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BigBlogmasProject | Day 15 Favourite Christmas Films

Christmas Films
I am a Disney girl through and through so I would happily watch all the ones that I own throughout the year, however around Christmas time I do find myself being drawn to the more festive films six of which I am going to share with you today!

First up is a film that although I haven't seen many times I still really like, that film is Gremlins! The main reason I have to love this is because of Gizmo, if you don't know who Gizmo is I implore you to give it a Google and let the 'awws' and 'how cutes' commence!

Next is the Grinch, as a beauty and sfx makeup lover I have always wanted to recreate the amazing makeup in this, but I like the story as well! Even the songs, whilst incredibly cheesy, make the film so good.

Nativity, it's a pretty bad film but it's also a Christmas film, so what it lacks in story line, it redeems in Christmassiness...  My parents can't stand it but I find there is something about watching it that make me feel ready for Christmas!

Ahh Elf, I thought I was in the minority that couldn't stand this film, however, I rewatched it last Friday and OH MY GOD I LOVE IT!!! It's Christmassy and has a love story intertwined, it's brilliant!

Finally is a marmite film: The Polar Express, half of my friends love it and the other half absolutely hate it. I really like it, yes the way it's been done does make it a little creepy at times but it's still an amazing film!

I would love to know some of your favourite films, if they are similar to mine, maybe I missed a couple off the list! If you missed it you can still catch yesterdays Christmas Pinterest Inspiration post, and stay tuned for tomorrows post where I will be showing you Five Of My Favourite Bloggers Doing Blogmas!

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