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Wednesday, 17 December 2014
Make Up Gallery Poundland
If I said to you Poundland what would your first thought be? Sweet multipacks? Random homeware? It probably wouldn't be budget own brand makeup would it? Well maybe now it should! If you haven't visited a Poundland for a while you won't have seen that they now have their own makeup line with each product only £1, crazy money! When the picture above was taken I had only just bought the products ready to write a haul but I ran out of November posts so I haven't yet posted it, (that haul should be up in early January now I have a few more products to show you,) instead I thought this the perfect range to do Blogmas post on!

A a measly £1 per product these will hardly break the bank but my aren't they good for the price. Honestly these are the perfect stocking fillers for any beauty lover or even someone just starting out in makeup. The range includes lipsticks, glosses, eye shadows, kohl and liquid liner, even foundation! Not bad for a fairly new budget range! I do hope to see them bring out some new colours and maybe a limited edition collection but this might be a big ask for a Poundland makeup range, nonetheless trips to Poundland are becoming more and more frequent!

So if you're looking for makeup stocking fillers definitely take a look next time you're in a Poundland! If you are loving Blogmas so far in yesterdays post I shared with you my Favourite Bloggers Doing Blogmas and tomorrow I have my FirstImpressions of a MAC palette!

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