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Saturday, 6 December 2014
Yuzu and Cocoa Bubbleroon
Welcome to day 6 of Blogmas which brings us to the topic of Cozy Winter Nights and basically what helps me relax and unwind after a long day. I think this is so important at the moment as many people are busy preparing for the Christmas period and the work they will miss while off celebrating!

If I've had a long day, as soon as I get home I like to change into my pyjamas, (I recently got Bambi ones and they are so cute!) Once I'm in pyjamas I like to get myself a cup of tea or a hot chocolate and sit in bed reading through the latest posts on Bloglovin' and just relax and unwind for half an hour or so. Once I've done that I can start to function properly again and I'll check my emails, schedule some tweets and draft a few posts. 

If it has been a really hectic day then I'll have a bath and of course bath bombs are a key part of having a bath in my opinion. I recently bought a Lush bath bomb which I intend to use very soon and it is the Yuzu & Cocoa Bubbleroon, it's a bubble bar that looks like a macaroon! This pastel orange creation looks and smells gorgeous, as most things from Lush usually do. According to the lush website: 'With moisturising coconut oil and shea butter, Yuzu and Cocoa has a mood-brightening colour and scent thanks to a blend of citrus oils, with a chocolatey undertone.'  I would very much agree with the scent description as although it is fruity it is not overpoweringly so as it does have a slight countering sweet smell. I'm going to use this in the next few days to see if it is calming and cozy, but before I do I must use up the Comforter, my favourite bubble bar that Lush do!

To finish off my Cozy Winter Nights, a good Disney film always does me good! Be it my all time favourite, The Little Mermaid, or any other one for that matter I always end up feeling happier and somewhat more relaxed. When watching a film I do like to turn off my laptop just so I do not feel stressed by what I need to do.

I hope that my tips for a cozy stress free night help you find the dull winters nights more bearable, I know mine have been transformed by seemingly simple things! If you need to catch up on yesterdays post it is about my Favourite Book, and if you're excited for tomorrows post I can tell you that it is my Beauty Wishlist, enjoy!

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