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Saturday, 4 October 2014
Concealer Palette

If you're like me, you'll have spent an extortionate amount of time looking at that photo of the one and only Kim K showing how she contours. It is because of this picture that I found this gem of a product on Amazon. If you have seen that picture, which I'm sure you have, you'll know that she uses a couple of shades of concealer: One darker than her skin tone and one lighter. If you're like me your skin is really pale and you struggle to find a lighter concealer that isn't darker than your skin tone, luckily I found this palette that has just that, and loads of other shades as well!

The top row has a pretty disappointing highlighter which is full of glitter, however it redeems itself with the perfect yellow toned light concealer which I can use for highlighting. There is also a pink toned light concealer as well as two for darker skin tones.

Concealer Palette Swatches

This next row has a green which is good for counteracting redness. Also another light yellow toned concealer, an almost salmon coloured concealer, a lighter more orangey shade and finally a darker shade which I use as a contour shade.

Concealer Palette Swatches

The final row has a pinky shade which I think will counteract dark circles. Another light concealer, this one is again quite yellow toned, another two salmony type shades as well as another darker shade that I use for contouring.

Concealer Palette Swatches

On the palette below I have circled my most used shades. As you can probably tell in each pan there isn't a huge amount of product, but this is a palette that cost around the £3 mark, and for that you get fifteen different shades of concealer. So I really recommend you checking this out if you want to try out Kim K contouring or you just simply want a good quality concealer palette!

Concealer Palette


  1. Wow - this seems like a really great value for money concealer palette! Definitely going to check it out :) xx

    Brenda BusyBee | GIVEAWAY

    1. I really hope you do! :) It's so good xx


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