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Which Red Lip Is For You

So a few weeks ago I did a post similar to this but instead of Which Red Lip it was Which Mascara! I enjoyed writing the post so much that I had to write another. I was going through all my lip products and when I stumbled across my red lipsticks this post had to be done...

As someone who isn't always brave enough to wear a red lip, after looking through these I think this Summer that will all change! This is Sleek's True Colour Lipstick in O.M.G. This is a beautiful red. I wouldn't class it as a true red, but I think you could get away with wearing this with a lot of outfits. It has very smooth consistency and glides on the lips like a dream. It is also very opaque but the staying power isn't brilliant and you may find it smudges quite easily. This will be perfect for any 'girl on the go' as it is so compact and cute.

If you aren't looking for a statement red lip something like SEVENTEEN's Mirror Shine Lipstick in Roasted Red. This is quite a sheer pinky red that compliments a lot of outfits. The packaging is really clever and has a little slide out mirror just big enough to see your lips in. As for the formula it is quite easy to apply but it's not as opaque as any of the others I am posting about. It has a nice shine to it but it will cling to dry patches more often than not.

When these first came out I wrote a review on them which you can see here. I love the Rimmel Apocalips range, they have a brilliant colour range and staying power which really make these a must have product. What is also good is that when they do start to wear off it leaves a nice stain. The only downside of these are how tricky they are to remove, I guess you could say that that is an advantage. Colour wise this is a very bright red with slight pink undertones, the finish looks almost glossy or liquidy, it's not for the faint hearted.

This is MUA's Shade 13 lipstick. MUA are currently owning the really affordable makeup in the drugstore, their lipsticks are no exception. The texture of this is really moisturising and it glides onto the lips really nicely because of this. The colour payoff is also quite good for a lipstick that is only a pound! I think out of these five this is one of the more wearable ones because it isn't quite so in your face and it is just on the verge of being classed as a pink.

Quite a new favourite red of mine is Avon's Lipstix in Reddy To Go. The product is a different take on a chubby stick as it's a thinner version. I think it is useful the fact it's smaller as you can get a more precise application which I struggle to do with some chubby sticks. The colour is quite a bright red and the formula is less moisturising than others in this post but I prefer that. It isn't matte but I wouldn't say it has a shine. This is such a small product it can easily fit into any bag, so makes the perfect travel product!

I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I did, if you have any ideas for more Which Product Is For You I would love to know as these are some of my favourite posts to write!

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SEVENTEEN Phowarr Paint

As a lover of boi-ing by Benefit I really needed to find something similar. £17.50 per 3g isn't a budget price, however, I am willing to pay when I cannot find a suitable alternative. But luckily I may have hit the jackpot in SEVENTEEN's Phowarr Paint, a relatively new release from SEVENTEEN; it's cheaper and just as good!

My beloved boi-ing concealer comes in five shades ranging for quite light to dark, meaning there is quite a wide range of colours. Whereas with Phowarr Paint there is only two shades. (I initially thought there were three however the Boots website only lists two so I'm going to stick with that.) For £5.49 you receive 12g of product, four times the amount of the Benefit alternative. This is great value and just what every makeup bag needs.
 I love the packaging; nothing fancy but does the job brilliantly. It's simple but sturdy and has a great quality mirror, just big enough to see your eye in. The actual product has a really nice formula; it's quite creamy but not so much that it feels like you're wiping off product when trying to blend it. The colour matches me quite well which is good as the shade range is very limited and often the light shades of drugstore concealers are not 'light' as such.
I thought I should probably test out it's 'heavy duty' claims. It does specify that it is for under eye circles but I think you can use it for other areas too. How I decided to test it was using a little red spotty thing on my hand; if it was less noticeable, (which it was,) I could use this as a high coverage concealer!
It is not completely vanished, however it has definitely been covered, making it less noticeable. The redish tone has gone and is replaced by a more natural blending in colour. For a drugstore concealer though it has good coverage.

Now that I have fallen in love with this I will not have to repurchase boi-ing! (I can hear my bank balances relieved sigh from here.) I'm sure there are many other drugstore concealers I still need to try,  such as Collection's Lasting Perfection Concealer, but I will get round to that soon!

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Top 5 Pink Lipsticks

Looking out my window right now I'd say we're back in Winter. Dull, grey skies and an icy wind, where had the lovely sun gone!? So I thought to brighten the day up I would write my top five pink lipsticks, the spring edit. Enjoy...
I thought I would start with the darkest of the pinks I have to show you. MUA Shade 3, a bold, berry sort of pink. Across between a raspberry and strawberry. The texture of this lipstick is really nice and creamy. It glides on the lips like a dream and has the slightest of vanilla scents. The staying power isn't the best so you would have to top up, however, it does leave a slight stain on the lips as it is a darkish colour. Perfect for a statement lip.

After the huge stir these caused a year ago, you can see my post here, these still haven't left my favourite lip balms yet! This of course is Maybelline Baby Lips in Pink Punch. This is brilliant for when you're on the go. It moisturises and adds a nice tint to the lips. If I was going to a festival I would definitely bring this along as it has SPF 20, smells amazing, plus I love the colour!
Revlon regularly have their 2 for £10 offer on lipsticks, so I decided to get this in Summer last year. I have been waiting for Spring to come so I could use it again and voila here it is. Front Row Ultimate Suede Lipstick, a pearly pink. Perfect for when I want to go full on girly. I really would like a pair of shoes this colour too... Anyway it has a really smooth texture but will show up any dry patches you have on your lips so I suggest using a lipscrub beforehand.
The photo really doesn't do this colour justice. It looks more like the stick than this.
Another Revlon product; this time it's their Sugar Frosting Lip Butter. This is perfect for moisturising the whilst adding the slightest pink tint at the same time. This is brilliant for on the go lip reapplication. This is because it almost has no colour meaning it isn't catastrophic if you don't apply perfectly.

My final lip item is an MUA Lipstick, Juicy from the photo below it looks to be more of a coraly pink, whereas it is actually more of a bright orangey pink. It's surprisingly wearable but wouldn't look out of place at a festival as a statement lip. I think it would look perfect with nude eyeshadow and an eyeliner flick.
 So it may be dull and grey at the moment outside, but I hope my top 5 spring pinks inspire you to dress a little more summery!
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WishList Urban Decay 2014

So after my last three wish list posts, (Illamasqua, Benefit and Nars,) I thought it was about time for me to continue them! It wasn't hard to choose which brand to create a wish list for next, Urban Decay. I am always hearing about the Naked Palette's on blog after blog, so of course I featured one on my wish list!

Eyeshadow Primer Potion - Guarantees More Vibrant Eyeshadow That Lasts All Day - £16.00
I am rubbish when it comes to remembering to prime my eyes... Which is strange really considering my love of normal primers. However, loads and loads of bloggers/youtubers alike rave about these, so I would definitely like to try one. (Can I just mention the packaging, how cute is that!!)

I love long lasting makeup products but am yet to explore the world of setting sprays. I know brands such as MUA and Collection do their own version but I just haven't picked one up yet. As I have heard such good reviews I really want this!

The lipstick in the picture is in the colour Streak, which is quite daring colour for me. I usually stick to nudes and light girly pinks. It just looks really pretty and out of my comfort zone. (I love the name as well!)

I still haven't got round to seeing Oz: The Great And Powerful, but I have been longing for this palette since it was released. I think it comes with about eight shadows four full size, the other half size. It also comes with a brush and a lip pencil. Isn't it just gorgeous, the tin, everything.

You cannot read most blogs without coming across a review of the Naked 3 palette. It has amazing pinky gold shades, my perfect palette. Plus it comes with a brush and primer potion sample.

I hope you enjoyed, I'd love to see your wishlists!
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Maybelline Brow Drama

Am I the only person who seems to fail at filling in brows? I always blame it on the fact I'm blonde, but who am I kidding, I just can't get to grips with the different products available; I tried brow pencils, too defined, powders just the same. So when I saw that Benefit had released Gimmie Brow, I was intrigued, but I wasn't going to pay £17.50 for something I wasn't sure would work for me. So when I saw Maybelline had a version for around £12.50 cheaper, I thought I should try it!

 Being a blonde I do find that finding a brow product that matches is not an easy feat. Nearly all the brow pencils are too warm and make my brows look gingery. Also I can never work out whether my brows should be darker or lighter, so any help on that would be much appreciated!
Maybelline Brow Drama, to be perfectly honest the brush is not my cup of tea. It is too big in my opinion, and doesn't give you enough control over where the product is distributed. This annoyed me a bit because I ended up with product above my eyebrow as well as on my eyebrow. However, it does give my brows a nice amount of definition without making them look unnatural. The texture of the product is unlike a brow mascara as it doesn't feel heavy on the brow nor does it make your brows feel stiff. I was very surprised with the colour. It matches my brow colour to the tee, and for that reason I am in love with the product.
 I am going to continue to use this daily and see how much I like it. I really want to know what methods and products you use, any tutorials you have too would be great. I hoped you liked my first impressions!

Benefit Lollitint

I will be the first to point out how late on the band wagon I am, because I really am late with this. However, I thought I would wait until I had had enough time to try it out. This of course is Benefit's Lollitint* I got sent this by Benefit after a less than satisfying trip to a counter. If you want to know more, I have a post here.

Avon Vivid Violet Quad

If you dislike disappointing reviews I urge you to look away right now, because lets just say I was not impressed at all. How pretty it looks in the picture *sighs* if only it was as good as it looks.

From the palette it looks amazing; vibrant purples, a brilliant blue and a lovely sparkly silver. I saw this whilst browsing through the Avon clearance catalogue and couldn't stop myself from buying it. It was also reduced which was a big incentive to buy it!

The packaging is bog standard Avon packaging, but its sturdy and does the job. There is also a good size mirror inside which is good for on the go but that is where my praise has to end unfortunately. It also comes with the standard foam tipped applicator, which I hate so much, I just cannot use them to create any sort of good makeup.

The colours made the palette look oh so inviting, the perfect night out palette. A smokey purple eye, it would be beautiful if the colours in pan looked anything like that when they are swatched. The silver almost has no light reflecting particles what so ever, making it really bad for using as a highlight colour. As it wouldn't work as a highlight colour I'm confused how it fits in the palette. The purple next to it looks so promising, an electric purple almost, but again when swatched it is less than electric. It's a really low pigmented shadow that's sort of blurs out into a nothing colour that you would look over if it looked like that in the pan. The second purple is more the colour that I thought the other purple would be. However, it is still not as vibrant. It is quite pigmented compared to the other shadows. Finally onto the blue. In the quad it looks like a dark navy blue with lighter blue iridescent shimmer throughout. When swatched however the colour just gets completely washed out and turns into a dark grey with only the slightest hint of blue to be seen. Not exactly great.
The photo gives the colours more credit than it deserves really. It also took a whole lot of effort and time just to get them to this level.
So all in all the name of the quad is not at all reflective of the product. 'Vivid Violet' is not at all vivid, more murky and disappointing. Obviously as I have only tried this quad I cannot comment on the other Avon quads available, but I will be wary about buying another, however inexpensive they are.
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Eyes | Which Mascara Is For You

My friends ask me quite a lot which products they should buy, and much as I would like to tell them exactly which ones would be good for them, I obviously can't. I'd love to be able to say which products you will absolutely love and which you'll hate, but alas I cannot. The best I can do is recommend and aid your product discoveries; which I hope I do already! When I was thinking about this I decided there was a blog post to be written on this. Where I don't recommend just one product, but I recommend a number of products that different people might want. For example this post is on mascara. I realise that not everyone wants a volumising mascara; some may want a lengthening mascara. So in this post I aim to cover all eventualities!
This is SEVENTEEN's doll'd UP* mascara in black. About a year ago there was a massive amount of buzz around this and it's '24 hour curl' properties. I pretty much always curl my eyelashes before applying mascara  because I have really strange lashes that will otherwise curl strange directions! I love this mascara as I find it lengthens my lashes nicely without over emphasising them. It also slightly separates them which defines them to my liking. If you are looking for a lenghtening mascara this is a very good choice!
This mascara became a firm favourite of mine when I first got it. Mainly because of its retro properties. Rimmel claimed that their Scandal Eyes Retro Glam, £6.99, would give you retro style effect. Winging out the lashes to create this retro look. I love the look it gives slightly volumising, slightly lengthening.The wand is different to most I have seen, it is almost an hourglass shape, which gets most of the lashes at once. As well as helping you get the shorter once near your inner corner. This would be perfect if you're looking for volume but not too much. 
I only first really found Soap & Glory cosmetics at Christmas last year when I received their Girl-o-Whirl gift set. It came with their Thick & Fast mascara, £10, in black. This has a brush that sort of tapers in, it's nothing special. However, the best part is what it does to your lashes. It adds a nice amount of volume near the base of lashes as well as lengthening them slightly.
This particular mascara was one of the most hyped up products I think I have ever seen. It was everywhere; every magazine, every blog, you couldn't get away from it. And obviously I gave in to the hype and you can see my first impressions of it here. This mascara is of course Maybelline's Rocket Volum' Express, £7.99, mine is in the waterproof version as I was going through a waterproof mascara phase. The wand on this is brilliant it has so many little bristles that cover all your lashes in product leaving no clumps what so ever. If you want definition and volume for your  lashes this is a good choice.
My final mascara to show you is SEVENTEEN's Blow Out* mascara in blackest black. This is good for volume that's not too dramatic. (I've just realised that the majority of this posts mascaras are volumising... whoops! Never mind!) The wand is slightly slanted at the end making it easier to apply, and the acorn shape of the brush gives excellent volume from the roots to the ends, without leaving clumps.
I hope you have enjoyed this post; I did so much that I have already started writing another this time: Which red lip is for you! So watch this space for that. I'd love to know your favourite mascaras as I am always on the look out for new ones!
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