Halloween: Drugstore Haul

Saturday, 12 October 2013

BOO! Did I scare you? Doubt it!! So it is almost Halloween, one of my favourite times of year,
a. because I can look awful and it doesn't matter
b. because I love FX makeup
c. because I can mess about with my friends! (However, mainly because I can look awful and it doesn't matter!)
So this year me and five friends are going all out for Halloween! They have even let me do their make up, (even the boys,) big mistake, I love OTT! Considering this I went out and did a little drugstore Halloween shopping to get a few bits!

I did go to Poundland, and get a few bits, I don't personally, usually buy their own brand makeup but I decided, I needed fake blood and it was 2 tubes for £1, and glow in the dark face paint £1, I'm not entirely sure how 'glow in the dark' the face paint actually is!)

The rest of my purchases were all from one of my favourite brands: MUA. I needed to get a cheap foundation for one of my friends as they are more tanned than my pale skin. So I got their BB Cream for £3. Next I needed a concealer to disguise liquid latex so I got their £1, Hide and Conceal, concealer. The last three thing I got were eye and lip liners. Two eyeliners in Snow White and Turquoise and a lip liner in Brooding Plum!

I hope this gives you an idea of what sort of stuff you may need for FX Halloween make up! Watch this space for other Halloween related posts!

MissCosmeticBlogger xoxo

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