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Award Liebster

The Liebster Award... I had seen it on other blogs and liked reading through their answers, but I had never understood what being nominated entailed! Until today that was! I was looking through my blog traffic and saw a link from Thoughts, beauty, fashion (you should really check it out,) so I clicked it and came across a Liebster Award post. I read through it, (and really enjoyed it!) I got to the end of the post and saw that I had been nominated! I literally feel like the happiest person right now, so thank you Ella!
21/05/14 - I was also nominated by Simone from Thirty Something OAP so I am very thankful for that! Here is my entry!

What is the Liebster Award?

The Liebster Award is for relatively new bloggers, (like myself,) who have less than 200 followers, who feel like they need some motivation! It's really nice as it shows people do read your blog!

What are the rules?

The rules are pretty straightforward:
  • Write 11 random facts about yourself
  • Answer the 11 questions given to you by the person who nominated you
  • Nominate 11 new bloggers and set 11 questions for them to answer

My 11 random facts about me:

  • I have a cat called Nessie who is a Scottish Fold
  • I am obsessed with football, and support Liverpool Football Club YNWA
  • My favourite band/singer is probably either Shakira or Taylor Swift
  • I watch Sherlock, NCIS and CSI waaaaay too much
  • I love singing, and song write in my spare time
  • I can speak English and German, and I am learning French and Portuguese
  • My favourite drink is Diet Coke
  • I have a song for every occasion
  • I love iceberg lettuce
  • I know nearly all the words to Shrek 2
  • I wish I could fly

Ella's Questions:

What is your favourite lipstick shade/colour to wear?

My current most worn lipstick has to be Hue by MAC, it is my only MAC lipstick and I love it. It is a beautiful peachy nude, which goes with pretty much any makeup!

If you had to pick one would you choose Twitter or Facebook, and why?

This is quite a hard question as in terms of talking to friends etc... Facebook is ultimatly the best thing as it has messenger and more of my friends use it. When it comes to blogging however Twitter wins hands down. It is easy to promote your blog and I can always keep up to date with football. If I did have to choose I would go Twitter!

What is your favourite thing about blogging?

I love blogging for many different reasons.  One of my favourite things is being able to interact with people with similar interests to myself. I also love helping people who aren't sure about whether to buy a product or not!

What person has inspired you the most in your life?

My nanny was pretty inspirational. Sadly she died of cancer a few years ago, but she made sure she was always happy when I could see her. It was so selfless of her, she inspired me to put others before myself and I have stuck by that!

If you had to choose one makeup product what would it be, and why?

I cannot live without lip balm, spring, summer, autumn and winter. It is literally a life saver! I hate dry cracked lips so, so much!

What is your oldest childhood memory?

I will always remember the time I got bitten by a swan, I hate them to this day. It's the hiss I think.

What is one of your goals for the future?

My ambition is to become a criminal lawyer when I am older, its slightly odd however I love law, and would love to study it! 

Would you rather paint your nails or do a face mask and why?

I will have to go with face mask. Only because I am rubbish at sticking to my skincare regime so face masks are the winner!

What film do you wish was reality?

Hmm hard one but Despicable Me! Such a child I know, but think of the minions! I would be so happy to have my own minions, I mean who wouldn't?

What is your favourite scent (perfume or anything else?)

I am loving Nicki Minaj Pink Friday currently the smell is literally delicious. Fruity and girly at the same time! Another favourite scent of mine is apples...

What is your least favourite thing to do with blogging?

Defininatley finding time to blog, I sometimes get to a point where I just can't write anymore. Usually as I run out of ideas and inspiration!

So there are my 11 answers! My 11 questions are:

What is your favourite makeup brand and why?
How much time do you spend doing your makeup each day?
What is your ideal job?
If you could have dinner with any 3 people who would they be?
Why did you start blogging?
Hair products or makeup products and why?
What is your most annoying habit?
Drugstore or high end makeup?
Favourite inspirational quote and why?
Your favourite colour?
Do you have any hidden talents?

My Nominations:

  • Emily Smith
  • Posh Polish Nails
  • The Elle Word
  • The Lipstick Drawer
  • Umbrella Monday
  • Stone Fox Inc
  • The Wonder Of Style 
  • Jane.
  • Beauty Toolkit
  • Fashion Is A Thief
  • Beauty By Alice
I hope you enjoyed my answers, please leave your links for the Liebster Award so I can read them. (On another note I am sorry that I haven't been responding to comments, blogger is stopping me for some reason... If anyone knows how to help me with this please feel free!)
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Real Techniques: Core Collection & Starter Kit

For my birthday back in August, I received the Core Collection set and Starter Kit. RealTechniques is a favourite of mine and many other beauty bloggers. If you want to see my first RealTechniques post you can here. I thought it would be a good idea to revisit the brushes as I use them every single day, and now have a use for every single one instead of just most of them!

When I first got the kit I used the Contour Brush for blush as I decided it was the right shape to deposit just the right amount on your cheeks. However, after using the brush for 8 months, I have started using it for it's intended purpose. Contouring. It's quite good actually. I am usually rubbish at contouring however this makes it a lot easier for me. The tapered brush, fits into the hollows of your cheeks really well, letting people, like me, distribute the right amount of product. I think you could still use it as a blush brush as it is good for dusting your cheekbones with product, however, it doesn't allow for precise application, like other brushes.

The Pointed Foundation Brush is probably my least favourite brush out of all the RealTechniques brushes I own. It's meant to be used for foundation, but I cannot see how this works. I tried it once but I wasn't a fan of it being used for foundation. I found that the size of the brush really let it down, as it's surface area is small, it cannot pick up as much product as other brushes. I also find you end up using more product because you are not sure how much the brush actually picks up. Therefore I found it was the perfect highlighter brush. The top of the brush can apply a precisely the right amount of highlighter to define the face.

The Deatailer Brush is a lot like the Foundation brush just a third of the size, making it perfect for concealer and lipstick/gloss. I mainly use this for concealer, twinned with the Deluxe Crease Brush. It is really good for pin pointing spots and blemishes because of it's shape. I have also used it for lip products. Lipsticks and lip gloss applicators cannot define like a brush, and if your lip shape needs defining this really helps.

The last brush in the Core Collection is the Buffing Brush. It has a domed top and up and till a week or two ago, I was only using this for powder. I have since seen people using it for liquid foundation, and it is brilliant for that use. I do find that using this for foundation will use up more product than my beauty blender type sponge. This is only because you are buffing the product onto the skin instead of 'bouncing' it. I have to admit though, this is so much better as a foundation brush than powder.

The Deluxe Crease Brush is one that I had no idea how to use it as it's intended for the crease. However, due the the huge size of the brush it just didn't fit properly in my crease! I then looked for how other people used the brush, and found the majority used it for under eye concealer. It is brilliant for this use. This is the best friend of my Detailer Brush. I apply the concealer with my Detailer Brush and buff it into the skin with the Deluxe Crease Brush, and then use a powder to set the concealer, with the same brush! Honestly I couldn't live without this brush.

The Base Shadow Brush, is pretty self explanatory. It is a base shadow brush. I mainly use this for base shadow. However, it is also really good for blending through the crease. It is the perfect size for all these things!

The Detailer Brush is the cutest little brush I have ever seen. Its stiff fibres make it the perfect brush to smudge black eye shadow into the lash line. I also find it useful to use in my crease to place shadow, before blending out. But my favourite use if for highlighting my inner corner. It allows an even spread of product. 

The Pixel Point Eyeliner Brush is not my cup of tea for doing eyeliner, I find it is too thick to get my favourite type of liner. However I do find it useful for 'precision highlighting,' Down my nose etc... If RealTechniques did a set without this brush I would definitely buy a whole other set.

The Brow Brush would be great for me if I had any idea how to fill in my blonde brows... But alas I don't have any idea how. (Help would be graciously accepted!) Instead I use the brush for eyeliner! I can actually manage a good angled liner with this, the only brush ever to have helped me do this!

I hope you have enjoyed my recap, and I'd love to see your blogs so feel free to leave links!

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Review | Chi Chi: Eyeshadow Palette

My nan went to Australia last year and asked me if there were any makeup bits I would like her to pick up for me. I asked her if she was able to get me something from Chi Chi, as I had heard Shaaanxo talk about their products. She raved a lot about quite a few products. My nan managed to pick up an eyeshadow palette for me!

The palette is a selection of 12 bright eye shadows. 11 shimmery and 1 matte. I think it's slightly strange to be perfectly honest, only having one matte shade out of 12. Their texture is quite silky and makes them easy to blend. However, they also have a lot of fall down, so I suggest if you are using these you should do your eye makeup first so you can brush off any excess.
 The first three shades are a matte black, a shimmery grey and white shimmery colour. The matte black looks like more of a dark grey. The grey one when you apply this shade it sort of centres itself where you first apply it. Once blended it leaves a lot of glitter all around the eye. The white in the photo below looks very vibrant, however it sort of gets washed out when applied. It fades into the other shadows.
The next three shadows are and orange, bronze and a light yellow. The orange is really vibrant and in your face, it has less shimmer than most of the other shadows. The bronze is very orange toned and highly pigmented. The light yellow is very shimmery, its sort of a creamy colour and would be perfect as an inner corner highlight. I think these three would make a perfect trio for an eye look.
These three are, a dark blue, a really in your face purple and a browny colour.The dark blue has lots of light blue, aquamarine, shimmer throughout. The purple is stunning! It is so bright and shimmery. I can't wait to use this for a party look. I especially love the pink shimmer that runs throughout. The browny colour is a mix between brown and orange. It had silver and peach glitter throughout.
These last three are my absolute favourites out of the whole palette! All three are so highly pigmented and so silky to apply. The green is almost like lime green with the most amazing type of shimmer. The middle colour is a really vibrant green. And last but not least is a light blue that would complement the greens really well.

If you do want to get your hands on any Chi Chi makeup you can here! I really do recommend this palette, and I really want to try more Chi Chi products.
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Haul Drugstore: Hair & MakeUp

I got a few beauty bits as gifts over Christmas, but I had run out of a few essentials so decided that a trip to my local Boots and Superdrug would be a good idea! Of course there were still after Christmas sales going on and the normal 3 for 2 and Buy 1 Get One Half Price deal, so I was inevitably going to end up buying more than just the essentials.

So there is everything I bought it isn't a massive amount, and lots of it was in the Boots end of line clear out, which made me really excited!
I bought a Pantene hairspray, as I had run out. I have been meaning to get a hairspray but I just keep forgetting! This is a really fine spray and has a nice firm hold as well!
These are two of the Poundland brushes which I mentioned in a recent post, I won't go into detail but if you want to see the post, you can click here.
Now these two are the first two I found in the Boots end of line clear out. At the back of Boots near the last of the Christmas stuff were about 4 baskets full to the brim of end of the line makeup. The brands that were in the baskets were 17 (now SEVENTEEN) and No7, and they were all reduced! I searched through the baskets and found a SEVENTEEN corrector and concealer. I haven't ever tried a corrector before and was wanting to try one as I burnt myself with my new curling wand. (Clever I know...) I got a stick concealer in the lightest shade as I needed another one. Both of these were 50p each, I think the original price was around £3.99 each.
I also picked up SEVENTEEN's Sheer Moisture Foundation, as I am always on the lookout for a new foundation. After swatching this on my hand, it seems to blend to match my skin tone very well. It's very light coverage, and sinks into the skin nicely. It has a slight fragrance, but I can put up with it.
I went searching through Poundland, as per usual for beauty bargains. I found one! This is one of Revlon's Chroma Chameleon. It's a really pretty shade and looks different in different light, like a chameleon. In the picture it's like a blue, but when held up to the light however it turns to a beautiful metallic pinky purple. The RRP for these are £6.49 and in Poundland of course £1.
When I first tested this I thought it was almost exactly like POREfessional from Benefit, however I think that POREfessional leaves a slightly smoother finish. It is like most other pore minimising primers. Smooth to the touch. The product itself is a clear gel formula, which is easy to apply, and at £1 I couldn't go wrong really!

This sadly was the only product I bought that I was really disappointed with. I find it really annoying when the sticker on the box is completely different to the actual lipstick. I was expecting a nude pink, what I actually got was a really sheer burnt sort of orangey red. It has completely put me off No7 lipsticks to be perfectly honest. I do however, like the box, it's very standing out to the eye, which is initially why I first picked it up. I also love the little not from Boots and Poppy King inside the box. I am glad I didn't buy this for full price.

My second to last product is a lip liner, I don't have many so decided to get a Rimmel one. Its quite a neutral colour, so it's easy to define my lips.

My final purchase was a Berry Crush lip stain. The product is quite clever, with a balm on one end and the stain on the other. I'm not sure how much use it will get but I will try it.
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