Best Of 2013: Non Beauty

Wednesday, 1 January 2014

 So it's now the start of January, scary isn't it! I will be writing 2013 for the next, ooh I don't know... Three months! Never mind, moving on here are my 2013 Non Beauty favourites!

Best TV Show/ Film
The winner had to be Sherlock didn't it! I have been waiting too long for the new episodes and thank god they are finally here! I don't know how much longer I could have lasted without seeing Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman back in their iconic roles!

I am also starting to like Star Trek Into Darkness too! Notice any similarities between Sherlock and Star Trek Into Darkness? Maybe Benedict Cumberbatch...

Best Book

I recently re read the Northern Lights, (AKA the golden compass,)  and fell back into love with the series! I think next I am going to read The Subtle Knife again too!

Bobbi Brown's Makeup Manual is also another favourite read of mine, it has so many hints and tips as well as history about certain brands!

Best Food

There is nothing I like more than snacking on a fruit lace, strange I know but hey! I am strange!

I also have been loving Mentos and always have packet in my bag!

Best Drink

I love diet coke and would drink it all the time if possible, (I know it's not good for you...)

The runner up is lucozade Pink Lemonade! It is so yummy and tasty, and it gives you energy, genius!

Best Song
My favourite song for ages has been Sad Beautiful Tragic by Taylor Swift, it's lyrics are beautiful and mean a lot!

I love the Killers and their old songs like Mr Brightside which is why it is second!

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