BigBlogmasProject | Day 27 What I Received

Saturday, 27 December 2014
I hope you are all recovering well from  the Christmas period, I'm currently trying to resist eating all the chocolate and sweets I have in my room, so here's hoping blogging can stop me pigging out. As you can probably telling from the title I'm going to showing you a couple of things I received at Christmas. Before I start I just want to say that this is not me bragging it is just a post that I thought you guys might want to read and one that I wanted to write.
Taylor Swift 1989
I am a massive Swiftie and have somehow resisted buying her latest album until I received it this Christmas. So I was so happy to get this from my dad and step mum, much to the annoyance of my family I played this CD instead of Christmas songs!
Birdy Fire Within
Ever since Birdy released Skinny Love I have been in love with her voice and couldn't wait to get Fire Within. I ended up listening to it most of Boxing Day.
I know this film came out aaages ago but I was only just introduced to it and I really liked it. So after catching it a couple of times on TV I decided I really wanted to own it myself and put it one my wishlist. My dad and step mum were again kind enough to get it for me.
This book contains some of the most amazing ideas have ever come across. 5 minute cakes for just one, how brilliant! These seem like the best recepies ever for a cake lover like me!
Paperchase Scrapbook
If you read my Gifts For Her post you'll know how keen I am to keep a scrapbook to remember this year by, so this A5 one will be perfect to collect this years memories!
Candy Box Soap
I got this in my stocking from my Nan and Grandad and it reminds me of holidays from years gone by and the design is simply gorgeous.
Yankee Candle Samplers
I love candles, it seems like every blogger does, so receiving these two was amazing! I love the Yankee Candle sampler candles as they last for quite a while, long enough for me to decide whether I want to buy the larger version of the candle.
Debenhams Gift Card
My grandparents have picked up on my love of high end makeup and kindly got me a Debenhams giftcard which as you may have guessed will be being used to buy makeup when MAC is discounted next.
Boots Gift Card
I'm clearly not hiding my makeup obsession very well am I? This is another giftcard but this time one for Boots which I plan to make use of during their sale!
Real Techniques Miracle Sponge
I have so many of the Real Techniques brushes but really wanted to try the sponge as this was raved about quite a lot. I'm pretty sure there will be a review on the way.
Now I'm not sure where this came from so sadly I can't provide the link for it but it's a gorgeous hot water bottle. I surprisingly don't own a hot water bottle yet so this is perfect for the rest of winter.

I hope you liked this post, if you've written your own please leave me a link too it in the comments.


  1. Hey the things you got look amazing and I'm so jealous of the Taylor swift album as I too am a massive fan! I have all the other albums ;) I too have done this post, sharing just a few of the things I got this year :)

    1. I'll make sure to check your post out :) xx

  2. I got the Real Techniques Sponge too and it is Ahhhmaayyyziinngggg! I have only used it damp though, however I can't get enough of it!!

    Francesca xo // EffStar Beauty

    1. I agree the sponge is so good! My foundation looked amazing!xxxx

  3. cute cute things! the hot water bottle looks awesome for this season

  4. That hot water bottle looks right up my street! Let me know how you get on with the mug cakes book! Lucy, xx

    1. I'm planning to try a mug cakes recipe tomorrow, they look like they will be amazing!xx


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