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BigBlogmasProject | Day 22 Food

Christmas Food
Food...Christmas dinner...Chocolate...Sweets...Deserts... They all sound wonderful don't they? Well three days and we're there, scary I know! So I thought in this post I would share my top three food items that make Christmas amazing!

  1. Turkey! Obvious I know, but obviously the staple of any Christmas dinner.
  2. Orange and Lemon Slices! They taste slightly artificial but they are almost a tradition to buy my dad a box or three.
  3. Crap Chocolate - You must know the kind I mean, think advent or chocolate coins, it's by no means luxury but we've come to love it!
So another short but sweet post (literally in some cases,) and also another late post sorry! I hope you liked it, I'd love to know your Christmas Food staples!

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