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No7 Haul by Hazel from Me The Quitter

No7 Haul
While I'm away doing GCSE's a few bloggers have kindly offered to guest post on MissCosmeticBlogger for me so you guys still have posts to read! First up we have Hazel from www.methequitter.wordpress.com, you should totally go check her blog out! Onto the post... 

I thought I'd tell you a bit about myself - I'm a 26 year old blogger. I blog about a random mix of things including feminist issues, cleaning tips and fashion.

Hello MissCosmeticBlogger readers! For my guest post I am going to review three No7 products I purchased a few days ago.

Products On Review: 
No7 Instant Illusions Airbrush Away Primer
No7 Stay Perfect Superlight Foundation
No7 Perfect Light Pressed Powder

I have always found it a bit of a mine field trying to find the right foundation for me on a make up stands. I've had many instances of agonising over getting  the right foundation in the shop only to realise it is too light or too orangey when I get it home. On Saturday I made one of the best move in make up I have ever made in my 26 years on this earth - I went to the No7 counter in Boots to receive their 'Colour Match' service. 

The Smell: The smell of the primer and liquid foundation is fresh and light, not heavily perfumed at all, almost makes me think of the smell of sun cream. The powder foundation is unscented which I am very happy about. For me the smell of make up is very important as I have always found heavily scented makeup repellent. When I lived at home my dad would suffer sneezing attacks if I wore scented makeup due to an allergy he has, therefore I've grown up avoiding scented makeup.  
The Feel: The Instant Illusions primer is silky and light between the fingers and glides on effortlessly. I apply it after my moisturiser to my cheeks starting just above the jaw line and circle outwards and upwards; a little bit goes a long way. You can apply it to your whole face but I find I don't need to. My usual make up routine doesn't include a primer and the last primer I used was from Benefit, but I don't think I could bear not to use this primer now because it just makes my skin feel so wonderful and definitely helps the foundation apply more evenly. 

When applying the liquid foundation I squeeze a small amount onto the back of my hand, Stay Perfect Superlight foundation is a rather runny liquid so is best applied with your fingers, or if you are really against fingers a sponge, but definitely not a brush! This is a foundation I would recommend to anyone who wishes to achieve a barely there, light coverage. My complexion can be red, especially my cheeks, but this foundation still works for me, as you can build it up to increase the coverage. 

I apply a light dusting of the powder to finish off my foundation, even thought the liquid is quite matte so you don't have to use powder at all, but I find a dusting of powder across the T-Zone helps to keep my makeup good all day. The powder has a luxury silky feel to it, so you wont loose the feel created by the primer and liquid. 

Packaging: Youthful and inviting is not the word. No7 don't market their products to the under 40 very well, as is evident from the eyeshadow and lipstick colours in their range! HOWEVER if you can look past the plain packaging (which you really should - as per the old adage "don't judge a book by it's cover") their foundation range is really worth a try! 

I hope you liked Hazel's post, you can find her blog here, I really suggest you take a look!

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