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Purse Friendly Storage for Nail Polishes

Nail Polish Storage
I'm sure we've all been on Pinterest now and again, (or everyday if you're me,) lusting over the IKEA dressing tables and Muji acrylic storage that we cannot all afford or just don't have the space for. So I have decided that I'm going to source as many purse friendly storage solutions as possible and share them with you.

First up in the purse friendly storage I have a gem from Poundland. You may have seen YouTubers and Bloggers etc storing cotton wool balls in these jars but as I don't use cotton wool often so I started to think what else I could use them for. I came to the decision that a jar of this size would be the perfect size to store my nail polishes. They fit around 6 BarryM polishes in and they make my dressing table look adorable!

As I said, these jars are from Poundland so are an incredible £1 each which for such amazing storage is perfect for those, like me on a budget!

I hope you're going to like this new series of posts as much as I'm going to like finding storage solutions. That's all for today, there will be another post up Saturday, starting my Valentines Day build up posts.

January Glossybox

January Glossybox
So it's that time again; Glossybox time! Now the Christmas one had such a pretty box it is almost a shame to revert back to the old pink box really, but the offer of 5, yes really, 5 full size products was an offer I could not refuse.

The theme of the box was unsurprisingly 'Fresh Starts' as of course January is the start of a new year,  so five full size products is definitely the way to celebrate. All these products are from brands that I have next to no experience with which is quite nice as I might be able to find brands that I need to try more from.
January Glossybox Contents
So first up is an eyeliner by MeMeMe in Clay. Now MeMeMe is a brand I have seen before as it was briefly in Superdrug but it has now disappeared. The liner itself is not a 'chalk' colour in my eyes as it is a dark brown but I'm not marking it down because of this. The pencil has a very soft formula and is blendable so hopefully I can use it  in the upcoming weeks.

Next is the Nicka K new York Colorluxe Powder Blush. Now at first glance this product seems ingenious, the can be no product spillages and you can apply on the go. However, to me the packaging just feels slightly cheap and plasticy, but I can see that the application method will be useful for on the go.

Prize for the best brand name in the box has to go to the Jelly Pong Pong All Over Glow! I am in love with anything highlighting and this is stunning. Straight out of the tube it seems really golden but once it's blended out it looks really natural. I can't wait to use this some more.

The best smelling product in the box is the Kueshi Natural & Pleasant Cosmetics Revitalising Face Toner. This smells like fizzers or parma violets, which I can imagine will not appeal to everyone as it is so so strong. I'm yet to use this but I'm sure it will find a time to be trialed amongst my skincare.

Finally there was a Naked Lips Organic Lip Balm Superfruits. I have so many lip balms but there is always space for one more, yet this one may be the exception as I'm not sure I'm keen on the smell. We'll see how it goes with the balm and if I start to like it I will report back to you.

That rounds up what I received, the boxes total value was just over £32 which isn't bad, but you might expect more value from a box of five full sized products. I will stay subscribed for February's box as the design will no doubt be cute as it's the month of Valentines. On the subject of Valentines if there are any posts you'd like to see please let me know!

An Introduction to BareMinerals by It's Anna's Life

This month I've been loving some of the BareMinerals, products! I have very sensitive skin so they are great because I know that they won't have many bad ingredients in them, unlike some other makeup brands.

The three main products of theirs I'm loving and using regularly are:

  • Blush in Frisky
  • Eyeshadow in Bravo
  • Eyeshadow in Pure Joy

*I think the colours I have are fairly old or were limited addition in a set (I got them all together,) so they are not on the website but they are on Amazon and I will link the set. BareMinerals do have lots of other colours, so it's worth looking at*

SET. Anyway, on to the products:

BareMinerals Blush in Frisky
BareMinerals Frisky
Btw it looks like I've got hardly any left, all the product is at the bottom of the container! 

Frisky is a really lovely warm rosy pink colour, it has a hint of red in it and is the perfect colour for getting a healthy looking, rosy glow! It is really pigmented like the eyeshadows so you only need a little bit, I use a Bare Esenctuals BareMinerals flawless face brush to apply it. 

BareMinerals Glimpse Eyeshadows:

BareMinerals Bravo
Pure Joy
BareMinerals Pure Joy
Bravo is a gorgeous dark grey colour it is slightly shimmery and once blended has a silver tint to it. It is perfect for blending into the crease and makes a really nice smoky eye! I love this colour so much. 

Pure Joy is also one of my favourite eyeshadows! It is an elegant cream colour and has tiny hints of pink in it. It is also slightly glittery. It is better for an everyday makeup look or for highlighting the inner corner of your eye or the brow bone. I tend to blend it over the whole eyelid emphasising the inner corner and then use a rose gold colour more towards the outer corner. 

Over all I have practically nothing bad to say about these products, I love the packaging, they are all pigmented, the colours are stunning. The only small issue I have with them is that they are harder to blend than other products (especially the eyeshadows (bravo mainly)) but they just take a tiny bit longer. I still absolutely love them and thoroughly recommend!

Thank you Beth for letting me guest post on your amazing blog! I hope you guys enjoyed this post, if you want to read more then go over to www.its-annas-life.blogspot.co.uk but not before you read more of Beth's posts, she's really good! 

Lots of love 

I'd like to say thank you to Anna for her amazing post and I would definitely suggest going to check out her blog ASAP! I also want to say that I would love more guest posters on the blog so please let me know if you're interested!

Benefit Sweet Tintations

Benefit Sweet Tintations
Benefit, how do you do it? Making such delightful little gift sets that look good enough to eat and also are in fact makeup; you can't ask for anymore than that can you!? Now this set that I have featuring on the blog today if from my Auntie/Mum's Best Friend who knows I am a Benefit lover, (she got me a Benefit Sexy Little Stowaways Set for Christmas from America last year,) the set is of course Benefit Sweet Tintations

The set contains two lip balms: benebalm and lollibalm and their cheek and lip tint counterparts: benetint and lollitint. Now the tints I already own, however the balms are totally new products to me which I have really wanted to try ever since their release last year! 

Benetint is Benefit's iconic cheek and lip tint which as far as I know was the product that really  brought Benefit as a brand towards us as the general public. For those who haven't managed to get their hands on Benetint I can tell you that it has quite a thin consistency and a lovely Turkish delight type rose smell. The consistency, as I said, is thin I would say almost watery which does help to an extent with the blending of it. Benetint gives a subtle rosy tint to the cheeks that lasts for ages. 

Lollitint on the other hand is Benefit's latest cheek and lip tint launch and the first with a gel type formula. Unlike Benetint, Lollitint is an opaque tint when applied but still one that only gives a light colour tint to the cheek. Lollitint gives a candy orchid tint which was really on trend last season and I think will be perfect for this coming spring.

You might have noticed that I mentioned nothing about using these tints on my lips, this is because as lots of people find multipurpose products such as these can dry out your lips very easily. These are sadly products like that but as cheek tints they work like a dream.
benetint and lollitint
If you find that the cheek and lip tints do indeed dry your lips out but you still want your lips a similar colour to the tints, you need not fear for their safety as Benefit has a solution for you: Hydrating Tinted Lip Balm or Benebalm and Lollibalm. As you can see in the swatches below, these balms have the smallest wash of colour to them but the colour is still noticeable when applied to the lips. Like Benetint the lip balms have a rose smell however it is less intense, most likely as the product is applied to the lips. I thought I should probably mention the adorable packaging that Benefit always come up with; I mean look at it. The balms are are encased in quite a thick plastic tube with the most understated yet still beautiful detail that match the colour of the inside product beautifully.

At £14.50 these are not at all a product you would buy without wanting to know if they did what they said, lip balms for me are all about one thing: hydration. These specifically say hydrating and that is what you would expect and that is luckily what you get. Unlike the Maybelline Baby Lips range, (which FYI do absolutely nothing to my lips except coat them in a slightly sticky balm,) I can actually feel the difference that is made after applying.
Benefit Benebalm and Lollibalm
So that brings me to the end of today's post, as Benefit is a favourite brand of mine I was wondering if you had any particular Benefit favourites that I should try? 

January Lip Picks

So here we are, seventeen days into January and I have already broken my resolution to stick to my blogging plan. In my defence however, I have had a million essays due but excuses aside I have nearly finished them all so posting should resume as normal, hopefully. I've decided, after reviewing last years posts, that there is simply not enough monthly product favourite kind of posts, so I thought I would change that by posting my January Lip Picks. If you guys like the post maybe I could make it a regular feature? Let me know what you think!
Clinique Mega Melon Chubby Stick
Winter destroys my lips so much so pretty much everything on this list has moisturising qualities like this Clinique Chubby Stick in Mega Melon. The colour is a burnt orangey red that isn't too vibrant.
Collection Cream Puff Lip Cream
I've spoken about this particular product in previous posts and I always have to mention how they get no where near as much love as they deserve. The lip product is the Collection Moisturising Lip Cream. Now I'm not one to usually go for the matte lip look as my lips dry out so easily but this does not. Although I have two of these the colour I'm going for this January is a nude called Powder Puff.
Maybelline Baby Lips Cherry Me
If you asked me how I rated the Maybelline Baby Lips range as actual lip balms I would have to say that they are slightly over hyped and do nothing to moisturise and repair my lips. However, the tinted ones are definitely worth looking at, especially Cherry Me. This gives a gorgeous pinky tint to the lips perfect for an understated lip. 
Revlon Lip Butter Juicy Papaya
These on the other hand, I totally feel the benefit of wearing the Revlon lip butters. Juicy Papaya is the third lip butter in my collection and I really need to go out and get more. Juicy Papaya adds an orangey sheen to the lips which is perfect for the Winter.
January Lip Pick Swatches
So I'd love to know if you liked the post and if you want to see them more often. I'd also love to know what you have on your lips at the moment too!

Nic's Picks RealTechniques Brushes

Nic's Picks
Makeup brushes, I find, are like many things in life: you have enough but you can't help thinking that you just want more! Be it the same brush just different colouring, or a newly released set, you have to have it; this is the relationship that I have with brushes, RealTechniques especially.

If you don't know the brand RealTechniques, (you may have been living under a rock,) but it's is a brand made with the Pixiwoo sisters, (and if you don't know who they are I am definitely sure you have been living under a rock.) Now the set I am showing you today is one of their newest sets: Nic's Picks, which you can find at places like Boots and Superdrug, my mum kindly got me this as payment for a few nights of babysitting my brother as it was on offer for only £20 instead of £30. £30 for a set of 5 brushes is not half bad considering you can get 1 MAC brush for near £24 so to get the set for £20 was even better. 
Duo Fiber Face Brush
The Duo Fiber Face Brush; before I got this set I had been using my Multitask Face Brush for powder but I like this so much more. This domed duo fiber brush is really good for lightly dusting the face with powder. As a dry skin sufferer I find that some brushes I use to apply powder can make my skin appear caked as the powder does not distribute lightly and evenly over the face. The duo fiberd nature of the brush means that the bristles are thicker nearer the base and become more sparse nearer the top meaning that it is incredibly difficult to over apply.
Cheek Brush
I'm not the biggest lover of blush and usually reach for my Stippling Brush as it works well with cream blushes which are my preferred type of blush. However, after getting this set I have been wearing slightly more powder blushes like Benefit Dandelion, the Cheek Brush (limited edition in this set) is really nice for applying and blending out blush leaving no harsh lines. The brush itself has many tightly packed bristles that dome slightly at the top allowing for even application.
Angled Shadow Brush
The second limited edition brush in the set is this Angled Shadow Brush. This brush is probably my favourite in the set as I do not own one like it. The angled bristles let the brush sit in my crease easily letting me blend and eye shadow I put there completely, so it leaves no harsh lines.
Base Shadow Brush
The RealTechniques Base Shadow Brush is one of my most used brushes so another one is most useful. This brush is dense enough to pack shadow vibrantly onto the eye but is also great for blending out eye shadow too.
Eyeliner Brush
I'm not great at any type of eyeliner except felt tip liner so I am constantly trying to find a brush that can help. I have tried two other RealTechniques liner brushes but as of yet those two have not aided my application. This Eyeliner Brush seems thin enough that I should be able to create a line and maybe with practise a wing. However, I have not been able to try well as my gel liner isn't great, (so any recommendations of ones I should try would be great.)

Overall this is a great value and great performance brush set. I'm aware there are new more expensive RealTechniques that have just been released but I'm not too sure about them so any reviews you have would be useful, before I think about trying a few.

BLEACH London Spin The Bleach Bottle

BLEACH London Spin The Bleach Bottle
Hair dye; you're either for or against in my opinion, I am one who is very much for hair dye. I love dip dying my hair bright colours and would do so with permanent dye if the school did not have such strict rules on hair colour, (apparently if I dyed my hair pink it would distract my peers from learning, logical I know.) Anyway, if you read most of Blogmas I'm pretty sure you will have seen me mention the BLEACH London Spin The Bleach Bottle; it was in my Gifts for Her post and also my Beauty Wish List. The reason it got such a mention was because of how much I hoped to to receive it, in the end sadly I did not but I managed to pick it up for half price in the Boots sales!
BLEACH London Hair Dye
The BLEACH London Spin The Bleach Bottle is a kit that contains 6 mini BLEACH London hair colours in: Rose, Awkward Peach, Violet Skies, Blullini, Washed Up Mermaid and Sea Punk. These little bottles contain 50ml of dye which I've found to be enough to cover the ends of my hair in a vibrant dip dyed kind of fashion when using Rose. The dye is semi permanent and is meant to wash out it in 2-10 washes which is perfect for the holidays so it's out in time for school!

The instructions for use are: shampoo your hair, then towel dry it and apply the dye evenly and leave for 15 minutes. When using Rose I found that this 15 minutes was not nearly long enough and ended up trying leaving it for 30-45 minutes which made the dye more vibrant. With regards to it washing out within 2-10 washes I can say that Rose almost completely washed out in one wash. Blullini, Washed Up Mermaid and Sea Punk all come with a warning saying that they may take longer to wash out because of the green tones they have in them, however, in my experience it's the reds that tend to stain your hair most.

When I next get the chance I hope use Blullini as I'd love icy blue hair, hopefully I will be able to soon. Once I have used a couple more of the dye's I will get a post up with the process of application and results as well as a review. I'd love to know if you've tried any BLEACH London dyes or products and how you've found best to use it so I can try it out differently next time!

Make Up Gallery Haul

Make Up Gallery
I'd just like to say welcome back to MissCosmeticBlogger in 2015 and hello if you're new to it. This year I'm aiming to blog three times a week and grow my blog audience as much as possible and I would love you to be there as I blog throughout the year!

If you read my blog during Blogmas you will have seen a post on Make Up Gallery Stocking Fillers and I mentioned that there was a new budget brand on the scene and that I had a few pieces to show you. So here is that post, enjoy!

Make Up Gallery is the newest budget brand at the moment and was created by the brains at Poundland after they realised, probably, that we love cheap but good makeup like the Rimmel stuff they sometimes sell, (more on that in another post.) As this is a Poundland range everything is unsurprisingly £1 which is amazing value even if you do have to compromise on packaging.
Make Up Gallery Face Products
The first three things I picked up were: Pro Liquid Liner in Black, Long Lasting Foundation in Ivory 1 and Blusher in Spice 3.

I am hopeless at liquid liner so have never wanted to splash out on a more expensive one in case it went to waste. The liner has quite a thick brush and if you don't take of excess liner you do get left with an incredibly thick line. After using this a couple of times now, and getting to grips with the brush, I have now mastered the art of a simple wing!

The foundation was a slight gamble on my part, but a £1 gamble isn't much of a risk so I got it. I struggle with foundations immensely as many brands out there do not cater to Casper the ghosts like myself. I almost knew instantly that this would not be a match but felt compelled to try it just in case. The formula is rather thick and will take some blending to give a flawless coverage though I'm sure it's slightly matte finish may not be to everyones tastes. As I said for £1 you do have to compromise on packaging and that is very evident here as the squeezy tube isn't the most beautiful. 

The selection of blush to choose from wasn't particularly large; there were four or five quite similar shades so I opted for quite a neutral almost contouring blush.  The blush isn't the most pigmented out there and it does take a while to build up a decent amount of colour but it would be useful for those who sometimes find they can be heavy handed when applying blush.
Make Up Gallery Swatches

Make Up Gallery Eyeshadow
Most of the eye shadows that were available were quite neutral with the exception of a purple and quite a bright yellow. The three shadows I chose were Pink Champagne, Dusky Rose and Deep Plum. Pink Champagne and Dusky Rose are both shimmery colours whereas Deep Plum is a matte shade. Pink Champagne is quite a silvery shadow with a slight pink shine running throughout. Dusky Rose is quite a dulled down pink, which in the swatch below looks slightly orangey. Deep Plum on the other hand is a deep reddy purple, you can see in the swatch below how pigmented they are! The texture of the shadows is not what you would expect from a makeup line that only costs a pound; the shadows are not particularly chalky granted they take slightly longer to blend than other more expensive shadows but that is the only negative I can really see.Make Up Gallery Swatches

Make Up Gallery Lip Gloss
My first thought when I saw these lipglosses was 'would they be similar to the NYX butter glosses which I long to try,' so I chose two to try: Nice & Nude, a peachy nude and Cherry Pop a pinky red. In a nutshell these are simply really sticky glosses in a tube, Nice & Nude does give nice even application to the lips, however the same cannot be said for Cherry Pop as it ends up quite streaky.
Make Up Gallery Swatches

Make Up Gallery Lipsticks
You know how people tell you not to judge a book by its cover? These lipsticks fall into that saying as, lets be honest, the packaging isn't the best. There is quite a range of lipsticks but like the glosses above I went for a nude in Naked Brown and a red in Deep Red. Both are pretty good quality but again the nude colour is the best out of the two. The formula is quite nice and makes them easy to apply though the red does show up dry patches slightly.

The lip liner I picked up was one that I thought would pair with the Naked Brown lipstick, it is in the colour Rose and is quite a browny nude liner.  The pencil isn't very soft but because of this is does give a crisp line.
Make Up Gallery Swatches

Make Up Gallery Nail Polish
My final Make Up Gallery item is a nail polish in Spearmint, according to the packaging it is a quick dry polish. I would agree that it is quick dry but not a quick as some. As for the brush it is quite thick but I quite like it as it covers the nail easily making application quicker. The formula isn't too thick but the polish only really takes two coats to become completely opaque, so for a budget brand you can't really complain.
Make Up Gallery Swatches
So there is the haul post complete and also my first post of 2015! I just thought I'd ask your opinions on an idea that I've had. I was wondering whether some of you guys might want to guest post on MissCosmeticBlogger? I've guest posted on blogs before and enjoyed doing it so I thought maybe I could have one or two guest posters a month? I'm not sure yet, I'd love to hear your thoughts on the idea!