Christmas Lush Wishlist

Monday, 13 October 2014
Lush Christmas Wishlist
So after dropping the 'C-bomb' in Saturdays post I decided why not dive straight in with a brand Christmas wish list, I've already seen what Lush has to offer, so naturally they're my first wish list!

I have bought this before simply to make my room smell as gorgeous as it does itself. Crumbled into a bath it continues to smell good and make bubbles too. The good thing about the Lush bubble bars is you can usually get a couple of uses out of them depending on the size and this one I managed two baths out of it.

Bearing in mind I love the smell of Snow Fairy this was always going to be a winner, and it's reusable! Bonus! This is another product which I have tried before; it's fairly unique as it is reusable, so although it is slightly more expensive than the likes of Candy Mountain, you do get more uses out of it.

Snow Fairy Sparkle - Shimmer Bar - £4.95
I have previously tried Shimmy Shimmy but have yet to repurchase. So I thought why not want to try a new shimmer bar? This one again smells like Snow Fairy and apparently it leaves you with 'shimmering, soft and sweet smelling skin.'

I always love Lush soaps, I also always love a citrusy scent. So hopefully I will like this! I love how vibrantly coloured this is as well,  it would completely brighten up my bathroom for Winter.

As soon as this hits shops, I know that Christmas is approaching. This, to me, smells of Christmas sweets and it's bright pink; what more can you ask for in a shower gel?

So my first Christmas wish list is up, and now I am getting into the mood! I'm debating whether to do a Boots Christmas gift wish list? But I'm not sure, would you want to see one?


  1. I'm totally in love with Lush! Cannot wait for the christmas products to come in! xx

    1. As soon as they're stocked up I know I can start my Christmas shopping!xx


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