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Saturday, 16 August 2014
I'm not a fan of writing bad reviews of products, but as we all know there are products that, try as you might, you absolutely hate. It's the same with this hair chalk set from Primark, looks like it could be the most innovative hair chalking product, very much isn't...

For £3, four chalks and an application tool, this looks to be a really good product. There was a choice of other colours, but I like chalking my hair pink mainly because I find it shows up better, and I have also wanted to chalk my hair baby blue for a while. Also included in the set is something I thought would ease hair chalk application.

First to the chalk...I started off by attempting to apply both colours dry to my hair, which with other chalks works well and I get a nice colour pay off, not such luck however with these two. This may sound slightly strange...but the chalks are almost too chalky, and do not have any pigmentation at all. So I wet my hair to see if it would help the colour show up. (Just a note to say that chalking on wet blonde hair is not advised due to the risk of staining. However, in my experience, if I want the colour to stay for longer I have to wet the hair as it creates a sort of dye, increasing the longevity of the chalking.) Alas, even when the chalk was wet there was next to no colour pay off whatsoever...

Onto the not so innovative applicator, it looks like you can place the hair inside and use it like you do a hair straightener. Sadly it is not this the application does not fold in the middle meaning you had to force it to close over your hair which restricts movement, which inevitably does not apply chalk to hair at all.

As you can probably tell, I dislike this product immensely, it does not do any of what it is meant to, and it does certainly not surpass products such as the expensive, but effective, Kevin Murphy Color Bug. If you do happen to see this in Primark, I would recommend you steer well clear, however for £3 if you do pick it up it's not going to break the bank. I hope I have just got one of a bad batch, I'd love for you guys to prove my verdict wrong!   

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