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Saturday, 3 January 2015
Make Up Gallery
I'd just like to say welcome back to MissCosmeticBlogger in 2015 and hello if you're new to it. This year I'm aiming to blog three times a week and grow my blog audience as much as possible and I would love you to be there as I blog throughout the year!

If you read my blog during Blogmas you will have seen a post on Make Up Gallery Stocking Fillers and I mentioned that there was a new budget brand on the scene and that I had a few pieces to show you. So here is that post, enjoy!

Make Up Gallery is the newest budget brand at the moment and was created by the brains at Poundland after they realised, probably, that we love cheap but good makeup like the Rimmel stuff they sometimes sell, (more on that in another post.) As this is a Poundland range everything is unsurprisingly £1 which is amazing value even if you do have to compromise on packaging.
Make Up Gallery Face Products
The first three things I picked up were: Pro Liquid Liner in Black, Long Lasting Foundation in Ivory 1 and Blusher in Spice 3.

I am hopeless at liquid liner so have never wanted to splash out on a more expensive one in case it went to waste. The liner has quite a thick brush and if you don't take of excess liner you do get left with an incredibly thick line. After using this a couple of times now, and getting to grips with the brush, I have now mastered the art of a simple wing!

The foundation was a slight gamble on my part, but a £1 gamble isn't much of a risk so I got it. I struggle with foundations immensely as many brands out there do not cater to Casper the ghosts like myself. I almost knew instantly that this would not be a match but felt compelled to try it just in case. The formula is rather thick and will take some blending to give a flawless coverage though I'm sure it's slightly matte finish may not be to everyones tastes. As I said for £1 you do have to compromise on packaging and that is very evident here as the squeezy tube isn't the most beautiful. 

The selection of blush to choose from wasn't particularly large; there were four or five quite similar shades so I opted for quite a neutral almost contouring blush.  The blush isn't the most pigmented out there and it does take a while to build up a decent amount of colour but it would be useful for those who sometimes find they can be heavy handed when applying blush.
Make Up Gallery Swatches

Make Up Gallery Eyeshadow
Most of the eye shadows that were available were quite neutral with the exception of a purple and quite a bright yellow. The three shadows I chose were Pink Champagne, Dusky Rose and Deep Plum. Pink Champagne and Dusky Rose are both shimmery colours whereas Deep Plum is a matte shade. Pink Champagne is quite a silvery shadow with a slight pink shine running throughout. Dusky Rose is quite a dulled down pink, which in the swatch below looks slightly orangey. Deep Plum on the other hand is a deep reddy purple, you can see in the swatch below how pigmented they are! The texture of the shadows is not what you would expect from a makeup line that only costs a pound; the shadows are not particularly chalky granted they take slightly longer to blend than other more expensive shadows but that is the only negative I can really see.Make Up Gallery Swatches

Make Up Gallery Lip Gloss
My first thought when I saw these lipglosses was 'would they be similar to the NYX butter glosses which I long to try,' so I chose two to try: Nice & Nude, a peachy nude and Cherry Pop a pinky red. In a nutshell these are simply really sticky glosses in a tube, Nice & Nude does give nice even application to the lips, however the same cannot be said for Cherry Pop as it ends up quite streaky.
Make Up Gallery Swatches

Make Up Gallery Lipsticks
You know how people tell you not to judge a book by its cover? These lipsticks fall into that saying as, lets be honest, the packaging isn't the best. There is quite a range of lipsticks but like the glosses above I went for a nude in Naked Brown and a red in Deep Red. Both are pretty good quality but again the nude colour is the best out of the two. The formula is quite nice and makes them easy to apply though the red does show up dry patches slightly.

The lip liner I picked up was one that I thought would pair with the Naked Brown lipstick, it is in the colour Rose and is quite a browny nude liner.  The pencil isn't very soft but because of this is does give a crisp line.
Make Up Gallery Swatches

Make Up Gallery Nail Polish
My final Make Up Gallery item is a nail polish in Spearmint, according to the packaging it is a quick dry polish. I would agree that it is quick dry but not a quick as some. As for the brush it is quite thick but I quite like it as it covers the nail easily making application quicker. The formula isn't too thick but the polish only really takes two coats to become completely opaque, so for a budget brand you can't really complain.
Make Up Gallery Swatches
So there is the haul post complete and also my first post of 2015! I just thought I'd ask your opinions on an idea that I've had. I was wondering whether some of you guys might want to guest post on MissCosmeticBlogger? I've guest posted on blogs before and enjoyed doing it so I thought maybe I could have one or two guest posters a month? I'm not sure yet, I'd love to hear your thoughts on the idea!


  1. I love this brand, especially that they're cruelty free! I've got the Eyeliner to try out in my blogging stash!

    Francesca xo // EffStar Beauty

  2. I would love to guest on your blog! And I need to try out this brand as I'm a lover of cheap makeup ;) xx


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