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The Body Shop Outlet Haul

The Body Shop Haul
You may have noticed that there was no post on Wednesday, apologies for that it's mock week currently and I was super busy revising, but today I am back with a haul, a haul from The Body Shop no less! 

Now last Monday me I took a shopping trip into the Swindon Designer Outlet to look for a few bits and pieces, I did browse round The Cosmetics Company but there was honestly nothing I wanted *major sad face*, so I decided The Body Shop would be able to offer me many amazing smelling products with a massive discount instead! 

I rarely buy anything from The Body Shop unless I'm at the Outlet because to me it just seems like there are so many good deals which you just don't get in store! Anyway, onto what I bought. You may have seen that for Christmas The Body Shop brought out a new frosted cranberry range which smelt amazing but I didn't end up purchasing then, so I could wait and see how good of an offer it would be on. And of course it was on offer, I picked up two things from the cranberry range as they were in a set, reduced to only £10.50, and they were the Frosted Cranberry Body Polish and Body Butter. The last couple of things are for my school bag as school toilets = eww, am I right or am I right? Now the Mango range is my favourite so I had to get another Hand Cleanse Gel and Hand Cream, because there are always times when you need to cleanse your hands and there's no soap!

That's my haul from The Body Shop, trust me I could have spent so much more but I held back, there was a Yankee Candle Outlet too, (haul to come,) but I hope you enjoyed this small haul of mine. Have you got any Body Shop must haves? Honey Bronzer is already on my list but I think I need more, recommendations!

THAT Kylie Jenner Lip On A Budget

'That Kylie Jenner Lip'; you know the one I'm on about? Right? If not you have been living under a rock for say, only the last six months or so! I'm happy to admit that yes this is my post on it, I'm pretty sure many others have been posted, (I've read many of them myself,) but I thought I'd offer my thoughts on the subject.

If you've no real idea who Miss Jenner is, you may not be familiar with the Kardashians, an incredibly rich, incredibly famous family, residing in the United States, with their own TV show: Keeping Up With The Kardashians, a guilty pleasure of mine. The show follows them around their crazy day to day lives and shows all the drama that occurs, believe me there is tons! Kylie is the youngest Kardashian, she's 17, and recently took most of Instagram by storm when she posted a photo of her with an incredibly large pout, since then people have been trying to recreate it. There are various arguments to whether she's had lip injections or it is just clever makeup but I'll leave that up to you to decide.

Anyway enough about the family, onto the famous lips. There is a lot of talk in the blogosphere about what she uses, many believe that it's a combination of MAC's Whirl lip liner and Velvet Teddy lipstick but as these are both £12.50 and £15.50 respectively, which not everyone, including myself, can afford, finding dupes for the products is very useful. 

Now the two I have found may not be the exact shades as Velvet Teddy and Whirl, (I can't swatch them next to each other,) but they work together and are the slightly brown nude lip Kylie wears. The lipstick and liner are both from Poundland's makeup line Make Up Gallery which means they only cost £1 each! Bargain, perfect for those on a budget. The lipstick is called Naked Brown and the liner Rose, though it's not really a rose colour. They work together exceptionally well and for a fraction of the price of the MAC offering. 
No lip swatch yet I'm afraid as my lips are in an awful state and need some TLC, once they are back to their normal happy selves I will do a follow up post showing you how they look overdrawn, Kylie Jenner style, soon!

Empties And Mini Reviews

I don't know about you, but I have a box under my dressing table where I put all my empties, they build up and build up until, finally, there are enough to write a blog post about, and here is said blog post. As I've used them up I also find that I can give you my accurate opinions on the products as I have used them up; either because I liked them or because I wanted to get rid!
First up is makeup empties; my favourite! 

Rimmel Scandal Eyes Mascara - I was really into the retro eye makeup when this first came out it claimed to give the lashes a more winged out effect and to an extent it did this. I actually really like the brush, it's an hourglass shape and gets the inside and outer lashes and lengthens them well for a drugstore mascara.

Maybelline Babylips, Hydrate and Peach Kiss - If I'm being honest the effectiveness of these as lip balms is practically zero. They smell good and the tinted ones, (such as Peach Kiss,) add a pretty tint but other than that they're no where near as good as a Chapstick or tub of Vaseline.

Rimmel Scandal Eyes Precision Eyeliner Pen - This was the first proper eyeliner I managed to used as I used to suck at it. This is pretty good when new, it gives dark line, but as it started to dry out it became more and more difficult to use, but it's a good first eyeliner nonetheless.

Collection Illuminating Touch Concealer - I should have bought Lasting Perfection but I think it was out of stock so I picked up this instead, and to be honest it's a good highlighting concealer. The applicator really helps precisely place the product on the points needed.
And the rest...

Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation 010 Light Porcelain - This has quickly become my go to foundation as it is pale enough and gives good coverage. I didn't realise I was running out of it and I had to convince my family that we needed a trip into town to get me some more!

Nicki Minaj Pink Friday - I got this in the Boots sale last year after Christmas in a giftset and I have adored the scent ever since and was lucky enough to receive the 100ml version this Christmas.

BLEACH London Rose - I got the BLEACH London Spin The Bleach Bottle, (post here,) in the sales and have so far only used Rose, a beautiful cotton candy pink. It wasn't the longest lasting dye but did look how I wanted it to without drying out my hair like chalking does. 

That's all for today, no doubt a new empties post will find it's way onto the blog soon enough. What have you used up recently, anything you recommend I try?

MUA Haul

MUA Haul
Ever since Makeup Revolution bounded onto the scene MUA or Makeup Academy have taken a backseat in the budget brand category. I was in need a blue eyeshadow so I popped into my local Superdrug to see if any brand did a single dark blue shadow and luckily MUA had one, and they may of also had a deal on which is why this haul is here for you to see today.

The deal was spend £6 and get an Radiant Undereye Concealer free. I got one of their Matte Eyeshadows in Midnight which is a dark but vibrant blue. The two eyeliners I picked out were Royal Blue and Snow White; Royal Blue is quite a violet blue and Snow White is a bright white for my waterline, (I do already own Snow White however it is in my SFX kit and not as white as it used to be.) I also got the Hide & Conceal stick concealer in Fair as I want to see if it will be light enough for me to highlight with, Kim K style! The last thing I picked up to get my total up to £6 was the Brow Define Tinted Brow Mascara in Fair which I have a feeling will be reaaally warm toned and make my brows ginger, but I thought it was worth a go. 

There was a choice of three Radiant Undereye Concealers and I went for Luminous which seemed to be the lightest out of the three. After swatching this I can't say I'm particularly impressed, light reflective particles are one thing but this has full on glitter throughout so I might be able to find a use for this in a FX or Halloween look as a highlight maybe.
MUA Swatches
A couple of the new MUA new releases such as the Luxe Whipped Velvet lip products so fingers crossed they will be making their way into stores!

February Glossybox

February Glossybox
This is my last Valentine's themed post this year, I promise, it is of course my February Glossybox. The 'Love Edition' according to Glossybox, and by the looks of the box it most definitely is. The card says this box holds their beauty soulmates, with four out of the five being full size products, the box didn't look as if it was going to disappoint; and it didn't.
February Glossybox Contents
As you can see the inside looks pretty impressive, the black shredded paper is replaced by white and the inside of the box its now pink. Also there was a pack of mini Lovehearts, needless to say they did not last long! So what was in the box?
Wilkinson Sword Hydro Silk
First in my box was the Wilkinson Sword Hydro Silk. I usually use the shavers that you don't need shaving foam for so I can't be clumsy and cut myself as easily. The Hydro Silk looks quite interesting; apparently once used it will hydrate the skin for up to 2 hours as there is some kind of 'Water-Activated Moisturising Serum.' Needless to say once I've bought some shaving foam I'll be seeing what I think of it.
Marsk Mineral Eyeshadow
If you're a fan of the 50 Shades franchise you'll probably know they have makeup out as well as the film. In my box I got the Marsk Mineral Eyeshadow in Fifty Shades. It's a gorgeous sparkly dark grey which can be used wet or dry.
Royal Apothic TintiesA peculiar packaged product that was in every box was a Royal Apothic Tinties in Coral. This is a tinted lip butter which adds a pretty coral sheen to the lips. Currently I'm using up my Body Shop Mango Lip Butter, (it is divine, comment if you'd like a post,) but once that is gone I shall be putting this to the test.
So Susan Rose Quartet Lip & Cheek Palette
Ah...So Susan a brand that comes up again and again in Glossybox and has yet to wow me. This Rose Quartet Lip & Cheek Palette falls very much under this category. I'll get my issues out of the way first: 1. The palette hardly shuts. 2. It's such an awkward size to hold, my finger touch the product. 3. It could so easily have a mirror. 4. What is the point of that brush? 5. Why is the product so unevenly filled into the compact. Okay, rant over, it is multipurpose but I doubt it will be hydrating enough to use on my lips as products like this usually aren't as multipurpose as they like to think.
got2b All Star Styling Treatment
Before I say anything else: This. Smells. Amazing! It is the got2be All Star 10 in 1 Styling Treatment. I'm not the kind of person who spends aaages on their hair; it gets a brush and sometimes a plait or two but nothing particularly special. This I will try as it claims that it can do 10 things!

I am pretty impressed with most of the box and the total value is just over £45 which is pretty good and there is a nice selection of products! Next months box is Spa themed so pamper lovers sign up quick!

Valentine's Survival Kit

Valentine's Survival Kit
Here is post for those who are not excited for Valentine's: A Valentine's Survival Kit! Dun dun duuun!! I've been through many a February the 14th without a Valentine *sniff sniff* while people around me were going out, getting excited, buying gifts etc, this year however, I have a Valentine but I still know what it's like to not. Because of this I thought I would put together a few things that have helped me get through Valentine's Day up until now, (other than the half price chocolate that can be bought from the 15th onwards!) Now I would say that having a girly sleepover would completely take your mind off it, but there is the chance that they will be out with their significant others so another way is needed.

Pick Out Your Favourite Films - I am a massive Disney fan I like every Disney film I have seen, (except Frozen, I'm sorry, I really am,) so my list starts off with three of my favourites, in order: The Little Mermaid, Lion King and Finding Nemo. These three are amazing, are they not, I may be able to recite them all word for word but that is in no way going to stop me watching them again.

Sweet Treats - You can't watch films without bad food, and the food and drink I have found is just gorgeous. Now Hotel Chocolat may be known first and foremost for chocolates but their hot chocolate is divine. If you've ever had their chocolate, their hot chocolate is basically that but shredded and heated up with milk and I have never had a nicer shop bought hot chocolate. Next is these little bags of chocolates by Thorntons. You can get most of the chocolates they do in these little bags so you can have a bag of your favourites, even better than that is that they are 2 for £5! If you prefer the more savoury foods, popcorn is always a winner; salt, sweet, toffee, I love them all so much and what's a movie without popcorn?

Pamper Yourself - Who doesn't deserve to pamper themselves once in a while? You've got the Disney films and you've got the yummy food, why not the soft, sweet smelling skin too? Personally I love pampering myself. First off a face mask has to be used; my current favourite is Superdrug's own Superfruits Exfoliating Mask, not only does this smell so good it also leaves my skin soft and free of dry skin. I would also have a bath with a Lush bubble bar - the Comforter - my favourite and best loved bubble bar ever. It smells like blackcurrant and turns the bath a beautiful pink colour, ideal for sitting in whilst your face mask is doing its thing! What's a bath without candles, Yankee Candles of course, there are few others that live up to their high standards. My favourite Yankee Candle has to be... Mango Peach Salsa, it's fruity, it's bright and is an instant pick me up in my books. The final steps of my pampering regime are moisturising; The Body Shop Mango Body Butter wins hands down, and also a lip scrub, (Lush Bubblegum, obviously,) I hate having dry, flaky lips, especially if my skin is feeling flawless.

Comfortable Viewing - It doesn't feel like a spa without a dressing gown, and if I'm pampering myself I want it to feel as much like a spa as possible. I found this fluffy purple dressing gown and fell in love. Dressing gowns are my favourite thing ever they always keep you warm, like a hug. Although your dressing gown is like a hug I still love the good old fashioned water bottle to keep me warm. Another comfortable nightwear option is this boohoo.com short onesie. Now I've never been a onesie person but this one might convert me. The thing that makes me like this is that it isn't basically an adults baby grow, it's more shorts and hoodie rolled into one.

Now you know how I survive Valentine's Day when I'm on my own, hopefully you might be able to use some of my ideas to make your Feb 14th bearable, do you have any tips on how to survive? Anything you would add to my survival kit?

Valentine's Day Nude Lips

Valentine's Day Lipsticks
Valentine's Day; love it or hate it, the makeup always excites me! Whether it's the classic red lip or something more neutral the makeup is always gorgeous. A couple of posts ago I showed you my possible choices for a Valentine's Day Red Lip and today I am going to show you my choices for a nude Valentine's Day lip!

First up is quite a new product from Maybelline; their Color Drama Lip Pencil in Minimalist, (post here.) I really like how these apply as they are firmer than lip crayons so you can get a much more defined line around the lips. Minimalist in particular is a peachy pink with the tiniest amount of glitter, perfect for those who want a mess free application and a lasting finish.

Another pinky nude is a Maybelline Baby Lips in Pink Punch. When these arrived in the UK last year they caused such a storm, one of the most hyped products I have ever seen, but now the buzz has died down a little, I think they can be slightly overlooked. Whilst I agree that they are not the best at being a lip balm Pink Punch has a great colour pay off perfect for Valentine's.

One of my most used pink nudes is by Avon called Pout. First off the packaging is really great as there is a plastic window so you can see the colour which is super useful if you need to leave quickly. On to the colour it's another pinky peach but a 'my lips but better' colour, which is great for if you're out and about because your quick top up doesn't need to be perfect!

Finally is a slightly higher end lipstick, and also my all time favourite lipstick, MAC Hue. This is a peachy nude and it is gorgeous, I think it would be on any skin tone. I do not have any lipstick that is better than this! It applies like a dream and just goes perfectly with any makeup, if you're looking for your first MAC lipstick this would be an amazing choice.
Valentine's Day Lipsticks
That's all for today's Valentine's post, if you aren't doing anything you might like my next Valentine's Day post as it will be a Valentine's Day Survival Kit to help you get through the day! Hope you enjoy!

MakeupRevolution Wishlist

Makeup Revolution Wishlist
Beauty product / Lips makeup / Eyebrow makeup / Highlighter Palette Highlight / Iconic 3 / Pro F105 Contour Brush / Lip Lava-Firestorm / Lip Lava-Tremor / #Liphug-Not giving up

A short but sweet post today with my MakeupRevolution wish list, last year I did one of these, however MakeupRevolution release new products almost every week it seems and I really need to get some products. My collection only contains about two at the moment and that needs to increase as it's budget brand that I've tried almost nothing of! So a challenge for myself is to get at least five things from this wish list before my GCSE's start in May, as sort of an incentive to revise and do well! (That being said I'm sure that after my GCSE's I am going to go shopping and reward myself for all my hard work done again!)

What are your favourites from the brand and is there anything you think I should add to this list?

Valentine's Day Red Lips

Valentine's Lipsticks
Sticking with the red theme of Valentine's Day, my next Valentine's post is on red lips. Who doesn't like a red lip to compliment their dress or shoes? When I was first trying to find a red lip colour for this post I realised that not everyone would want to be going for the same kind of red so maybe it would be better for me to pick a range of different ones. And as you can probably tell that is what I did!

The first red, is less of a red, more of a hint of red, for those with lips that are still recovering from the effects of Winter. My first red is one of Benefit's latest releases: Benetint, I got this for Christmas in the Benefit Sweet Tintations set, (post here,) and I really like this. The pay off it gives is just enough to add a noticeable tint to the lips without drying them out or being to bold. Another good thing about a balm is of course: its moisturising, and although it wont stay put for as long as the others it will you wont mind having to reapply if you get the relief of a moisturising balm.

Next is another product from a Christmas gift set, this time from the year before lasts Soap and Glory Girl-O-Whirl set, (post here.) This set came with a 6 lipsticks, one a burnt red, which I think is a good alternative to the classic statement red, for those who prefer to concentrate more on the eyes than the lips.

For lovers of the classic red lip, a Bella Pierre lipstick in Ruby, now I wanted to keep these lists as affordable as possible but this bold red retails at £20 however, on all the sites that I looked on are selling this for around £12. This is a pinky toned red which would probably be best for the daytime as it might not be as noticeable for night time.

Finally is a long lasting lip product to last through the night: Rimmel Apocalips in Big Bang, (post here.) This is a high impact, bright red lip lacquer that will make your lips stand out and it will not budge for hours. This would definitely be my pick for a going out lip as it is bold and beautiful.
Red Lipstick Swatches
I hope you like my red lip choices for Valentine's Day, maybe there's one that is to your liking, if not I have a Valentine's Day Nude Lip post that shall be up very soon, so stay tuned for that. That's all for today, have you planned your makeup for the 14th if so I would love to know what you're going to wear, I have no idea yet!

Rimmel Provocalips: Is There Such Thing As Too Much Staying Power?

Rimmel Provocalips
Is there such a thing as too much staying power; that's the question I'm asking today. I'm pretty sure we've all been getting ready to go out somewhere, putting on our lipstick and then realising we are going to need to bring it to top up our lips throughout the night. So we then go on the hunt for a longer lasting product which will only need one touch up, and then after that one touch up becomes too much we resort to finding an even longer lasting product. That is where the Rimmel Provocalips range fits in; it takes long lasting to a whole new level.

Now Rimmel know all about long lasting formulas from their Apocalips range, which are available in an amazing range of colours and also now a matte finish. However, one of their latest releases are named Provocalips; 16 hours Kissproof Lip Colour. The description off the Rimmel website says:

'Kiss proof, transfer proof, food proof high impact endless colour. No tight feeling or dry lips. Lips feel smooth and moisturised all day long. Easy removal with Oil based makeup remover.'

So that's what Rimmel have to say about their product, but in my opinion, how did it measure up to these claims? The product is dual ended with a colour side and a topcoat, both apply from a doe foot sponge applicator which isn't my favourite kind, as it can't give such a precise line of application, but it does an ample job. Once applied this will not budge, I say it again: This. Will. Not. Budge. Slight fading, but bleeding or transferring no way, not gonna happen. With regards to the 'no tight feeling' I have to say that at the start it had a slight tight feeling but after a few minutes that completely went and I was left with lips that looked glossy and full.  As of yet I have not worn this for a full day so I cannot completely say I know whether this will definitely stay for the 16 hours but I'm pretty sure it will last.

Now my only bugbear with these is their removal, or failure of removal in my case. Now they say that oil based removers will easily get rid of the colour but I do not own an oil makeup remover as my go to remover is a micellar water. When I came to removing this I destroyed my lips. After scrubbing away with my micellar water I eventually ended up applying lip balm and removing it with the water repeatedly which eventually got the worst of it off. I haven't yet decided whether to invest in an oil based makeup remover to test if that can get it off, but if I do I will update you.

So overall this does what it says on the tin, or tube, it is long lasting and definitely 'kissproof' (a Valentine's product maybe?) But for those with sensitive lips you may want to steer clear as unless you have an oil based makeup remover handy your lips are going to take a scrubbing. To answer the question to which this post started with, I do think that there is such this as too much staying power, there is long lasting and then there is non removable and this sits between the two leaning slightly more towards the non removable. Don't get me wrong the product is almost unique in it's performance but it's definitely not an everyday product in my eyes.

Have you come across these yet? Do you have any removal tips for me to try, because I do love the colour I just need to be able to remove it easily!

Valentine's Red Nail Polishes

Valentine's Day Red Nail Polish
So my first Valentine's post was up yesterday, and for the second I thought that red nail polish post would fit the occasion perfectly. Red is my favourite colour so I had quite a few to choose from which means I also had a choice of different finishes, hopefully you will find one out of these five that you like, (I'm personally finding it hard to choose a favourite!)

First is BarryM Crush which is part of the BarryM matte nail polish range. One of my friends got this for me at Christmas as I have a hoodie this exact colour that I wear loads so she colour matched and got this which is gorgeous. I'm not always a fan of dark nails but this is really nice as although it is dark you can still see the red.

For a more eye catching choice OPI The Spy Who Loved Me from the Skyfall collection. This is a stunning pinky red with gold glitter throughout. Honestly I do not own another polish like it and the bottle it comes in is so dinky!

The third polish I have is one from my Ciate Advent Calendar: Boudoir. It is quite a light red, nothing like the BarryM polish, but I think you could easily find a similar lip colour and match the two!

My penultimate polish is the Seche Nail Laquer in Bella a metallic burnt red, which is another that is dark but I'll still wear. I'm a real fan of the brush as it is thin making my clumsy application more precise.

Lastly, I have Essence Do You Speak Love, I got this in my December Glossybox, and I thought it was just a little too pinky for Christmas but almost perfect for Valentine's. I'm not a massive fan of the bottle but it's quite an inexpensive polish.
Valentine's Nail Picks
That's all for today's post, more Valentine's stuff on the way in the next few days, I'd love to know what your red nail picks would be and also which of these you would likely wear for Valentine's! 

Valentine's Going Out Or Staying In?

Valentine's Outfits
So this post was meant to go up Saturday but I had a little wardrobe malfunction, now I don't mean clotheswise I mean a literal wardrobe which me and my mum were assembling, unsucessfully might I add, but we got it mostly done it the end, (it's still missing it's doors...) It is because of that that this post was not quite up on time, but it's here now and I hope you like it.

I'm not primarily a fashion blogger, bet you didn't see that one coming, my main passion is beauty but I like to dabble in fashion every now and again, much like today! I thought I would put together two outfits, one for going out and one for those who would prefer a quiet night in. Both quite clearly have the common theme of red: red symbolises love and love relates to Valentine's day, and red is also my favourite colour, it's a win win situation! I created the collage of outfits on Polyvore, which is my favourite site to plan outfits and posts such as this.

I hope you like my picks, I would love to know your favourite out of the two, I personally love the going out outfit and really wan't to buy the dress. If you like my currently rare fashion posts please let me know and I could start doing them more regularly. Hopefully you're ready for some more Valentine's posts which will be appearing in the run up to the 14th, I'm planning to continue posting normally as well too!