The Impossible Has Been Done

Monday, 22 September 2014
Maybelline Baby Lips
 If you were expecting this to be another same old same old Baby Lips review, you are mistaken! This is in fact a completely different post, one that should be in an achievement book somewhere for all to see because ladies and gentlemen, I have done the impossible, I have finished a lipbalm! To most this might not seem like a major thing, however for me, this is somewhat a breakthrough.
Empty Maybelline Baby Lips
While I may own around 30 different lipbalms in different pots, tubes, etc, for me to actually finish one is quite rare, in fact it hasn't been done, ever. I'll usually be near the end of a tube when, BAM, it's gone, vanished, completely disappeared, that or I've lent it to my mum and she's 'forgotten' to return it. I know I said this is not a review but, lets be fair, I loved this lipbalm so much I made a point of not losing it! Surely that shows you my opinion of it!

On a side note I am sorry that I have been writing shorter posts for the last few posts. The reason for this is that I have been playing around with the fiddly bits on the new template I have installed. For the most part those bits of html probably won't be noticed by anyone other than me, but that's okay, I just like to know that they're there. You may also notice I now have more pages! Hooray! I've been meaning to do this for a while but haven't had the time. I now have free advertising on offer, a blog roll of my favourite blogs, as well as a product directory, (the time it took to compile that!) So feel free to take a look at those and I will be back with another post on Wednesday!

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