Avon Vivid Violet Quad

Friday, 11 April 2014
If you dislike disappointing reviews I urge you to look away right now, because lets just say I was not impressed at all. How pretty it looks in the picture *sighs* if only it was as good as it looks.

From the palette it looks amazing; vibrant purples, a brilliant blue and a lovely sparkly silver. I saw this whilst browsing through the Avon clearance catalogue and couldn't stop myself from buying it. It was also reduced which was a big incentive to buy it!

The packaging is bog standard Avon packaging, but its sturdy and does the job. There is also a good size mirror inside which is good for on the go but that is where my praise has to end unfortunately. It also comes with the standard foam tipped applicator, which I hate so much, I just cannot use them to create any sort of good makeup.

The colours made the palette look oh so inviting, the perfect night out palette. A smokey purple eye, it would be beautiful if the colours in pan looked anything like that when they are swatched. The silver almost has no light reflecting particles what so ever, making it really bad for using as a highlight colour. As it wouldn't work as a highlight colour I'm confused how it fits in the palette. The purple next to it looks so promising, an electric purple almost, but again when swatched it is less than electric. It's a really low pigmented shadow that's sort of blurs out into a nothing colour that you would look over if it looked like that in the pan. The second purple is more the colour that I thought the other purple would be. However, it is still not as vibrant. It is quite pigmented compared to the other shadows. Finally onto the blue. In the quad it looks like a dark navy blue with lighter blue iridescent shimmer throughout. When swatched however the colour just gets completely washed out and turns into a dark grey with only the slightest hint of blue to be seen. Not exactly great.
The photo gives the colours more credit than it deserves really. It also took a whole lot of effort and time just to get them to this level.
So all in all the name of the quad is not at all reflective of the product. 'Vivid Violet' is not at all vivid, more murky and disappointing. Obviously as I have only tried this quad I cannot comment on the other Avon quads available, but I will be wary about buying another, however inexpensive they are.
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  1. Such a shame - the colous look lush in the pan! It's so disappointing when that happens!x

    1. I was honestly so disappointed when I first swatched them but never mind! :) xx


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