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BigBlogmasProject | Day 11 Winter Essentials

Winter Essentials
It is so cold outside right now, so cold in fact that it has made the inside of my house cold too! So this post is to show my essentials that keep me going through each frosty day and night.

First thing is this reusable hand warmer which I picked up in Poundland that has this really cute light blue snowflake cover. The hand warmer is one of those click the disk and it heats up which aren't that easy to reset but are incredibly good at warming my hands in the morning.

Next is the NUXE Masque Creme Fraiche hydrating mask, which I received in my October Glossybox, for when my face dries out due to the gale force winds we seem to be having at the moment. This feels so moisturising and I love how my skin feels after using it.

Who doesn't like candles? Honestly? Because I love candles, they add that little bit of warmth and fragrance that my winter nights need, oh and they smell great. These ones are the Strawberry and Apple IKEA tealights.

My penultimate item is a lip product which I'm pretty sure i have mentioned countless times in various blog posts; it is my lip saviour: Clinique All About Lips! My lips get horribly cracked and dry and this conditioner helps them get back to their best so quickly and efficently too.

Finally is something that gets raved about so much: Rimmel Nude Eyeliner. It looks pretty boring really, but this nude fleshy toned liner brightens up my whole face simply by me lining my waterline. Something about it just makes my eyes and face seem so awake and it is now a holy grail item! High praise indeed from me!

So that's all for today's post, if you missed it, yesterday I posted my Gifts For Him post, and tomorrow a Christmas DIY is coming your way!


  1. I really need a hand warmer as I walk to school! Great post xx

    1. Hand warmers are honestly lifesavers in the Winter for me :') xx


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