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Mother's Day Flowers and Chocolates Gift Ideas!

I'm very pleased with myself; this year I have managed to already buy my Mother's Day gift. (Unlike last year when I might have left it to the very last minute...) I thought that maybe there would be some people who have run out of ideas or aren't sure what to get! I decided to go with Flowers and Chocolates; my gifts of choice.

Maybelline Brocades

Don't you just hate it when you finish a Limited Edition product and you can't find it anywhere, Ebay, Amazon? You name it, you've looked, but alas you cannot find it! I hate this feeling and then I thought what if another brand has something like this particular shade in their permanent line! So I decided to start a series but I couldn't decide whether to class the ones I found as dupes or not. I couldn't decide because I think of 'dupes' to be the drugstores version of high end products. So I eventually decided on calling the series: Once It's Gone It's Gone... Or Is It?

The product that inspired this was... Maybelline Knitted Gold from their LE Brocades range. These came out around Christmas and I had to get one because they are so pretty. Knitted gold was my favourite by far. There was also a silver and black version but this rose gold one beat them hands down. For the £3.99 I paid I was very happy about the quality. 7ml with minimalist packaging, beautifully simple and to my taste. The actual product is amazing.  Its a top coat with microscopic gold glitter with pink hexagonal sequins, (if that's how you describe them?) I love it, it's a perfect top coat and compliments Lychee by BarryM (£3.99) really well.
One colour that is so, so similar to Knitted Gold is Rose Quartz Glitter. This I bought before I got my hands on Knitted Gold, and to be honest I probably wouldn't have bought Knitted Gold if I had realised how similar it was to Rose Quartz Glitter but hey ho! It is also a little less than the Maybelline version at £2.99 for 10ml.
From the bottles they don't look too similar. However, when swatched together they look almost identical to me. I do think Rose Quartz Glitter will need a few more coats than Knitted Gold, but I can live with that!
L - R
Knitted Gold and Rose Quartz Glitter
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WishList Nars 2014

I currently have no Nars products in my collection yet. *sad face* but obviously this is going to have to change. I mean have you seen them? They're beautiful, aren't they?

Satin Lip Pencil - Modern Montage Of Passionate And Provocative Hues - £18.00
The colour Torres Del Paine looks so beautiful as do pretty much all the shades available! It looks like a nudey, muted orange. Since I have none in my collection it would be a welcome edition!

Sheer Glow - Glowing, Natural Radiant Finish Foundation - £30.50
I always struggle to find a foundation light enough for my skin. I have heard many great reviews about this product so really want to try it. The only thing stopping me is the price tag, if only my budget could stretch.

Lip Gloss - Serious Shine And Sexy Colour - £17.50
I'm pretty sure everyone has Turkish Delight, (correct me if I'm wrong,) it is definitely one of the most raved about products ever. The colour is just so me! A light pink... beautiful!

Soulshine Blush Palette - Pop! Contour! Sculpt! - £35.00
I am always on the lookout for multipurpose products wherever I go, they make more sense and are easier to justify in my opinion. This beauty is stunning, I mean look at it!

Laguna Bronzer - Creates The Ultimate Healthy Glow - £26.00
This was obviously going to be on the list! Lets be honest, Laguna is possibly the most raved about product since forever! It seems like every tutorial uses it so I'm guessing it must be good! Again, sadly it has the large price tag!

So there is my Nars wish list! Done and dusted, please comment links of any wish lists you've done I always enjoy reading them. Not to mention ending up wanting to buy every item!
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Nails | Spring Pastels

So it's Spring, finally!(It's going to rain now for the foreseeable future now isn't it...) Never mind! It was sunny and all I could think about was what nail colours I could now use, and match to clothes. Am I the only one who thinks that when the sun is out everyone is happier?

Review | MUA Glamour Nights Palette

This is another MUA palette to add to my collection from a giveaway I entered. You can see my giveaway post here. I won it from the lovely Simone from ThirtySomethingOAP, who had the great idea to look at my blog for prize inspiration!

The palette has the same packaging as most MUA products. Nothing fancy it gets the job done. (However, I have managed to break two palettes *sad face* by dropping them a few times...) It also come with the same old sponge tipped applicator every other palette under the sun.

However, the colours are spectacular! The bright white is a matte, that is really good for highlighting your inner corner. The next one looks like a dark grey in the pan, but when applied it is grey with a slight purple iridescent shimmer throughout. The next shade is a dark matte green. Next is a really high pigmented sparkly silver. The colour pay off is brilliant. A grey matte shade is next in the pan. I'm not too impressed with this one because it doesn't have brilliant pigmentation unless you spend an age building it up. One of my favourite shades from this palette is this glittery brown. The next row starts with a matte black/brown. Next is a true gold which is beautiful .Then a shimmery  khaki green type shade. Another amazing colour is this bright matte purple! It is brilliant and bright. My favourite colour out of the whole palette is a light pinky red, it has a slight shimmer but it's not too noticeable. The last colour feels so silky to the touch. It is a really light pink that looks white in some light. I'm definitely going to use this to highlight.

With Flash
Natural Lightning
I love this palette not going to lie, some of the colours are beautiful and for everyday use. (Maybe not the bright red and purple.)

On a separate note if your like me and hate the sponge tip applicators most products give you, I have found a use for them. If you're a blogger like me I find they are useful for swatching products like eye shadow as they give a nice precise line down your hand/arm etc.

I hope you enjoyed my review, don't forget to visit ThirtySomethingOAP and see you next time!
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Giveaway Winner ThirtySomething OAP

A couple of weeks ago I stumbled across a blog that I now read almost everyday. The blog was Simones's: ThirtySomethingOAP, (you should check it out.) On this blog there was a giveaway running with three prizes: Nail Rock Glitter in Pink, £10 Love To Shop Voucher and a Mystery Prize! I was lucky enough to win the mystery prize and it arrived today and I had to share it with you!

The box was amazingly wrapped, layers and layers of tape made sure everything was secure. Once I had got through the tape I was greeted by an amazing lemony smell and a really nice message!

The amazing lemon smell was coming from a Lush bathbomb. Avobath to be exact. It's a pastel green, and a bathbomb I have not tried yet but keep meaning to!
Can I just stop you for a moment and tell you to LOOK AT THESE SOCKS, (sorry for the shouting,) but look at them! They are bright green with ducks on them...Ducks! They are so cute!
Simone told me that she was looking at my blog to work out what to get me, (what a great idea!) If you read my blog a lot you'll know MUA is one of my favourite brands ever!
MUA polishes are brilliant my favourite currently is Pistachio Ice Cream.This is in the colour Frozen Yoghurt. A really nice purple.
One Coat, Two Coats
I have so many MUA palettes but there are still a couple I haven't got, like the Glamour Nights one. This is a beautiful mix of glittery eye shadows and bright mattes. I can guarantee there will be a post up about this very soon.
  I rave about this blush so much and now I have a backup as well. It is a beautiful mix of lilac, peach and pink. Perfect for use as a blush or possibly a highlighter.
This is an NYC lipstick in 420 Mousse. It's a dark beigey orange with a slight shimmer running throughout. It's a nice nude and I'm always on the lookout for a new nude lipstick, I've almost finished Hue by MAC.
Finally Simone got me a 4 pack of Mentos! If you go through my bag you will always find a pack or two. They're just so good for when you need to freshen your breath on the go!
So there you have it! Everything I got from Simone. I love it all an will be using/eating it very shortly!

On a separate note I would love to know what you think about the quality of the photos. These are all un edited and taken on my new phone!

BarryM Green Lipstick

A green lipstick? What madness is this Beth? Huh...Green? Not really your thing! My friend had been going on about this for an age. A green lipstick that turns pink, will it be good or just a gimmicky. It sort of reminds me of the mood rings everyone used to have that changed colour! I loved them!
BarryM's packaging is very stylish and practical. A matte black square ended cylinder, slightly smaller than a MAC lipstick. I own two BarryM lipsticks (£4.49) including this one. I love the packaging on these because it shows the colour on the other end, which other brands don't. (The only problem is sometimes the colour isn't the same as the sticker...)
The idea of a green to pink lipstick is quite novel! However, I'm not particularly sure it gives the product anything extra. Just a bit of a wait for the colour to get to the right pigmentation. The colour itself is a bright, hot pink. Quite different to my usual light pink/nude lipsticks.
Swatched on the hand it looks lighter than when on the lips. I would've liked it more if it had been the colour on my hand because it would be more wearable than the pink it turned out to be.
I apologise for the state of my lips, Winter is never a good time for lips, especially mine! This just gives an idea of the colour it is quite bright

Once the initial lipstick wears off you are left with a stain that lasts for hours and hours. About 5 in total. If you don't want it on for that long I warn you, it's a pain to get off!

If you're looking for a fun twist to a normal lipstick this is the way to go, if you're looking for a green lipstick you might have to look elsewhere! Till Friday...
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**Just thought I'd let you know this is my 125th post! It's quite a milestone or me! Feel free to raise you imaginary glasses of champagne... Cheers everyone!**