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BigBlogmasProject | Day 3 Favourite Christmas Reds

Favourite Christmas Reds
If you're looking at the title expecting a list of my favourite Christmas wines, I afraid that this is not the post you will find. I am in fact going to share with you my favourite winter reds for lips, eyes and nails so I hope you enjoy!

First off I'll start with lips and for this it took me a while to whittle down to a singular product but I had to go back to my trusty Rimmel Apocalips in Big Bang. This is one of my favourite formula's of lip lacquer and is such a vibrant red, I can't wait to wear it on Christmas Day, it should last well through all the eating and drinking!

For the eyes it has to be Cranberry by MAC, I am allowed to say Cranberry is red right, cause it is kinda red... Last year this was probably one of the most talked about shadows for autumn/winter time and I can see why. It is an absolutely stunning shadow and paired with Shroom as a highlight it is such a festive shadow too!
MAC Cranberry Swatch Rimmel Big Bang Swatch
Finally for nails the red I have chosen is Nails Inc Tate which I recently received in a Glamour magazine and I really like it. The formula is neither too thin nor to thick making it easy to apply evenly over the nail. With this polish I find only two coats are needed before it is completely opaque which is great as I am one of the most impatient people ever when it comes to painting my nails!
Nails Inc Tate Swatch
So I hope you enjoyed my favourite beauty reds ready for the Christmas season. Yesterday's post was my Gifts For Her post if you need a catchup, and tomorrow stay tuned for my Decoration Wishlist post!


  1. I looove the Apocalips collection and that nail varnish looks so beautiful! I'm after more reds for my nails too! ^__^

    Jemma xx

    1. The nail polish was such a great magazine freebie!xx

  2. I haven't worn Cranberry for years, I think now might be the time to rediscover it!

    1. I love Cranberry so so much right now! It adds a nice bit of colour dusted close to the lower lashline!xx

  3. I got the magazine with the nail polish and it looks absolutely stunning :) love the eyeshadow and the lip lacquer as well! Lovely post x


  4. I got the nail polish with the magazine too :) I have yet to try it but it looks beautiful :)


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