads RRP: £6.99 saving £5.99 - Urban Flower and Sweet Smoulder

Two Shimmer Touches RRP: £4.99 saving £3.99 - Radiant Rose and Shimmering Sand

Kate Lasting Finish Lipstick RRP: £5.49 saving £4.49 - 113

I must admit that you do have to be careful with Poundland, 99p stores alike when you buy makeup, mainly because the products could be out of date. Or nearer the sell  by date than other shops would sell.

MissCosmeticBlogger xoxo

MUA Poptastic Palette

Now your probably thinking, 'not another MUA post!' But yes my friends, it is another MUA palette post, because I love MUA as well as their £4 palette's! This one is their Poptastic one, a palette full of neon, pop art type colours! There is a mix of matte and shimmery shadows which as the description says that 'they will make your eyes pop!' Its a really nice selection of blues, purples, yellows, greens and pinks. It's amazing how pigmented MUA shadows actually are, they are also really easy to work with and blend together, to create amazing looks.

My favourite colours from the palette are the light colours, the pink and blue. They look amazing when the light shines on them!

Without Flash

With Flash

So unless I end up buying more MUA palettes there shouldn't be another for a while! :)

MissCosmeticBlogger xoxo

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Avon Haul #2

So after the success of my last Avon haul, I thought another small one should be done so here it is. I did buy some other things, but I decided to just show you guys the beauty bits! I did get some bits free as at the same time my mum bought some items and she didn't want the freebies! (Her loss...)