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Review | MUA Glamour Nights Palette

This is another MUA palette to add to my collection from a giveaway I entered. You can see my giveaway post here. I won it from the lovely Simone from ThirtySomethingOAP, who had the great idea to look at my blog for prize inspiration!

The palette has the same packaging as most MUA products. Nothing fancy it gets the job done. (However, I have managed to break two palettes *sad face* by dropping them a few times...) It also come with the same old sponge tipped applicator every other palette under the sun.

However, the colours are spectacular! The bright white is a matte, that is really good for highlighting your inner corner. The next one looks like a dark grey in the pan, but when applied it is grey with a slight purple iridescent shimmer throughout. The next shade is a dark matte green. Next is a really high pigmented sparkly silver. The colour pay off is brilliant. A grey matte shade is next in the pan. I'm not too impressed with this one because it doesn't have brilliant pigmentation unless you spend an age building it up. One of my favourite shades from this palette is this glittery brown. The next row starts with a matte black/brown. Next is a true gold which is beautiful .Then a shimmery  khaki green type shade. Another amazing colour is this bright matte purple! It is brilliant and bright. My favourite colour out of the whole palette is a light pinky red, it has a slight shimmer but it's not too noticeable. The last colour feels so silky to the touch. It is a really light pink that looks white in some light. I'm definitely going to use this to highlight.

With Flash
Natural Lightning
I love this palette not going to lie, some of the colours are beautiful and for everyday use. (Maybe not the bright red and purple.)

On a separate note if your like me and hate the sponge tip applicators most products give you, I have found a use for them. If you're a blogger like me I find they are useful for swatching products like eye shadow as they give a nice precise line down your hand/arm etc.

I hope you enjoyed my review, don't forget to visit ThirtySomethingOAP and see you next time!
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  1. The colours are fab! A great selection. Might pick one up for myself! x

    1. You should totally get one! It's so pretty!xx


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