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BarryM Green Lipstick

A green lipstick? What madness is this Beth? Huh...Green? Not really your thing! My friend had been going on about this for an age. A green lipstick that turns pink, will it be good or just a gimmicky. It sort of reminds me of the mood rings everyone used to have that changed colour! I loved them!
BarryM's packaging is very stylish and practical. A matte black square ended cylinder, slightly smaller than a MAC lipstick. I own two BarryM lipsticks (£4.49) including this one. I love the packaging on these because it shows the colour on the other end, which other brands don't. (The only problem is sometimes the colour isn't the same as the sticker...)
The idea of a green to pink lipstick is quite novel! However, I'm not particularly sure it gives the product anything extra. Just a bit of a wait for the colour to get to the right pigmentation. The colour itself is a bright, hot pink. Quite different to my usual light pink/nude lipsticks.
Swatched on the hand it looks lighter than when on the lips. I would've liked it more if it had been the colour on my hand because it would be more wearable than the pink it turned out to be.
I apologise for the state of my lips, Winter is never a good time for lips, especially mine! This just gives an idea of the colour it is quite bright

Once the initial lipstick wears off you are left with a stain that lasts for hours and hours. About 5 in total. If you don't want it on for that long I warn you, it's a pain to get off!

If you're looking for a fun twist to a normal lipstick this is the way to go, if you're looking for a green lipstick you might have to look elsewhere! Till Friday...
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**Just thought I'd let you know this is my 125th post! It's quite a milestone or me! Feel free to raise you imaginary glasses of champagne... Cheers everyone!**


  1. I have wanted to try this but wasn't quite convinced on it and thought it was one of those gimmicky things! xx

    1. I think the colour can be different for everyone, so it's definitely worth a try!xx


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