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BigBlogmasProject | Day 31 New Years Resolutions

This is the last post of Blogmas and also the last post of 2014! So it is quite fitting that today's post is on new years resolutions.

For the first time ever, last year I set myself a silly yet achievable resolution: To wear odd socks everyday I wore socks during the year, and guess what, here I am with a completed resolution! Now I know that isn't the kind of resolution most want to set themselves however, it has made me happy in completing it which is why this coming year I hope to set myself a couple of resolutions this year that are achievable and all to do with blogging!

I have settled on three:

  • Reach 400 followers on Bloglovin'
  • Stick to my blogging timetable (and create one for each month)
  • Learn as much CSS and HTML as possible

So to end the year I hope you have enjoyed reading MissCosmeticBlogger over 2014 and I hope you continue to enjoy reading over 2015! Happy New Year!

BigBlogmasProject | Day 30 2014 Beauty Favourites

2014 Beauty Favourites
It's that time of year again when I get to share my beauty favourites from the year, if you want to compare these to my favourites of 2013 you can, I'm quite surprised as to how some have changed!
Best Face Products
Best Face Products

Foundation - One you may have heard me speak a lot about this year is the Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation in 010 Light Porcelain. My bottle is nearly empty and only has about one use left in it which means as soon as I can I will be getting another. The reason this has been my favourite foundation is because it gives me medium coverage and doesn't cost the earth.

Concealer - It had to be the bloggers favourite Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer in Fair. It works so well as an under eye concealer and blends seamlessly into the skin for a flawless brightening effect.

Primer - If you haven't heard of Benefit POREfessional Primer I fear you may have been living under a rock for some time as this primer has been featured on practically every single blog within the last year and I can understand why; it is amazing. It leaves the skin feeling so smooth and creates a wonderful base for the rest of your makeup.

Powder - Another blogger favourite is the Rimmel Stay Matte powder. A light dusting of this across my face lengthens the last of my makeup and leaves my face shine free!
Bronzing and Highlights Favourites
Best Bronzer, Contour and Highlight

Bronzer - As a person with very pale skin, finding a bronzer that doesn't make my skin look muddy is very difficult. However, I have found one: Soap&Glory Solar Powder, it has two shades of bronzer so you can create your perfect shade.

Contour - Again being pale means orangey based contours don't work so I had to find another to use. In this instance I turned to a matte eyeshadow by Makeup Revolution: Mocha Love. This isn't too orangey but also isn't so grey based it makes me look ghostly.

Highlighter - I love highlighters but I am always looking for one that give me a gorgeous glow and is easy to apply. The Kroylan Glossybox Highlighter in Cashmere is just that. It is a cream highlighter that doesn't make me look like a discoball.
Best Eye Makeup Products
Best Mascara, Eyeliner and Eyebrow Products

Mascara - Earlier in the year if you'd have asked me which mascara was my favourite I would have probably said Benefit They're Real but I hadn't discovered Tarte Lights Camera Lashes. For some reason this formula and brush make my lashes look amazing!

Eyeliner - I am not great at eyeliner so my favourites to use are felt tip liners especially this Essence Waterproof Felt Tip Liner; so inexpensive but so good.

Eyebrows - My brows are terrible to find filling in products for so when I got sent Model Co More Brows, in a Glossybox, I was able to not only find a product that matches my brows, but also one that is quick and easy to use.
Favourite Lip Products
Favourite Lip Products

Lipgloss - After finding the NYX Mega Shine Lipgloss in Beige in a NEXT store it has hardly left my lips since!

Lipstick - I kind of cheated for this one as I couldn't choose between two that I have been loving: MAC Hue and Avon Pout.
Favourtie Perfume
Favourite Perfume
Now I may not be the biggest Nicki Minaj fan however, her perfume Pink Friday smells gorgeous. As you might be able to see this is a really small bottle and it's practically empty, thankfully my auntie got me the 100ml bottle for Christmas so I shouldn't run out for a while!

There are my 2014 beauty favourites; you may have noticed I did not include eyeshadow, this is simply because over the year there hasn't been one eyeshadow or one palette that has stood out to me so I decided to leave it out, maybe I'll find one within the next year!

BigBlogmasProject | Day 29 Blogmas Roundup

Big Blogmas Project
It's scary to think that after today there are only two more days left of Blogmas, which also means there are only two days left of 2014! A whole year has passed in a blink of an eye almost, cliched I know! Anyway, today's post is a roundup of the BigBlogmasProject!

My favourite posts by me:

If you would like to see my Favourite Blogmas Blogger Posts I have written a separate post that you can take a look at! Short post today but my 2014 favourites will be up tomorrow for you to see!

BigBlogmasProject | Day 28 Advent Calender Roundup

Ciate Advent Calendar
One of my favourite things about December and Christmas are of course the advent calendar. Mine this year was one of the best ever as it was full of mini nail polishes and also reduced! My calendar was of course a Ciate Mini Mani Month and I thought you might want to see the contents!
Ciate Nail Caviar
Nail caviar was really popular a couple of years ago but I never got round to trying it myself, so lucky for me the calendar came with four: Cupids Arrow, Silver, Midnight in Manhattan and Gold.
Ciate Bold Polishes
The more brighter polishes of the calendar contain a couple that I am unlikely to wear but still look quite nice. From left to right: Boudoir, Play Date, Encore, Tweed and Tails, Hopscotch, Main Stage and Candyfloss.
Ciate Metallic Polish
I'm not usually one for metallic nail polishes but I know there is a time and a place for them, three came in the calendar: Starlet, Members Only and Ivory Queen.
Ciate Silver Polishes
I am in love with these three polishes that came in the set: Snow Globe, Fit For A Queen and Twinkle Toes Glitter.
Ciate Pastel Polishes
Finally I have my favourites out of all the polishes which of course are the pastels! There are six in total: Hoopla, Amazing Gracie, Sugar Plum, Pillow Fight, Pepperminty and Chinchilla.

So I hope you liked seeing what I found behind the doors of my calendar. For those eagle eyed readers you may have noticed there are only 23 polishes shown; this is as the 24th, Dallas Daisy managed to evade the photographs! I can't believe how close blogmas is to it's end, see you tomorrow!

BigBlogmasProject | Day 27 What I Received

I hope you are all recovering well from  the Christmas period, I'm currently trying to resist eating all the chocolate and sweets I have in my room, so here's hoping blogging can stop me pigging out. As you can probably telling from the title I'm going to showing you a couple of things I received at Christmas. Before I start I just want to say that this is not me bragging it is just a post that I thought you guys might want to read and one that I wanted to write.
Taylor Swift 1989
I am a massive Swiftie and have somehow resisted buying her latest album until I received it this Christmas. So I was so happy to get this from my dad and step mum, much to the annoyance of my family I played this CD instead of Christmas songs!
Birdy Fire Within
Ever since Birdy released Skinny Love I have been in love with her voice and couldn't wait to get Fire Within. I ended up listening to it most of Boxing Day.
I know this film came out aaages ago but I was only just introduced to it and I really liked it. So after catching it a couple of times on TV I decided I really wanted to own it myself and put it one my wishlist. My dad and step mum were again kind enough to get it for me.
This book contains some of the most amazing ideas have ever come across. 5 minute cakes for just one, how brilliant! These seem like the best recepies ever for a cake lover like me!
Paperchase Scrapbook
If you read my Gifts For Her post you'll know how keen I am to keep a scrapbook to remember this year by, so this A5 one will be perfect to collect this years memories!
Candy Box Soap
I got this in my stocking from my Nan and Grandad and it reminds me of holidays from years gone by and the design is simply gorgeous.
Yankee Candle Samplers
I love candles, it seems like every blogger does, so receiving these two was amazing! I love the Yankee Candle sampler candles as they last for quite a while, long enough for me to decide whether I want to buy the larger version of the candle.
Debenhams Gift Card
My grandparents have picked up on my love of high end makeup and kindly got me a Debenhams giftcard which as you may have guessed will be being used to buy makeup when MAC is discounted next.
Boots Gift Card
I'm clearly not hiding my makeup obsession very well am I? This is another giftcard but this time one for Boots which I plan to make use of during their sale!
Real Techniques Miracle Sponge
I have so many of the Real Techniques brushes but really wanted to try the sponge as this was raved about quite a lot. I'm pretty sure there will be a review on the way.
Now I'm not sure where this came from so sadly I can't provide the link for it but it's a gorgeous hot water bottle. I surprisingly don't own a hot water bottle yet so this is perfect for the rest of winter.

I hope you liked this post, if you've written your own please leave me a link too it in the comments.

BigBlogmasProject | Day 26 Christmas Photo Diary

I hope you all had a very merry Christmas like I did, today's post is going to bee quite short as I'm still recovering from eating waaay too much yesterday. I've found six photos of my Christmas to share with you in a kind of photo diary post!
Christmas Eve
This was Christmas Eve; we all sat around watching Christmas specials and my step mum peeled carrots. Our tree wasn't the best decorated this year as my brothers helped but it looks Christmassy enough.
Christmas Morning
Christmas morning: What you can't see is that out of shot there was my whole family in pyjamas half asleep whilst my twin brothers were waiting impatiently to open their presents.
Christmas Napkin
My job on Christmas day was napkins, I decided to YouTube Christmas napkins and then I proceeded to spend the next hour folding napkins into what you can see above! Time well spent I think!
Decorated Piano
I thought I had to share this picture as my step mum took so long arranging the decorations on top of our family Christmas present the piano.
Christmas Dinner
And here is where we consumed our delicious Christmas dinners, featuring my napkin folding!
Christmas Dinner
Finally I have a picture of my actual roast dinner, it was amazingly tasty and so filling!

So there is my Christmas Day in pictures, tomorrow I'm sharing a few thing that I received! See you then!

BigBlogmasProject | Day 25 Merry Christmas Everyone

No post today as I'm off celebrating Christmas so I only have one thing to say to you all today:

Merry Christmas!

And I'll be back with a post tomorrow!

BigBlogmasProject | Day 24 Christmas Traditions

One day to go...Yes you heard right there's only one day to go people, and today I am sharing with you a few Christmas traditions we have in my family! So as you may, (or may not,) know my parents are divorced so I have more than one Christmas, but somehow we don't have too many traditions, though we have a couple starting this year. 

From next year we all have to learn a song to play on the piano so we can sit around on Christmas Eve and sing. Also we're going to each make a different pudding to share with the family so it will not only lighten the amount of cooking that my step mum needs to do, but also provide more desserts!  Finally me and my best friend Hollie now have a tradition; last year I gave her, her presents in a Christmas box so we have now decided each year to give the other the box back with their gifts in it!

So there are my traditions what are yours?

BigBlogmasProject | Day 23 Christmas Jumpers

Last year I was incredibly against 'the Christmas jumper' thinking they were all abominations, ugly and tacky. However, this year I have become a Christmas jumper convert and instead of doing a top 5 ugly jumper list decided to do a top 5 nice jumpers!

Ahh tomorrow is Christmas Eve! I'm getting so, so excited, hopefully there will be a longer post up tomorrow as I won't be having to get three posts up in a day!

BigBlogmasProject | Day 22 Food

Christmas Food
Food...Christmas dinner...Chocolate...Sweets...Deserts... They all sound wonderful don't they? Well three days and we're there, scary I know! So I thought in this post I would share my top three food items that make Christmas amazing!

  1. Turkey! Obvious I know, but obviously the staple of any Christmas dinner.
  2. Orange and Lemon Slices! They taste slightly artificial but they are almost a tradition to buy my dad a box or three.
  3. Crap Chocolate - You must know the kind I mean, think advent or chocolate coins, it's by no means luxury but we've come to love it!
So another short but sweet post (literally in some cases,) and also another late post sorry! I hope you liked it, I'd love to know your Christmas Food staples!

BigBlogmasProject | Day 21 Christmas Playlist

Christmas Music Playlist
So my Christmas playlist, I hate to say that it will be a lot like anyone elses but who can escape the cliched songs that appear just once each year! I thought I would tell you my top five because I could probably list hundreds.

  1. The Power Of Love - Gabrielle Aplin
  2. I Wish It Could Be Christmas Everyday - Wizzard
  3. Driving Home For Christmas - Chris Rea
  4. Merry Christmas Everybody - Slade
  5. Walking In The Air - Aled Jones

Hope you are bored of playlists already, it's just three days till Christmas! I'm not sure I'm quite ready for it yet though!

BigBlogmasProject | Day 20 Center Parcs

Center Parcs
I apologise for a post not being up on the 22nd, however, as you can probably tell, I was at Center Parcs Longleat having an amazing time, and due to a load of coursework that needed to do I couldn't schedule any posts before I went. Honestly though Center Parcs was amazing and the Christmas decorations were absolutely gorgeous!

Have you ever been to the spa we're hoping to book a day next year and I'd love to know what you thought of it!

BigBlogmasProject | Day 19 Favourite Blogmas BloggerPosts

I'm off to Center Parcs later today so I'm not sure if I will be able to post everyday but I will get all the posts up eventually! Today's post is sharing the blogger love as I am going to show you my 5 favourite blogmas posts by other bloggers!

  1. PeachPowXO - Christmas DIY Inspiration
  2. Cream Tea And Rose Jam - Ciate Candy Cane House
  3. Peaches and Smoke - Clothes Show Live
  4. Beauty By Karis - Christmas Jumpers
  5. Beauty By A Geek - Christmas Inspiration

So that is the post for today, short I know. Yesterday's post was about MAC's Hold My Gaze Eye Shadow Quad, and if all goes well you should see a What's On My Tree!

BigBlogmasProject | Day 18 MAC Hold My Gaze Eyeshadow Quad FirstImpressions

MAC Hold My Gaze Quad
MAC, that brand that you cannot escape anywhere, and to be honest, why would you want to? All the celebrities seem to adore it, some even have their own limited edition collections, how I would love to have a collection of my own, nude lipsticks all the way! Lately there was all the buzz around 'the Kylie Jenner lip' and which MAC products she did or didn't use, so as I said you can never really escape MAC!
MAC Hold My Gaze Quad
Near the end of November I took a trip to Swindon Designer Outlet and if you've been to the outlet  you'll know there is an amazing shop known as the Cosmetics Company which has so many products all at reduced prices. They also stock lots of Limited Edition palettes and sets that were not sold whilst in bigger department type stores. I have to admit I spent around an hour or so just going through the MAC section trying to work out which item to get. Eventually, after much deliberation, I settled on this Hold My Gaze eye shadow quad. It's RRP was £30 but I got it for only £21 which meant I could justify buying it so much easier than at it's RRP. There was a palette from the Archie's Girls collection, but I decided against it as the colours in the Hold My Gaze palette were more likely to bring out my green eyes.
MAC Hold My Gaze Quad Swatches
The shadows inside the palette are White Rabbit, Hold My Gaze, Dame's Desire and Deep Secret, (gorgeous names aren't they.) White Rabbit is a beautiful pearlescent white, it's vibrant but would not be too harsh as an inner corner highlight. Hold My Gaze is almost a matte grey but with a slight orangey glitter to it. Dame's Desire is a matte berry purple which I have fallen in love with. Finally there is Deep Secret; it is a blacky blue colour with a slight blue shimmer. My favourite out of the palette has to be Dame's Desire, closely followed by White Rabbit because they are both stunning and should boost my murky green eyes!

Have you scored any high end bargains lately? In my last post I showed you some bargain Make Up Gallery Stocking Fillers and in tomorrows post I will be taking you through five of my Favourite Blogmas Posts From Other Bloggers!

BigBlogmasProject | Day 17 Make Up Gallery Stocking Fillers

Make Up Gallery Poundland
If I said to you Poundland what would your first thought be? Sweet multipacks? Random homeware? It probably wouldn't be budget own brand makeup would it? Well maybe now it should! If you haven't visited a Poundland for a while you won't have seen that they now have their own makeup line with each product only £1, crazy money! When the picture above was taken I had only just bought the products ready to write a haul but I ran out of November posts so I haven't yet posted it, (that haul should be up in early January now I have a few more products to show you,) instead I thought this the perfect range to do Blogmas post on!

A a measly £1 per product these will hardly break the bank but my aren't they good for the price. Honestly these are the perfect stocking fillers for any beauty lover or even someone just starting out in makeup. The range includes lipsticks, glosses, eye shadows, kohl and liquid liner, even foundation! Not bad for a fairly new budget range! I do hope to see them bring out some new colours and maybe a limited edition collection but this might be a big ask for a Poundland makeup range, nonetheless trips to Poundland are becoming more and more frequent!

So if you're looking for makeup stocking fillers definitely take a look next time you're in a Poundland! If you are loving Blogmas so far in yesterdays post I shared with you my Favourite Bloggers Doing Blogmas and tomorrow I have my FirstImpressions of a MAC palette!

BigBlogmasProject | Day 16 Favourite Bloggers Doing Blogmas

Big Blogmas Project
Not long at all till Christmas now at all and I'm loving doing Blogmas and what I'm loving just as much is reading other bloggers' Blogmas posts, so I thought I would share with you five of my favourite bloggers doing Blogmas!

  1. Simply Scarlett
  2. Beauty By A Geek
  3. PeachPowXO
  4. Beauty By Karis
  5. Peaches And Smoke

I totally suggest you check these blogs out ASAP, I also suggest you check out yesterdays post which showed my Favourite Christmas Films! And get ready as there is another Christmassy post up tomorrow!

BigBlogmasProject | Day 15 Favourite Christmas Films

Christmas Films
I am a Disney girl through and through so I would happily watch all the ones that I own throughout the year, however around Christmas time I do find myself being drawn to the more festive films six of which I am going to share with you today!

First up is a film that although I haven't seen many times I still really like, that film is Gremlins! The main reason I have to love this is because of Gizmo, if you don't know who Gizmo is I implore you to give it a Google and let the 'awws' and 'how cutes' commence!

Next is the Grinch, as a beauty and sfx makeup lover I have always wanted to recreate the amazing makeup in this, but I like the story as well! Even the songs, whilst incredibly cheesy, make the film so good.

Nativity, it's a pretty bad film but it's also a Christmas film, so what it lacks in story line, it redeems in Christmassiness...  My parents can't stand it but I find there is something about watching it that make me feel ready for Christmas!

Ahh Elf, I thought I was in the minority that couldn't stand this film, however, I rewatched it last Friday and OH MY GOD I LOVE IT!!! It's Christmassy and has a love story intertwined, it's brilliant!

Finally is a marmite film: The Polar Express, half of my friends love it and the other half absolutely hate it. I really like it, yes the way it's been done does make it a little creepy at times but it's still an amazing film!

I would love to know some of your favourite films, if they are similar to mine, maybe I missed a couple off the list! If you missed it you can still catch yesterdays Christmas Pinterest Inspiration post, and stay tuned for tomorrows post where I will be showing you Five Of My Favourite Bloggers Doing Blogmas!

BigBlogmasProject | Day 14 Christmas Pinterest Inspiration

I'm currently going through a Pinterest phase so when the post overview said that today's post was to be on Christmas Inspiration I thought what better opportunity than to create a Christmas Inspiration Pinterest board? Genius I know. As all my inspiration is on a Pinterest board this post is not going to have much body to it, but I would love you to go see the board! 

Follow Beth's board Christmas Makeup Inspiration on Pinterest.

Short but sweet in today's post, if you were wondering what you missed yesterday you can catch up with my December Glossybox post, and if you're excited for tomorrow's post I can reveal that it will be a roundup of my favourite Christmas Films!

BigBlogmasProject | Day 13 December Glossybox

December Glossybox
Today's topic was a fairly open one with the name 'general winter post' so I decided this would be the perfect opportunity to write about this months Glossybox. Any eagle eyed reader may have noticed that last month I did not post a Glossybox review and that is because I was so disappointed with it as none of the products particularly wowed me but the Glossybox Christmas boxes always seem to draw me in somehow, which is why I kept my subscription hoping that this months would be better. As soon as I opened the parcel I had a feeling it would be better as the design is so nice and Christmassy, I can't say that the design beats that of the September and October boxes, they were especially nice.
Bella Pierre Cheek and Lip Stain
The first thing in my box was this full size Bella Pierre Cheek and Lip Stain in the shade Coral. I never really use products intended for cheek and lips on my lips as I find they tend to be quite drying on my already dry lips. However, as I do not own many coraly blushes I am pretty sure this will get a couple of uses.
TRESemme Renewl Hair and Scalp
Another full sized product I received was the TRESemme Renewal Hair and Scalp, This is a product that supposedly refreshes the scalp and will add some life and shine to my somewhat dull hair.
Anatomicals Zap Zap Zap Gets That Chap
Anatomicals is brand I have only come across in a previous Glossybox and it was a scrub which I did rather like, so receiving another product from them is quite exciting. The product I received is Zap Zap Zap Gets That Chap which is a dual ended spot treatment; one end day and the other night. For some reason at the moment my skin is playing up so this may be the answer to all my  problems!
Essence Nail Polish
The last full size product is an Essence Nail Polish, which looks to be a great Christmassy pinky red. I love Essence, especially their Waterproof Felt Tip Liner! So hopefully this will live up to my expectations!
SKINPEP Hydra Boost Acid Serum
Finally I have a sample size of the SkinPep Hydra Boost Acid Serum, in September's Glossybox I got three sample sachets from SkinPep and I loved the Enzyme and Acid Peeling Gel. This is a hydrating serum by the looks of it and I really need serums, moisturisers etc that are hydrating at this time of year.

Overall this box hasn't been as impressive as it could have been, but at the same time it is miles better than last months and the total value of this box is around £26.00 which isn't all that impressive for a December Christmas box but hey ho... Next months box promises to be filled with 5 full sized products so maybe I will stay subscribed for that.

There is my Glossybox review all done, if you didn't catch yesterday's post it was a Christmas DIY and tomorrow I have a Christmas Makeup Inspiration post on the way for you.