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Wedding Glossybox

Wedding Glossybox
You might have seen my July Glossybox Unboxing post last week where I mentioned an offer that Glossybox sent me after I unsubscribed from the pay monthly deal last month. The  offer was for a free special edition Christmas box with any 3, 6, or 12 month subscription, there was no way that I could pass up on a free box! I re-subscribed and the free box arrived a couple of days before the July edition; let’s just say I was very excited.When I unboxed the free box, it wasn’t the Christmas box I saw but the Glossybox Special Edition Wedding box but I’m not complaining... I love it!
Wedding Glossybox
Like the other Glossyboxes it comes with a little card which explains what is inside as well as a message wishing you a good wedding day. The message is a nice touch, however if the bride is not a fan of pink you may want to steer clear of this as a gift. The box it comes in is a very pale pink and instead of the usual shredded paper inside it has faux pink rose petals and the ribbon has ‘yes’ written in a few different languages.
Beauty Bird Nail Polish
The first product that came in the box was a nail polish from I brand I hadn’t heard of before: BeautyBird. It's a beautiful apricot rose, which would be perfect for a wedding, not to bold, just adding a subtle hint of colour to the nails. I really like the bottle, the white contrasts the polish in the glass and makes it stand out, you've also got to love the name: Yes, I do.
Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector
 The next thing in the box is a Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector which I remember seeing on a couple of YouTube channels not so long ago and have been hoping to try it. The product is sample size, but a very generous sample size containing 15ml, enough for many applications. It's a golden liquid type formula which when rubbed in gives a glow to the skin. It can be used alone, mixed with foundation, or even as a highlighter, so it's pretty versatile. The product has a nice, subtle smell, which I really like, and the packaging is quite sleek and sophisticated, so will fit nicely in a bag. I sometimes actually prefer deluxe samples of products to full size as they make good products to travel with!
Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector Swatch

bellapierre Volumizing Mascara
Next product is from bellapierre, a Glossybox favourite at the moment it seems. This is the Volumizing Mascara, however after trying it today I would say it lengthens rather than volumises, on my lashes at least. This is a full size product, and although the packaging isn't fancy, it is quite compact and easy to travel with.
ModelCo Lip Duo
And now we come to my least favourite product of the box...a Modelco Lip Duo. I know you're not meant to judge a book by its cover, but it's ugly. This is some of the worst packaging I have ever seen, and this would usually cost £26!? Crazy money! The products inside are okay, except they stink of that artificial strawberry smell, I'm not a great fan. The lipstick is a browny nude that would suit most skin tones and the orangey gloss could be used on its own but I'd probably use it with the lipstick...But back to the packaging, on my wedding day this is the last thing I would want to carry round; it is way too big for just the occasional lip product top up. Add to that the fact that the mirror on the other side is stuck into its gap slanted, I just cannot like it. Bad packaging can ruin a perfectly good product. 
ModelCo Lip Duo Swatches

Naobay Moisturizing Facial Peeling
My skincare routine currently consists of mainly Simple's skincare range as I know it works, however I have used this a couple of times since receiving it and I quite like it, this is the Naobay Moisturizing Facial Peeling. I must admit I was drawn to the packaging; it's really simple, yet really classy and would fit nicely into any room because of the colouring of it.
NYX One Night In Morocco
The penultimate item is a NYX palette; One Night In Morocco. (This was always going to be a winner for me, a palette named One Night In Morocco...I loved visiting Morocco and would love to go back one day!) This palette is honestly amazing, though it did get slightly damaged when it was sent, (nothing major.) The palette has eight eyeshadows, two shimmery, six matte, and four lip colours, all of which compliment each other nicely! You can expect an in depth review appearing soon!
NYX One Night In Morocco

NYX One Night In Morocco Swatches

NYX One Night In Morocco Swatches

The final thing it came with is more than a little strange... They're little clip on bows for your shoes, great if you're having a pink theme, not so great otherwise though...

This box for free is brilliant, there are so many products I will definitely use, especially the palette, it's so compact and great for travelling! I added up the normal cost of the products as I usually do so I could see what the box was worth and all together it came to... £99.15! Almost £100 worth of products in one box...for free! Such good value don't you think! Nice one Glossybox, you know how to reward customers, I'm seriously debating ordering one of these for someone I know who is getting married soon!

Soap&Glory Girl-O-Whirl Palette

Soap&Glory Palette
Around Christmas time Soap&Glory brought out a gift set full of makeup goodies called Girl-O-Whirl, (it is still one of my most read posts!) Now although I love the gift set, the box it came in is simply unpractical for everyday use and travelling, which is why, when I got bored the other day, I decided to make my own palette to house the contents.

I worked out that a CD case would fit everything if I removed the casing that the CD would usually sit in. Using the packaging from the original Girl-O-Whirl set I measured and cut out an insert for the front and back to make it look nicer. To keep the pans stuck in I used double sided sticky tape, however I placed the pans in tightly so they shouldn't move anyway, the tape is just to make certain they do. 

I'll agree that it doesn't look the best it could, but I do believe that it will make using the different products easier. Also travelling with so many products will be very useful but I have yet to test its durability!
Soap&Glory Palette

Soap&Glory Palette
Sorry for the short post, just wanted to share and easy DIY! Hope you liked it, I would love to see your DIY's, and any recreations of this one!

SEVENTEEN Shimmer Brick

SEVENTEEN Shimmer Brick
I am writing this with two fans pointed directly at my face, while the windows are open as far as possible to stay cool in the unusual heat we're currently experiencing in Britain. Rest assured it will be back to its usual grey skies soon no doubt! Anyway because of this I have been trying to get a bronze tan, sadly I hardly tan at all making it very difficult to achieve this feat. I could try fake tan, however I imagine I would look like an oompa loompa afterwards, which would not be the desired outcome by any stretch. Instead I turned to SEVENTEEN's Instant Glow Shimmer Brick* in gold bronze, an apparent dupe for the Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick.
SEVENTEEN Shimmer Brick Compact
As a pale girl, many bronzing products simply do not work for me due to their orange undertones. Hoola by Benefit is meant to be good for all skin tones, but it is still to dark for mine, so until I can justify buying Hollow by Illamasqua I'm going to have to stick to a bronzy highlighter such as this. 

You can tell by the packaging that the product is one from the drugstore, a simple black plastic casing with a translucent plastic window. It does the job, and looks robust enough to keep the product inside safe during travel,  but you probably wouldn't put this pride of place on your dressing table, as say you would with a YSL lipstick. (Are they not beautiful??) However, you can't judge a book by its cover.
SEVENTEEN Shimmer Brick Open
The product inside is quite pretty to look at; four shimmery shades that you can either mix together or use separately to create your perfect bronzing powder, or highlight. I currently use the top three swirled together around the tops of my cheeks or just the lightest shade as a highlight which creates a glowy effect on my usually dull, pale skin. The lightest shade is an off white with a golden tinge, the second a darker off white with a taupey tinge, the third a bronze with an orange undertone, and finally, another bronze this time with a reddy brown undertone, all of which are shimmery. This is great if you have a busy lifestyle as it is multipurpose; you can use it as a bronzer, a highlight and even an eyeshadow palette, if you wanted.

The product feels quite silky to the touch and is very easy to blend so it looks seamless, and you don't look like a disco ball of sparkles...been there done that...never again... Because it is shimmery this is definitely not the kind of product to use as a contour, I would always stick to matte colours.
SEVENTEEN Shimmer Brick Single Swatches

SEVENTEEN Shimmer Brick Swatched

BarryM Waterproof Eyeliner

BarryM Bold Gold Liner
I'm very much the black cat eye flick liner kind of girl, and I rarely step out of my comfort zone. But every now and then I find a product that could just change that! BarryM are a brand I think of mainly for their amazing range of nail varnishes, I do own a couple of their lipsticks, (including one that changes from green to pink,) but I had never tried an eyeliner until I picked one up the other day.

Like I said, I stick to black liner, day in, day out, so gold isn't exactly an everyday wear for me. However, if you read my World Cup posts, you'll understand my love of Brazil! It was because of this love that I ended up buying this liner. I was on Pinterest when I found blue ombre liner, I decided that I could put my own spin on things and create eyeliner inspired by the Brazilian flag! I managed it  but I needed a better gold/yellow liner as yellow eye shadow wasn't showing up well, which is why I picked up this.

At £3.99 this definitely won't break the bank, but it won't leave you disappointed. Once applied, this vibrant gold will stay put for ages, and does not fade quickly. Its claim to be waterproof also rings true, once it sets it takes a bit of scrubbing to remove. When I use this I do always apply a primer beforehand just to make sure it lasts as long as possible, but it will last a good amount of time even without a primer!
BarryM Bold Gold Liner Swatches
I can't wait to use this more, possibly as a cream eye shadow and I am certainly going to have to pick up another couple, (after my spending ban of course!)

Glossybox July

Stars and Stripes Glossybox
It feels hardly anytime has passed since I wrote my June Unboxing post, and to be fair it was only a couple of weeks ago. But I arrived home on Monday to find not one, but two, Glossyboxes waiting for me on my doorstep! After last months box I unsubscribed from the pay monthly scheme with intentions to get a three month subscription, and before I resubscribed an email popped into my inbox. This email told me that as a loyal customer who had unsubscribed I could claim a free Christmas box that they had left over if I chose any subscription that wasn't the pay monthly; obviously I couldn't resist, and here we are! I was never going to be able to resist though was I, with this offer I'd get four boxes for just over £38 instead of three, bargain!
Welcome To Glossybox
I half think Glossybox accidentally put this in because I have been a subscriber before, but I'm not complaining! I'm kind of sad that they stopped sending out their little magazines, as they were really cute and fun to read through on the arrival of your Glossybox, but hey ho, they still have the little menu cards so I shouldn't really complain!

This months box was named Stars and Stripes, and contains all products from American based companies. For starters I think the box design is my favourite out of all the Glossyboxes, I love how it's based on the American flag and is matte in some places!
Carmex Lip Balm
First up I received this full size Carmex lip balm, now I have used a Carmex lip balm before, but it was one that was in a squeezy tube instead of a pot. Now like many people I am a lip balm hoarder and you can find at least one in pretty much every single bag I own, but I'm not saying this is a bad thing by any stretch if the imagination! This one is the same as the tube has and really does help my lips, it makes them tingle slightly but because of this I feel like I know it's working almost. I like the packaging of this its compact but bright enough for you to always be able to find it in your bag, it also looks sturdy enough to last through day to day life.
Color Club Nail Polish in Glossy Seal
The next product is a nail polish by Color Club and this is in the shade Glossy Seal; this is also made in the US, (New York to be exact!) Currently I am growing my nails, so this will be perfect for once I have done so. It's a dark teal kind of shade, so possibly too dark for Summer wear but perfect for the transition into Autumn maybe? I'll have to wait and see!
bellapierre ruby
Sticking with the USA and red, white and blue theme we have a pink toned red lipstick by Bellapierre called Ruby. Another full size product, this one worth £20! This is really a really pretty colour ready for Summer and I can't wait to wear it. Bellapierre are a mineral makeup brand who make a variety of products including lipsticks and mascaras. I really like the packaging of this particular lipstick as, although it is nothing flash, the quilting effect makes it look quite sleek and Chanelesque! The formula seems quite moisturising and how can you dislike a product with a slight vanilla smell?
bellapierre ruby swatch

Absolute New York Primer
Another full size item! This time takes the shape of an eye primer by Absolute New York, a brand I haven't heard about before! The packaging isn't anything special, simple yet sturdy, which is always good! The product itself is a light foundation colour, that when rubbed in disappears into the skin creating a base for eyeshadow.
Tarte Lights Camera Lashes
The final product in the box was a sample size of Tarte's Lights Camera Lashes, a mascara I heard EssieButton talking about the other day. I don't mind the fact it's sample size as for travelling the full size mascaras can be bulky. Can we just take a minute to applaud the packaging of this!? I mean look at it! It's a sample size mascara that is still beautiful; purple with leopard print, by the looks of it, embossed onto the packaging. If you've read my blog before you'll probably know that I will buy a product just because of packaging!

Overall this box has wowed me! Every product was makeup and 4/5 were full sized and I will inevitably use them all, which is unusual because there are usually one or two products in a Glossybox I end up not using. As I do, every time I get a box, like to total up how much the box is worth just to see if a subscription is worth it. This months box is worth around £41 which is definitely worth the subscription, especially with the products this month!

My post about my free box should be up in the next week or so, so keep a look out for that; it's an amazing box!

BarryM Lip Lacquer Crayon

Chubby Sticks, gloss sticks and matte balms have been all the rage for a while now and to be fair I have picked up a fair few of them over the past few months! One that I have had for a while now is BarryM's Lip Lacquer Crayon in No.2**, I had forgotten about it until the other day when I was sorting through my makeup.

To be fair when I knew I had it I didn't really use it that much, it just wasn't my colour at the time, but now Summer is arriving and I am giving bright, bold lips a go it could get more use. For starters I love the packaging, it's an over sized crayon, but not as thick as a chubby stick. It is also not retractable like a chubby stick so you have to sharpen it, however, this would not deter me from purchasing another by any stretch. 

The product itself looks like it will be incredibly glittery on the lips, however when applied it's not nearly as scary as the crayons packaging makes it seem; it is not a red like I expected it to be, it's more of a dark hot pink,(is that even a thing?) I find with this product that you can smudge it easily which means if, like me, you prefer less of a bold look you can achieve a lighter pink lip with a quick swipe of a finger over the lips! 

The formula isn't the most moisturising, it's not the same as, lets say a chubby stick, this is designed for colour more than treatment. I wouldn't say that the formula is drying on my lips, however I can imagine it could be on people who have incredibly dry lips.

I would love to pickup another one of these, maybe in a lighter everyday colour? Sorry for the short post, I am trying to write more detailed posts, so fingers crossed I manage it!

Felt Tip Eyeliners

Best Felt Tip Liners
I'm not going to lie, I love eyeliner, and this love has grown over the past 6 months or so, where I have been perfecting the cat eye flick. I have tried using gel liners, but I find that so time consuming and hard to perfect, I have tried pencil liners, but I just don't find they give the accuracy I need, and then I found... Felt Tip Liners, aka my holy grail type of liner!

Since I found my love for felt tip liners I have been trying to find the perfect one to repurchase over and over. I currently have three on the go and thought a post like this, comparing the three, would be a great idea, as I love reading these types of posts! So here goes...
SEVENTEEN Make Your Mark Liner

I received this from SEVENTEEN after I trialled their On The Spot Foundation but didn't really start using it until the start of this year, (which was when I started loving liner.) The packaging is not by any means fancy, it looks like a black pen, which to an extent it is. It hardly weighs anything and is perfect for travelling with and the whole thing is fairly robust. The product itself is quite good; a dark black liquid liner in felt tip form, just what I needed. The applicator starts quite thick and then tapers into a point, I wouldn't say that it is particularly firm as it sometimes isn't as accurate as I would like it to be. To achieve a really thin line I use the tip of the pen, however, this usually means that the line is not jet black like I prefer my liner to be. If however, if I don't use the very tip of the liner I can achieve a very dark line which is exactly what I'm after, even if it is a slightly thicker line than I originally wanted! It's staying power can vary; with a primer it stays a dark black for around four hours or so, whereas without I find it can smudge very quickly. So I would always suggest using a primer before using this liner. (Another reason why I like this is because it stayed put all the way through The Fault In Our Stars... And I won't lie... I cried so so much!)

Overall for the price it is, the drawbacks would not put me off repurchasing another.
SEVENTEEN Make Your Mark Liner Swatch

Rimmel Scandal Eyes Micro Liner

Although I have classed this liner as 'the bad' one of the three I don't dislike everything about it, I have just found various faults and claims which are untrue when I use it. Like the SEVENTEEN liner the packaging isn't anything special; larger than the other, but other than that there's not much difference. The product itself used to be amazing, until I found the other two. The nib on this is so small and thin apparently giving you 'ultimate control' with 'no unsightly wobbles' on application, but this is where it falls down. It may be thin but I find the tip way too flexible, it's not firm enough to get a dark, precise line in my opinion. Also Rimmel's claim that it resists 'water, heat, sweat, flaking and smudging for 24 hours' isn't true on my eyes. I don't have particularly oily eyelids yet it still seems to smudge very easily and only really lasts an hour tops as the dark black liner I apply in the morning, after that it fades to a light grey.

This is more expensive than the SEVENTEEN alternative and in my opinion totally not worth the extra money! The only redeeming feature is the thin nib for those who struggle with liner.
Rimmel Scandal Eyes Micro Liner Swatch

You can't beat a freebie can you? And Glamour got their freebie this issue spot on with an Eyeko liner! Now I know I shouldn't really have fallen in love with this so quickly, but alas I have and I think this liner is amazing. Out of the three, lets be honest, the packaging blows the other two right out of the water. It is so sleek and sophisticated, the metallic effect just adds that little extra wow factor to the product! It is again a pen type shape and weighs about the same too. The nib on this is very similar to the SEVENTEEN version except it is maybe a tad longer. This is honestly everything I wanted in a liner; dark black liner from which ever bit of the nib you use, stays throughout the day, and doesn't smudge too easily! The colour of this is an intense black and it sets once applied almost instantly. With a primer this can last over eight hours, granted it fades slightly but it's not half bad!

If you are willing to spend more on a good quality eyeliner this is the way to go, it stays put, sets quick and stays dark! I am definitely going to repurchase this, no doubt about it and I really recommend you do if you're looking for an easy to use eyeliner!
Eyeko Skinny Black Eyeliner Swatch

Best Eyeliners Swatched
Eyeko Liner, Rimmel Micro Liner and SEVENTEEN Liner

Here are the three liners next to each other; as you can see the Eyeko liner is the darkest, followed by the Rimmel liner and then the SEVENTEEN liner! The Rimmel liner took a few goes to get as dark as I did.

I hope you liked this post as much as I liked writing it! I am thinking of doing more like this maybe a foundation one next? Also I am sorry for not posting for a few weeks I have been incredibly busy and wanted to write longer posts rather than short ones!

(I'm not sure if anyone else has used 'The Good, The Bad and The Lovely' as a blog post title, if they have please tell me and I will add credit. I simply thought it would be a good post name idea!) 

Spending Ban 25 Days

I have seen a lot of bloggers going on spending bans in the last few months and thought I should probably do the same. I don't have to pay for rent and things yet, however, I would like to save up for a new laptop as my current one is not retaining charge and is so, so slow, it is unbelievable!

I'm one of those people who cannot, not buy makeup, (which is probably why I blog about makeup!) Because of this I spend waaay to much on it each month so I want to cut down, I also just bought myself a three month Glossybox subscription...whoops! For these reasons I am going to go on a makeup spending ban for 25 days. I know this sounds like a strange amount of time, however, my birthday is 25 days away so I thought it would be a good amount of time to stop spending!

My Rules:

  1. No purchasing of ANY makeup items
  2. Makeup wipes and remover are allowed so my skin doesn't go bad
  3. If I run out of any makeup item I have to live without
I'm going to say right now... wish me luck because I'm going to need it! I should be back to normal posting soon...so I hope you enjoy and I will update you every now and then! I thought I would let you know that I have decided to stop posting every other day instead I decided I would post on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday of each week, overall there will be a few less posts, (but only a few.) However, it does mean I am not putting myself under lots of pressure to write so much each week! 

Photo Credit: erinblaskie.com