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RealTechniques Top 5 Brushes

Look at these beauties, even got a deep cleanse for this post, (that's dedication, brush washing = so boring.) Now I'm not going to lie, when I first entered into the world of makeup I used my hands and those little sponge applicators and when I think back I actually cringe. I started getting into makeup when I was around 6 I think, young I know but I've never looked back. Just imagine a 6 year old me delving into my mothers small collection of makeup and applying it with such skill all over my face... Looked amazing... NOT! Thankfully, I found makeup brushes (and my own makeup,) and I cannot think of applying my makeup any other way. My favourite brushes have to be from RealTechniques, they are so affordable and readily available in most drugstores. Their newer ones are less affordable but that's not to say that I wouldn't try them, the range of brushes is exceptional and perfect for a beginner or even a pro!
RealTechniques Expert Face Brush
If you're looking for a foundation brush I am never without my Expert Face Brush. These retail at £9.99 and are probably one of the most expensive brushes in their main line; but it is worth it! The Expert Face Brush is a multi purpose brush, I've used it for foundation, cream contouring, concealing, even powder, although now I've settled on using it just for foundation. The brush has quite densely packed synthetic bristles with a rounded top which makes blending out foundation so easy. 
RealTechniques Duo Fiber Brush
For powder I love the Duo Fiber Face Brush, the black bristles are quite densely packed while the white bristles are more sparsely distributed so you can lightly dust powder over. I use this with my Rimmel Stay Matte powder and it applies just enough to add a nice dusting to my face, making sure I don't have a cake face.
RealTechniques Setting Brush
The Setting Brush is a funny kind of brush as I never used to use it to set anything. It's suggested to  be used for setting under eye concealer with powder, but I never really need to set my under eyes as I have dry skin. This is why I eventually decided to use it as a contour brush, the brush tapers out and is good for precision placement of powder. I prefer this to the Contour brush as it is thinner and more precise, however, I do use the contour brush to blend out any harsh contour lines once I'm done.
RealTechniques Base Shadow Brush
For base eyeshadows my favourite brush is the Base Shadow Brush, it's quite a small brush but applies eyeshadow evenly over the lid. I love using this with both cream and powder shadows as it's great for blending.
RealTechniques Domed Shadow Brush
Finally I have the Domed Shadow Brush, while this is brush is rather big I find it best used to add eyeshadow into the crease and then blend  out. I also use the brush to run excess eyeshadow below the lash line if I'm going for a more dramatic look.

You can probably tell from this post that I am in love with RealTechniques, I could go on for hours! Now you know my favourites, are there any you think should be on my list but aren't? 

Short Prom Dresses

I've seen Prom posts on blogs year after year and never got what the fuss was all about but now my Prom is finally getting around I'm starting to get what all the fuss is about! I am in need of a dress, (I'm really starting to stress out,) so I thought I would start some Prom posts to help anyone else starting to stress like myself! First up are high street short prom dresses!

Short Prom Dresses

Weekend Wants #3

Weekend Wants #3

My Spring Face

Spring Face
Spring is finally here and can I just say I have missed it greatly! Now I can break out the pastel nail polishes and pretty pink lipsticks to my hearts content! I'm sat here now looking at the weather forecast and apparently tomorrow, your yesterday, is meant to reach 19 degrees! Positively tropical for this time of the year in Britain! Anyway I thought it was about time I gave my makeup bag a little shake up, so here we go...
Spring Base
After moisturising I like to try and give my skin a nice healthy glow and I've really been liking the Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector. It's a water based illuminator which can be used as a highlighter or before foundation, I prefer to use it as a primer of sorts. In the Spring I like to put away my higher coverage foundations and opt for slightly lighter coverage alternatives. I've been reaching for the Rimmel Lasting Finish Nude Foundation it gives more coverage than a tinted moisturiser but less than a full coverage foundation. My favourite way to apply this is with my Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge, (which has sadly started to disintegrate after less than 4 months..cry with me.) To add some colour to the cheeks Benefit Lollitint* is perfect, though you have to work fast or you'll have three blobs that won't budge all day! I like using either my fingers or my Real Techniques Stippling Brush.
Spring Eyes
For eyes I like to stick to quite light shades so the Avon Berry Love Quad is a perfect pick, it makes my eyes a nice green instead of their usual pond water colour. For mascara it has to be the latest Benefit product to take the blogging world by storm: Roller Lash. It makes my lashes look amazing! For brows, other than getting them shaped, which I really need to do, I'm using the ModelCo More Brows Brow Gel, it adds colour to fill sparse areas but also keeps them in place all day. Finally for liner I tend not to go for wings and might prefer tight lining my eyes with the Rimmel Nude Scandal Eyes Liner as it makes me look awake and ready to face the day.
Spring Lips and Nails
Finally for lips and nails I have some pretty choices. Instead of a lipstick I've chosen a balm and gloss combo to get me through Spring. A balm such as the Maybelline Pink Punch is essential for me during Spring; I get terrible hayfever and my lips get dry, this not only hydrates them it also adds a pink sheen. For the gloss I'd have to choose the NYX Beige Mega Shine Lipgloss, it smells like cherries and is a gorgeous pink, (not actually Beige at all! Who even named it?) And nails I have two pastel shades from the BarryM Gelly Hi-Shine formula: Rose Hip and Sugar Apple, both of which I love and are such pretty shades. In all honesty I would love to dipdye my hair the colour of Sugar Apple!

So there is my go to Spring face for you to see, are there any products you think are missing? What are your go to Spring products?

Drugstore Haul And Spending Ban

Drugstore Haul
With exams looming ever closer I decided to have a little haul to de-stress; retail therapy is the best kind of course, so I popped into town to see what I could get. Once I got back I then decided that I should go on a spending ban until exams are over. My last exam is June 15th which leaves me just over two months worth of saving before I can have a nice end of exams shopping trip! I am allowed to by essentials such as foundation or makeup remover but other than that nothing else is being bought!
Lasting Perfection Concealer
First up I repurchased the bloggers favourite Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer. I use the shade light which is just the right colour for my pale skin tone and even highlights a little, its coverage is amazing for a drugstore concealer and if you haven't already definitely pick it up!
Make Up Gallery Nail Polish
I also popped into Poundland to see what their Make Up Gallery makeup line had to offer. If you haven't heard about the range you can see my post here. I thought I'd try their Nail Hardener and stock up on their Quick Dry Top Coat for only a pound each!
Alberto Balsam Conditioning Treatment
I was in need of a hair mask so wanted to see what Poundland had to offer. They had this Alberto Balsam Conditioning Treatment which I've tried before and quite liked so I thought I'd get it again, it smells so good!
Essence Liners
Finally I went into Wilkinsons and had a look at the Essence counter. There was a really pretty lipstick in their Nude collection, 01 I think, however they had all been used so I wasn't getting one of them! Instead I picked up two of my favourite eyeliner pens ever, the Waterproof Eyeliner Pens, they are so good! And then also two lip liners, one in 14 Femme Fatale a red to go with my Illamasqua Sangers lipstick and also 13 Transparent.

That's all for my haul today and you shouldn't be seeing another for a couple of months if I can stick to my ban that is!

You Beauty Discovery April

You Beauty Discovery April
After unsubscribing from Glossybox and then subscribing to You Beauty Discovery I couldn't wait for this to come to my doorstep, and it did not disappoint! Last months box is here.
You Beauty Discovery Box April
This months theme was organic and natural and the two products I picked reflected this. First up I chose the Heaven Orange Flower Cell Renewal Hydrogel, it's a hydrating gel which can be used after cleansing or as a primer before foundation. The second product I chose was the Scentered Sleep Well Therapy Balm as exams are nearly here so I'm quite stressed and hope this might help me sleep well. (I'll be putting it to the test.) The two extras are a sachet of Yours Truly Organics Fix Me! Repairing Serum and also Linwoods Milled Organic Flaxseed Cocoa & Berries, food topper.

So that's this months box, I can't wait till next months, have you subscribed to You Beauty Discovery? Are you planning to, or are you over beauty boxes completely?

Budget Buy Superdrug Facemasks

Superdrug Facemasks
If I was to say 'face mask' what would you think first? Lush? GlamGlow, maybe? But I doubt your first thought would go to Superdrug, but maybe, just maybe, it should. At Christmas I received my first Superdrug face mask from a friend, it was the Superfruits Exfoliating Mask and I haven't looked back since.

Now as a sufferer of very dry skin I often get dry patches of skin on my chin and around my nose, ew I know, I really do have to make sure I exfoliate or my makeup does not apply nicely at all. This mask is a lifesaver, it smells gorgeous and is exfoliating but not too harshly. After leaving it on for 10-15 minutes it gets rid of all my dry skin and the next day I cannot wait to put my makeup on as it applies so smoothly. The White Chocolate Mousse Mask is one I've yet to try as I picked it up not too long ago but anything chocolatey is a winner in my books.

These masks are only about 99p each and are regularly on offers making them even cheaper. I've also invested in some small pots which I depot my face masks into as the sachets are good but I don't use a whole sachet to cover my face, it's more like 1/4. 99p for four face mask uses compared to the more expensive Lush ones or even the extortionate cost of the much coveted GlamGlow, cannot be argued with.

Do you have a favourite face mask that you use and repurchase religiously? I'm always on the lookout to find more skincare items that will clear up my skin or even just brighten it so please let me know what you use!

Primer To Make Your Eyes Pop?

W7 Eyeshadow Base
Don't you just hate it when the bright, vibrant eye shadow you're wearing doesn't look quite as good as it does in the pan? Let's be fair, we've all been there, but there is a solution: a white eye shadow base or cream eyeshadow. If you watch video's on YouTube you will know that the NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk is a firm favourite for many, but here in the UK NYX is rarely available. When I say rarely, I mean almost non existent, it's sold at selective NEXT stores across the country and so far I've only found one stockist. Anyway I have found an alternative in the shape of the W7 Get Set Eye Shadow Base in White, which is another brand also available at NEXT.
W7 Eyeshadow Base
The little pot will last you for ages and at £2.50 is a steal. The consistency is quite thick and creamy but it blends out really nicely creating  a smooth, even base to apply eyeshadow onto. The eyeshadow base is matte and has no shimmer or glitter running through it which means it has the potential to be used as highlight, either for the inner corner or maybe even highlighting in general if you are as pale as a ghost like myself. The product has no scent which is really good for those with sensitive skin as the eye area can be extra sensitive, but this shouldn't make it react.
W7 Eyeshadow Base

W7 Eyeshadow Base
W7 is definitely a brand I need to try more from, they seem to have quite a few products that are dupes for higher end brands. This Get Set Eye Shadow Base is very useful for when I want to do vibrant eye makeup looks, white makes everything pop and colours appear truer to form when they have a white canvas behind them, eg your eyes. This will be getting lots of use, not only as an eye shadow base but also to create pop art inspired makeup which I can share with you guys if you want to see! Well that's all for today's post I'll be back on Monday, have a good rest of the weekend!

New Blog Design

I've been going through a phase of being unhappy with the way my blog looked so I went on a hunt for a new template. I'd seen a few on Etsy which I liked but before I paid for a template I thought I'd see what free ones were on offer when I came across this one. This is perfect and everything I needed: Minimalist and easy to navigate. 

I'm glad I didn't buy a template as I have never settled on one for particularly long and this one is perfect for now and maybe a while to come. I'm especially in love with its photo gallery style images, have a click through some of my posts and you'll see what I mean!

It's actually quite scary I only have 25 days left of school, (not including holidays and weekends,) so the pressure is really on and posting may be affected by that. However, every cloud has a silver lining as once exams are over I have a super long summer to blog to my hearts content, so I hope you're looking forward to that as much as I am! If there are any posts you would like to see please let me know in the comments so I can start planning! 

Happy Easter for tomorrow everyone!

Weekend Wants #2

Last Minute Easter Gifts

Last Minute Easter Gifts

Food storage container / Easter home decor / Luxury Dairy Free Chocolate Easter Egg from Hotel Chocolat / Holiday decoration / Holiday decoration / Luxury Easter Egg Gift Hamper from Hotel Chocolat / Easter Family Gift Hamper by Hotel Chocolat / Easter Goody Bag - Luxury Gifts from Hotel Chocolat / Dark Chocolate Luxury Easter Treats by Hotel Chocolat

Now I know Easter is fast approaching, (Sunday to be exact,) but I'm sure there will be some people out there who still have gifts to get so I thought would create a collage of last minute gifts from Thorntons and Hotel Chocolat. There's a variety to choose from, more so on the websites but I picked out my favourites for you to see. Thorntons have already started their sale so you might be able to pick up a bargain!

Have a Happy Easter! I hope you get loads of chocolate and relax during our long weekend!

Benefit Roller Lash

Benefit Roller Lash
Now I know you would have seen this post over and over again on so many different blogs but I thought I would add my view of the infamous Benefit Roller Lash to the blogosphere, the latest and most talked about mascara release since forever I think!
Benefit Roller Lash
Like many people I picked up a travel size version free in Elle Magazine a month or two ago. I was tempted to tell you about my first impressions but decided I should test it out for a while instead so I could give you a more in depth review.
Benefit Roller Lash Wand
The Roller Lash wand is quite different to my trusty They're Real; the brush has a slight curve and has loads of little bristles to pick up every single lash, even the very inner corner ones. This mascara works wonders on the top lashes, but is not as easy to apply to the bottom ones as They're Real as it does not have the little ball on the end. My lashes are naturally quite long and with the right mascara can be made to look like I'm wearing falsies and with a couple of coats of Roller Lash this can definitely be achieved.

In my opinion, if you apply the mascara correctly then any mascara can make your lashes look amazing, though I also think the wand is  very important. I always, always, always, curl my lashes before I apply mascara. This opens up my eyes, making me seem more awake, even if I really need caffeine. Then I use the wand to comb through my lashes, separating them and coating the underside adding length. Then I go from base to end wiggling the brush which adds volume. Finally I apply to the lower lashes. To do this I wipe off any excess onto the side of the tube and then lightly run the wand over my lashes so it coats them evenly and doesn't lengthen them too much.
No Mascara
Plain Lashes.
Curled Eyelashes
Curled Lashes.
Roller Lash vs They're Real
A They're Real vs Roller Lash was obviously necessary in my opinion, each eye has two coats of mascara and features my pond water green eyes! For top lashes Roller Lash just edges in front for me, however if we're going for bottom lashes I'd choose They're Real any day with no hesitation simply because of it's ease of use and non clumpy finish. As for longevity Roller Lash certainly has good staying power however it is easier to remove than They're Real. Roller Lash will stay put and looking nice on me for a good 9-5 with no need to top up, the only issue it that it is not waterproof so although a few splashes won't ruin it anymore than that will make it run.

Now for the big question: Would I purchase the full size? To be honest, yes I probably will unless I get another sample to use, simply because it has been so nice in its application and the full size has gorgeous packaging as well. (I know I shouldn't be swayed by packaging, but have you seen the Benefit packaging?? It's to die for!) So which team are you? They're Real or Roller Lash, because I really can't decide, both make my lashes look long and volumised. Which eye looks best in your opinion, I'd love to know!