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Saturday, 29 November 2014
Botanics Purifying Face Scrub
I'm awful at remembering to use the correct skincare; my old regime used to consist of removing my makeup with my micellar water and then using a moisturiser, very bad I know, but the other week I decided to buy this Botanics face scrub.

Botanics is a brand exclusive to Boots but I have not tried many of their products, though I am not sure why as they seem such good value. The scrub I decided to buy had 1/3 off and was part of the All Bright range. The scrub is very gentle on my skin and doesn't scratch it at all. After using it my skin feels clearer and in a way smoother.

Since purchasing I have been using it every other day to clear my skin and I have seen an improvement. I can feel my makeup applying easier and my spots clearing too! I seriously regret not using a scrub sooner, I'd love to know your favourite scrubs so I can try out some new ones.

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