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Avon Berry Love Eyeshadow Quad

Avon Berry Love Eyeshadow Quad
Whoever had the idea of sending round a little brochure every few weeks for me to order makeup from deserves an award and a whole lot of money, it is so much fun flicking through the pages and discovering good quality affordable makeup! The last brochure saw me purchasing this palette, especially made for green eyes, I was intrigued to see how it would make my murky green eyes look, if it would make them vibrant or not.

The quad has the standard Avon packaging, the misshapen square, which is a shiny black. It is quite sturdy and on the inside of the compact has a decent sized square mirror which is brilliant if your in a rush or can't find a decent mirror. The shadows are set out in quite an interesting way compared to other brands who set them out in a generic line or squares of product. The quad also comes with a double ended sponge tipped applicator which is pretty useless, in my opinion, for anything but swatching.
Avon Berry Love Eyeshadow Quad
So the green eyes palette has four eyeshadows to help enhance your natural green eyes. These shades are all numbered, and on the box it shows you where to apply, though it is quite easy to work this out for yourself. Shade 1 is a very pale creamy coloured shade, it works well along the brow bone and in the inner corner as a highlight. Shade 2 is a dusty pink with a tiny bit of silver glitter which looks nice all over the lid. Shade 3 is quite hard to describe, it looks like a grey toned coppery colour, again with tiny bits of silver glitter. This looks nice under the eye near the bottom lash line. Shade 4 is a matte deep purple which is good for adding definition to the crease. These shadows aren't the most pigmented but at the same time they aren't chalky, however they can take a little bit of time blending. I would always wear a primer underneath these as it will help them last. Also if you have a white eyeshadow crayon like NYX Milk you could use that underneath to help the colours appear more vibrant.
Avon Berry Love Eyeshadow Quad Swatches
Overall this does make my eyes seems a bit less murky pond water green but it doesn't transform them enough for anyone but yourself to realise. I plan to continue using it for the shadows as the colours do appeal to me, so when it comes down to it, this was a pretty good purchase!

Unboxing October Glossybox

Oh Glossybox, you are absolutely killing it with box designs over the last two months; last month was the sketch of London by Karen Millen, and this months is Pop Art! One of my favourite types of art! I think there were four different colour schemes that you could get, I luckily got the one I thought was the best! I have no idea how I intend on displaying the box yet but it will be done.

On opening it I seemed to have not received the little menu showing me what was in the box, but it doesn't really matter too much. Like last month there is a sneak peak of next months box but I can't say it looks as interesting as the last two have.
NUXE Masque Creme Fraiche de Beaute
Something that I think every box received was this NUXE Masque Creme Fraiche de Beaute, a re hydrating face mask, which for someone who suffers from dry skin is hopefully going to be a lifesaver! This seems to be full size at 50ml so I should get loads of uses out of it. It smells kind of strange but a good strange and has quite a thick texture, almost conditioner or hair mask type thick.
Yves Rocher Quelques Notes d'Amour
Next is the cutest perfume sample in the world; it's actually a mini bottle instead of a spray vial! The little bottle contains 5ml of Yves Rocher Quelques Notes d'Amour. The perfume is quite grown up and not something that I would usually wear, (I'm more of Nicki Minaj Pink Friday kind of girl.)
Etre Belle Liplift Peel
Onto my favourite items ever received in a Glossybox is this Etre Belle Liplift Peel, it sounds quite strange but it is amazing! This 15ml tube, I imagine, will become a repurchased product after it's performance so far. Its texture is rather strange, when applied at first to the lips you can't feel the exfoliating bits but once you rub your lips together you can feel it removing the dead skin, and best of all? It smells and tastes like Refreshers! Bonus!
Rimmel BB Cream Light
Next is something I knew would be disappointed with as soon as I opened the box. A Rimmel BB Cream sample in the shade light... If you want to see why I knew I'd be disappointed you can see my BB Cream post here.
Ciate Talent Scout
I was really excited for this, I haven't actually tried a Ciate nail polish yet, bad beauty blogger I know! Until this box arrived I had never truly appreciated the design, from its curved bottle to the little bow on the front. The colour I received was Talent Scout a medium dark purple which I can guarantee will be stolen by my mum very soon!
So Susan Flutter Mascara
Last thing I received was the So Susan Flutter Mascara, I only have one other So Susan product which coincidentally I was sent in a previous Glossybox. So far I can't say that this does amazing things to my lashes, the brush isn't anything out of the ordinary but I plan to use this and see how it compares to my other mascaras.

Overall I can't say all the products were mind blowing, however the box design certainly is! The total of my box this month is over £50, if my calculations are correct, which for a £10 excluding p&p box isn't a bad return really!

Shop My Stash Clinique Frosted Blossom Mono Eyeshadow

Clinique Frosted Blossom Eyeshadow
So I was expecting to be putting up my Glossybox post today but instead I was looking through my barely used products ans I picked up one of my first ever highend makeup purchases, and what I thought was a disappointing product to say the least. But I decided to swatch it to see if my opinions had changes, and I'm pleased to say: Yes they have!

Looking at it in the pan all I see is a pastel pink eyeshadow I bought with a giftcard so I would get the Bonus Time gift, I know, I know you shouldn't buy things for no reason...but this bonus time was amazing! At the time I loved pink eyeshadows, I'm not sure I really had a reason for liking them, I may have seen a YouTuber use something similar, and at the time I had to be able to recreate a certain look... Oh how times haven't changed... Anyway when I swatched this earlier I am happy to report that I was more than just plesantly surprised; it is stunning.

First off the texture is like velvet, so soft to the touch and a dream to blend. The colour is gorgeous, a beautiful frosted pale pink, I'd say this could be worn  all year round: in Spring/Summer all over the lid, and Autumn/Winter as an inner corner highlight. While this does have a lot of shimmer, it does not contain any large bits of glitter like you can find in drugstore brands' eyeshadows making it an almost perfect product. I prefer to wear this with a primer as it can have a little bit of fall out, plus primer makes it last longer!

The packaging isn't the most highend looking, it's plastic with a mirrored effect over the top. The inside of the mono shadow has a decent sized mirror to ease on the go application. It also comes with one of those very unpractical sponge tipped applicators as well, but I removed it almost as soon as I got it.

Clinique Frosted Blossom Eyeshadow Swatch

The picture above doesn't really do the eyeshadow justice, in real life it is warmer but my camera couldn't show it well. If you're on the lookout for a beautiful eyeshadow for all year rounds use, this could be the one for you. I'm seriously thinking about investing in another shadow like this from Clinique, I'd love to know any of your suggestions to which shade I should get next and if you have any blog posts that would be amazing!

Award Liebster #3

So this is a bonus post for this week, another Liebster Award, as I was nominated by Eden Amber from edenamber.blogspot.co.uk! Like my Liebster Award #2 post I am going to answer the questions, and you can see my nominations in my first Liebster Award post.

If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you live and why?
That's a difficult one but, I would probably say Brazil. It looks amazing, lovely weather (away from the rain forest,) and a completely different experience to the UK. 

What is your dream job and why?
I would love to become a criminal lawyer, I have wanted to do this ever since in Year 9 my school entered a mock trial competition.

Who should you follow on Instagram?
I follow loads of makeup accounts my favourites being @vegas_nay and @chrisspy!

What is your guilty pleasure?
Real Housewives and Keeping Up With The Kardashians...

What is your biggest insecurity?
Probably my height, I'm quite small so often wear heels to hide that fact...

What is your biggest fear?
Probably of losing the people I class as being close to me, that or spiders.

Who is your celebrity crush?
Are footballers allowed? If so I have quite a few but let's say Ansel Elgort cause did you see TFIOS??

What is your opinion on modern day relationships?
I'm not sure how to answer this question.

What would your perfect day out be and where?
Much as I like a good spa day there is nothing more than I like than going to see a football match and having a laugh with people who I've never even met before!

Who influenced you to start blogging and how long have you been doing it for?
Before I read blogs I watched YouTubers mainly MissBudgetBeauty and Shaaanxo, it was because of these two mainly that I started. Overall I have been blogging for about 2 years and I plan to continue for as long as possible!

I hope you liked my answers, I've just realised I am scarily close to 200 followers! I would love to see your questions and answers if you've been nominated.

Hair Got2b Beach Matt Spray

Got2b Matt Beach Spray
It's edging closer and closer to the dark nights of Winter, the clocks go back soon which means an extra hour in bed but dark, cold mornings. It also means that unlike in Summer I don't particularly like letting my hair dry naturally overnight as it makes me way to cold but I still want beach waves. My hair is naturally wavy but not the nice wavy if I blow dry it, (it may just be my bad hairdryer or hair drying skills,) but I really wanted to find something that gives me beach waves all year round.

This is where Got2b Beach Matt Spray comes in; not only does it smell so summery but gives my hair exactly what it needs to become 'beachy!' I find it works best by spraying on sections of damp hair and almost massaging it into my hair, when it dries, hairdryer or naturally, it becomes textured and wavy. If I'm in a rush in the mornings I also like to spray it evenly on dry hair and and let the wind do the rest as the instructions say!

Have you ever tried this or something similar? I would love to know how you use them and what others like this I should try!

Best Of Rimmel

Best of Rimmel Products

Everyone has favourite products from a brand and I am no exception so as I was tidying my makeup the other day I realised that I hadn't actually shared with you many brand favourites posts like this one is going to be! As the majority of my makeup is drugstore I thought I would start with one that I use on a nearly daily basis, so here is my top 5/best of Rimmel.

First of all I have to start with the Wake Me Up Fondation, mine is in the shade 010 Light Porcelain, the joy of pale skin. I have to stand up and applaud Rimmel for this gem, a drugstore brand that actually takes into account the Caspers among us. (Raises hand.) Pretty much all their foundation formulas come in Light Porcelain which makes me so happy because I don't have to stick to one single foundation, I have a choice, even if this is my favourite. I do have to say those shops, the smaller Boots and Superdrugs I'm looking at you, that don't put out the lightest shade though really annoy me... Back to the foundation. The consistency of this is really nice, to me it has a sort of a watery gel feel to it, (not in  bad way,) which makes it easy to apply. My application method is usually with my RealTechniques Expert Face Brush, which I use in circular motions to buff the foundation into the skin. Wake Me Up gives a medium to full coverage finish - medium with just one layer but fuller with two, though it takes longer to achieve the flawless finish using two layers - the foundation also has some shimmer or light reflecting qualities which help you get that youthful, fresh faced look.

While the orange cap and pump may seem to be a tad to bright, I can't deny that it is the sort of colour that would 'Wake You Up' so I see where they're going with that, but I would be much more at home with a less neon colour though I can't complain for the price. The container is actually glass so is rather sturdy, though again slightly let down by the lid as it has been known, on occasions, to come off in my bag... Other than that really I can't see why you wouldn't like this.

If you're looking for a mascara forget all that Argan Oil nonsense and go with Scandaleyes Retro Glam Mascara. The fibre wand on this is an hourglass shape which means it makes contact with the inner and outer corner lashes, giving them definition and volume. I love having jet black lashes and this gives me just that. For packaging it isn't revolutionary, it's pretty normal, a sort of oddly shaped tube you twist to reveal the wand.

Stay Matte Powder probably isn't something that I need to go into too much detail about; it is a matte powder that sets makeup like a dream and is a bloggers cult item to many. The plastic packaging is sturdy and will keep it safe through a couple of drops, I am one of the clumsiest people you may ever know and I may or may not have dropped this countless times...

Next is something that I searched for aaaages to find this the Nude eyeliner it was out of stock for so long but, as you can see I found it! I love this eyeliner, it can take me from zombie to alive simply by lining my waterline, how can I not have owned this sooner? It makes no sense.

My final 'best of' product from Rimmel is fairly new to me, it is their gel liner. Considering I am not the greatest at liner as it is, this has really aided my liner application. It is an opaque black so when I apply it I have no need to keep going over the line which I would inevitably mess up. I usually apply this with my RealTechniques Silicon Liner Brush which is one of my favourite liner brushes.

Rimmel Eyeliner Swatches

Autumn Lip Picks

Autumn Lip Picks
As Autumn nights are drawing in, (somedays it kind of feels like Winter already,) I decided that a switching up for my lip products was in order. Gone are the light pastel pinks of Spring and Summer and in come the bolder more statment type lips of Autumn!

A lipstick I think will be good this season is No7 Intrigue, part of the Poppy King collection. It its quite a sheer browny nude that I can see working well in Autumn as well as Winter. This is also very sturdy and compact making it easily transported round for top ups.

I'm not usually a great fan of lip stains but I really like the colour of this SEVENTEEN Berry Crush one. Whilst it is purple and Autumnal it still has the fun and brightness of Summer in it. As it is a stain it has long staying power but a tendency to dry out the lips, which is why it is great that it has a lip balm on one end.

For my third and final product I have an Estee Lauder lipgloss in Garnet Desire. First off this smells uh-maz-ing darling! Sorry, no idea what that was... It smells of cherries but it's not too overpowering. And then there's the colur, it is beautiful. A burnt red with a slight shimmer running throughout. I would say this is perfect for Autumn as well as Winter around Christmas time. Can we also just take a moment to admire the packaging? I mean look at it in all it's glory, simply beautiful.
Autumn Lip Swatches
So there are my three picks for Autumn and I would love to know yours too!

Giveaway Soap&Glory All The Right Smoothes and Other Goodies

Soap&Glory All The Right Smoothes

When I started up MissCosmeticBlogger I'll admit that I never thought I would keep it going as long as I have so far. Through blogging I have participated in many #bbloggers chats and have loved getting home from school and writing up posts. I went to check my Bloglovin' today and found I had reached a massive 150 followers, I then checked my Twitter and realised that I had just over 350 followers. It is because of this that I have decided it is time to do my first blog giveaway! And here it is!

The main item I have decided to giveaway is a Soap&Glory trio of travel size body butters: All The Right Smoothes. Within this set there is: The Righteous Butter, (a personal favourite of mine,) Sugar Crush and Butter Yourself. Whilst this is the main giveaway item, I am also planning to pick up a few other bits throughout the month to add to the prize!

Soap&Glory All The Right Smoothes

Now for the boring bit... Terms and Conditions

  • UK only I'm afraid, (I hope to be able to go international for my next giveaway but for now it is just to expensive.)
  • Under 16's please ask for permission from parents before entering.
  • I will contact the winner within 24 hours after the giveaway closes via Email and Twitter, they will then have 24 hours to reply. If I do not receive a reply in that time I will choose another winner.
  • The prize will be sent via Royal Mail Second Class Mail, as soon as I can, and should arrive within 3 days. I will email you as soon as it has been taken to the post office.
  • I cannot take responsibility for any loss or damage of the prize during its delivery. No replacement prize will be sent.
  • Winner will be chosen through Rafflecopter.
  • All entries will be checked.
  • No competition accounts please.

I shouldn't really have to write this but I will anyway, just in case. The prize has been purchased by me with my own money. Some people think that giveaways are only there to 'gain followers' this is not true. I decided to run a giveaway simply to give back to my readers, I love reading comments, (they make my day,) so I hope whoever the winner is also has their day made! Enjoy!

Halloween Ripped Hand Tutorial FX

Ripped Hand FX Tutorial
I have a love of FX makeup, it's the one kind of art I am not too bad at. So the other day I decided I would share with you a wound tutorial. I posted three last year in the run up, (which are still getting views now,) so I thought I should show you at least one this year!

Christmas Lush Wishlist

Lush Christmas Wishlist
So after dropping the 'C-bomb' in Saturdays post I decided why not dive straight in with a brand Christmas wish list, I've already seen what Lush has to offer, so naturally they're my first wish list!

I have bought this before simply to make my room smell as gorgeous as it does itself. Crumbled into a bath it continues to smell good and make bubbles too. The good thing about the Lush bubble bars is you can usually get a couple of uses out of them depending on the size and this one I managed two baths out of it.

Bearing in mind I love the smell of Snow Fairy this was always going to be a winner, and it's reusable! Bonus! This is another product which I have tried before; it's fairly unique as it is reusable, so although it is slightly more expensive than the likes of Candy Mountain, you do get more uses out of it.

Snow Fairy Sparkle - Shimmer Bar - £4.95
I have previously tried Shimmy Shimmy but have yet to repurchase. So I thought why not want to try a new shimmer bar? This one again smells like Snow Fairy and apparently it leaves you with 'shimmering, soft and sweet smelling skin.'

I always love Lush soaps, I also always love a citrusy scent. So hopefully I will like this! I love how vibrantly coloured this is as well,  it would completely brighten up my bathroom for Winter.

As soon as this hits shops, I know that Christmas is approaching. This, to me, smells of Christmas sweets and it's bright pink; what more can you ask for in a shower gel?

So my first Christmas wish list is up, and now I am getting into the mood! I'm debating whether to do a Boots Christmas gift wish list? But I'm not sure, would you want to see one?

Yankee Candle Mini Haul

Mango Peach Salsa and Sugared Apple Votives
I was so excited to see that last time I went to town, a new candle shop had opened. (Needless to say I doubt my bank balance will be quite as excited..) Obviously after spotting it I ended up dragging my friend in, to be fair she didn't take much persuading, and we ended up spending a good twenty minutes smelling the Yankee Candles that were on offer.

After telling myself I didn't need a large jar I settled on two votive candles: Mango Peach Salsa and Sugared Apple. Mango Peach Salsa I have tried before, after winning a small jar a giveaway, and it smelt amazing. You would probably class it as a Summer scent, but you can let me dream that it's still Summer! Right guys? However, Sugared Apple is a completely new scent to me and part of the Yankee Candle *whispers* Christmas collection... It didn't take me long to drop the C-bomb did it! Does this mean I can start my wish list!? I think it does! My favourite scent at the moment is probably fresh apple or that kind of thing so this is right up my street; it takes apple from a Spring type scent straight into Autumn Winter, just by adding a caramel/sugary smell to it.

As you can imagine I will be back in the shop as soon as possible to pick up some more candles for myself, but also some to give as gifts. I would love to know your favourite candle scent for Autumn and Winter, or your recommendations to which votive I should get next.

Amazon Concealer Palette

Concealer Palette

If you're like me, you'll have spent an extortionate amount of time looking at that photo of the one and only Kim K showing how she contours. It is because of this picture that I found this gem of a product on Amazon. If you have seen that picture, which I'm sure you have, you'll know that she uses a couple of shades of concealer: One darker than her skin tone and one lighter. If you're like me your skin is really pale and you struggle to find a lighter concealer that isn't darker than your skin tone, luckily I found this palette that has just that, and loads of other shades as well!

The top row has a pretty disappointing highlighter which is full of glitter, however it redeems itself with the perfect yellow toned light concealer which I can use for highlighting. There is also a pink toned light concealer as well as two for darker skin tones.

Concealer Palette Swatches

This next row has a green which is good for counteracting redness. Also another light yellow toned concealer, an almost salmon coloured concealer, a lighter more orangey shade and finally a darker shade which I use as a contour shade.

Concealer Palette Swatches

The final row has a pinky shade which I think will counteract dark circles. Another light concealer, this one is again quite yellow toned, another two salmony type shades as well as another darker shade that I use for contouring.

Concealer Palette Swatches

On the palette below I have circled my most used shades. As you can probably tell in each pan there isn't a huge amount of product, but this is a palette that cost around the £3 mark, and for that you get fifteen different shades of concealer. So I really recommend you checking this out if you want to try out Kim K contouring or you just simply want a good quality concealer palette!

Concealer Palette