BarryM Waterproof Eyeliner

Wednesday, 23 July 2014
BarryM Bold Gold Liner
I'm very much the black cat eye flick liner kind of girl, and I rarely step out of my comfort zone. But every now and then I find a product that could just change that! BarryM are a brand I think of mainly for their amazing range of nail varnishes, I do own a couple of their lipsticks, (including one that changes from green to pink,) but I had never tried an eyeliner until I picked one up the other day.

Like I said, I stick to black liner, day in, day out, so gold isn't exactly an everyday wear for me. However, if you read my World Cup posts, you'll understand my love of Brazil! It was because of this love that I ended up buying this liner. I was on Pinterest when I found blue ombre liner, I decided that I could put my own spin on things and create eyeliner inspired by the Brazilian flag! I managed it  but I needed a better gold/yellow liner as yellow eye shadow wasn't showing up well, which is why I picked up this.

At £3.99 this definitely won't break the bank, but it won't leave you disappointed. Once applied, this vibrant gold will stay put for ages, and does not fade quickly. Its claim to be waterproof also rings true, once it sets it takes a bit of scrubbing to remove. When I use this I do always apply a primer beforehand just to make sure it lasts as long as possible, but it will last a good amount of time even without a primer!
BarryM Bold Gold Liner Swatches
I can't wait to use this more, possibly as a cream eye shadow and I am certainly going to have to pick up another couple, (after my spending ban of course!)

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