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Thursday, 10 October 2013

Now I know lots of people are sceptical of Poundland selling makeup and to be honest so was I. I have seen in Poundland old, discoloured nail varnishes from Sally Hansen, Collection and others, and very quickly shied away from buying them, for obvious reasons. However, I have also seen Rimmel products, like the ones I bought which are in very good condition.

The products I have bought are:

Two Quads RRP: £6.99 saving £5.99 - Urban Flower and Sweet Smoulder

Two Shimmer Touches RRP: £4.99 saving £3.99 - Radiant Rose and Shimmering Sand

Kate Lasting Finish Lipstick RRP: £5.49 saving £4.49 - 113

I must admit that you do have to be careful with Poundland, 99p stores alike when you buy makeup, mainly because the products could be out of date. Or nearer the sell  by date than other shops would sell.

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