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BigBlogmasProject | Day 12 DIY Christmas Wrapping Paper

Wrapping Paper DIY
You must excuse the somewhat low quality photos in this post, I tried everything to get them looking better, but ultimately, I couldn't do anything so I had to stick with them looking like this. As you might be able to guess today's post is of the DIY variety; DIY wrapping paper to be exact!
What you will need for this DIY is shown above, well kind of. I found that card wouldn't print properly so I ended up using an apple, yes an apple it works really well!

  • An apple
  • Acrylic Paint 
  • Scissors
  • Knife (to cut the apple)
  • Plain Brown Wrapping Paper

First I cut some paper, I cut it into squares as I thought that it would wrap the presents I wanted to best. Cutting the shape I wanted was the difficult part; I tried first with sponge, then card, and finally I settled on an apple, weird I know. I cut it into the shape of a Christmas tree as I had green paint, and because it is quite a straightforward shape. Next I spread a thin layer of paint on a plate and placed the tree stamp in until it was completely covered. Then proceed to stamp the paper where you want the print to be, I found that I got two stamps before I had to add more paint. Once I had covered all the paper I wanted, I left it to dry for about half an hour before it was ready to use. Et voila, low cost personal wrapping paper!
Granted the paper isn't perfect and some of the trees are more faded than others but the finished look is rustic and handmade, with a couple more tries I reckon it would look really quite nice! If you didn't catch my post yesterday it was about my Winter Essentials, so you can check that out, and tomorrow's post is my December Glossybox Review, see you then!

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  1. I've also done DIY wrapping paper and I wonder why I have never done it before! It's such a nice touch and much nicer than shop-bought stuff. x
    Laura at Lola and Behold


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