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Haul Drugstore: Hair & MakeUp

I got a few beauty bits as gifts over Christmas, but I had run out of a few essentials so decided that a trip to my local Boots and Superdrug would be a good idea! Of course there were still after Christmas sales going on and the normal 3 for 2 and Buy 1 Get One Half Price deal, so I was inevitably going to end up buying more than just the essentials.

So there is everything I bought it isn't a massive amount, and lots of it was in the Boots end of line clear out, which made me really excited!
I bought a Pantene hairspray, as I had run out. I have been meaning to get a hairspray but I just keep forgetting! This is a really fine spray and has a nice firm hold as well!
These are two of the Poundland brushes which I mentioned in a recent post, I won't go into detail but if you want to see the post, you can click here.
Now these two are the first two I found in the Boots end of line clear out. At the back of Boots near the last of the Christmas stuff were about 4 baskets full to the brim of end of the line makeup. The brands that were in the baskets were 17 (now SEVENTEEN) and No7, and they were all reduced! I searched through the baskets and found a SEVENTEEN corrector and concealer. I haven't ever tried a corrector before and was wanting to try one as I burnt myself with my new curling wand. (Clever I know...) I got a stick concealer in the lightest shade as I needed another one. Both of these were 50p each, I think the original price was around £3.99 each.
I also picked up SEVENTEEN's Sheer Moisture Foundation, as I am always on the lookout for a new foundation. After swatching this on my hand, it seems to blend to match my skin tone very well. It's very light coverage, and sinks into the skin nicely. It has a slight fragrance, but I can put up with it.
I went searching through Poundland, as per usual for beauty bargains. I found one! This is one of Revlon's Chroma Chameleon. It's a really pretty shade and looks different in different light, like a chameleon. In the picture it's like a blue, but when held up to the light however it turns to a beautiful metallic pinky purple. The RRP for these are £6.49 and in Poundland of course £1.
When I first tested this I thought it was almost exactly like POREfessional from Benefit, however I think that POREfessional leaves a slightly smoother finish. It is like most other pore minimising primers. Smooth to the touch. The product itself is a clear gel formula, which is easy to apply, and at £1 I couldn't go wrong really!

This sadly was the only product I bought that I was really disappointed with. I find it really annoying when the sticker on the box is completely different to the actual lipstick. I was expecting a nude pink, what I actually got was a really sheer burnt sort of orangey red. It has completely put me off No7 lipsticks to be perfectly honest. I do however, like the box, it's very standing out to the eye, which is initially why I first picked it up. I also love the little not from Boots and Poppy King inside the box. I am glad I didn't buy this for full price.

My second to last product is a lip liner, I don't have many so decided to get a Rimmel one. Its quite a neutral colour, so it's easy to define my lips.

My final purchase was a Berry Crush lip stain. The product is quite clever, with a balm on one end and the stain on the other. I'm not sure how much use it will get but I will try it.
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