BigBlogmasProject | Day 8 Photo Diary

Monday, 8 December 2014
Big Blogmas Project
So today's post is a photo diary taken over the last few weeks to show what's been going on in the wonderful world of Beth! So there will obviously be makeup involved...
Christmas Costa Cup
Okay so the first photo I have to show you is a Costa cup, now this doesn't sound all too interesting I know, however, other than this being a really cute cup, it also held the most amazing drink ever: a Brownie Hot Chocolate! (More on that in tomorrows post...)
Minion Christmas Tree
Now I know this picture isn't great quality, but look! It's a Christmas tree decorated with minions!! Need I say any more??
Ciate Mini Mani Month Polishes
Lastly here we have the first six days of my Ciate Advent Calendar, all lined up in a pyramid that took me flipping ages to create! So far my favourites are Snow Globe, the sparkly top coat, and also Sugar Plum, the light pastel purple.

So there is a slight insight into my life outside blogging! Don't forget to check out my Beauty Wish List from yesterday and look out for my Costa Christmas Drinks post tomorrow!

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