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Wednesday, 10 December 2014
Christmas Gift Ideas For Him
I love buying presents for others at Christmas time, and by others I mean other females like myself as I suck at shopping for guys. Be it my dad, grandad, brothers you name it I cannot find them a suitable gift. I asked one of my friends the other day what they wanted for Christmas and I got the reply 'food.' So I'd half decided to buy him a box of mushrooms and wrap it up with a bow, because what am I meant to do with the response 'food?' However, I decided against that when I realised I was going to be writing a gift ideas post for him so I might as well pick out some things for them whilst I'm at it.

Lynx Attract For Him Giftset - £6.50 - Brother/Boyfriend
This is probably one of the easiest gifts to think of as who doesn't need shower gel and deodorant? Nobody likes to smell! (Little brothers I'm looking at you!)

Alpine Reindeer Novelty Slippers - £16.00 - Brother
I have actually bought one of my little brothers a pair of novelty slippers not dissimilar to these reindeer ones. Let's be honest most brothers, mine included are more than happy with jokey presents!

Nando's Complete Sauce Collection - £20.00 - Brother/Boyfriend/Dad/Husband
Nando's the much hyped restaurant that I have only been to once and to be fair I wasn't all that impressed... Moving on if you know someone who loves Nando's, this sauce collection would be perfect, the set contains all seven of their famous sauces! 

I'm With Stupid Mug - £5.00 - Dad/Husband
My dad is so difficult to buy for but mugs are always a winner. He runs his own company and I can imagine how much fun he would have during meetings watching his employee's trying not to laugh.

Mug With Biscuit Holder - £8.00 - Dad/Grandad
Another mug because mugs are so useful, now this one is especially useful as it has a biscuit pocket!! Why have I only discovered that this is an actual product that I can buy!

Ion Party Starter Speaker - £29.99 - Brother
Finally is this Ion bluetooth speaker with it's own light show, it's always annoying when you're at someones house and you can't play the music you wan't as your phone won't connect to their speakers. That problem is solved with this amazing quality portable speaker!

I hope this gift guide helped you a little; yesterday's post was about Costa's Christmas Drinks and tomorrow don't forget to check for some of my Winter Essentials!


  1. These ideas are all really good! I do love those slippers :') I had a hard time trying to come up with ideas for men in my blogpost too! Check it out if u want! Love the blog ❤️

    1. Haha thank you, I will check your post out now :) xx


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