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Maybelline Brocades

Don't you just hate it when you finish a Limited Edition product and you can't find it anywhere, Ebay, Amazon? You name it, you've looked, but alas you cannot find it! I hate this feeling and then I thought what if another brand has something like this particular shade in their permanent line! So I decided to start a series but I couldn't decide whether to class the ones I found as dupes or not. I couldn't decide because I think of 'dupes' to be the drugstores version of high end products. So I eventually decided on calling the series: Once It's Gone It's Gone... Or Is It?

The product that inspired this was... Maybelline Knitted Gold from their LE Brocades range. These came out around Christmas and I had to get one because they are so pretty. Knitted gold was my favourite by far. There was also a silver and black version but this rose gold one beat them hands down. For the £3.99 I paid I was very happy about the quality. 7ml with minimalist packaging, beautifully simple and to my taste. The actual product is amazing.  Its a top coat with microscopic gold glitter with pink hexagonal sequins, (if that's how you describe them?) I love it, it's a perfect top coat and compliments Lychee by BarryM (£3.99) really well.
One colour that is so, so similar to Knitted Gold is Rose Quartz Glitter. This I bought before I got my hands on Knitted Gold, and to be honest I probably wouldn't have bought Knitted Gold if I had realised how similar it was to Rose Quartz Glitter but hey ho! It is also a little less than the Maybelline version at £2.99 for 10ml.
From the bottles they don't look too similar. However, when swatched together they look almost identical to me. I do think Rose Quartz Glitter will need a few more coats than Knitted Gold, but I can live with that!
L - R
Knitted Gold and Rose Quartz Glitter
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  1. Glitter like this is such an easy and fun way to glam up a nail polish :o) Xx

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