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BigBlogmasProject | Day 26 Christmas Photo Diary

I hope you all had a very merry Christmas like I did, today's post is going to bee quite short as I'm still recovering from eating waaay too much yesterday. I've found six photos of my Christmas to share with you in a kind of photo diary post!
Christmas Eve
This was Christmas Eve; we all sat around watching Christmas specials and my step mum peeled carrots. Our tree wasn't the best decorated this year as my brothers helped but it looks Christmassy enough.
Christmas Morning
Christmas morning: What you can't see is that out of shot there was my whole family in pyjamas half asleep whilst my twin brothers were waiting impatiently to open their presents.
Christmas Napkin
My job on Christmas day was napkins, I decided to YouTube Christmas napkins and then I proceeded to spend the next hour folding napkins into what you can see above! Time well spent I think!
Decorated Piano
I thought I had to share this picture as my step mum took so long arranging the decorations on top of our family Christmas present the piano.
Christmas Dinner
And here is where we consumed our delicious Christmas dinners, featuring my napkin folding!
Christmas Dinner
Finally I have a picture of my actual roast dinner, it was amazingly tasty and so filling!

So there is my Christmas Day in pictures, tomorrow I'm sharing a few thing that I received! See you then!

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